Wednesday, January 11, 2017

~Baby N#3: 19-20 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

Baby is the size of a girl's bun! I laughed pretty hard at this since I've been wearing a lot of mom buns lately! Also this is subjective because bun sizes can vary! 6.46 inches and 10.58 ounces.

Aversions or Cravings?
 Still craving lots of sweets but I think that's more holiday related than baby ;) Now that the holidays are over I need to focus on healthy eating and not having chocolate with every meal. Meat still isn't my favourite but I can eat it now without gagging.

As suspected, the anatomy ultrasound confirmed that I do have an anterior placenta, which is different from my last 2 babies. However, I have started feeling lots of movement, and even some kicks from the outside, especially in the evening so I'm excited for that!

How I'm feeling?
I'm continuing to feel better. I have a bit more energy which is great. No nausea or vomiting so I'll continue on Diclectin for awhile. I am definitely feeling pregnant though- aches, pains, hard getting up and bending over! And I'm only half way!!!

I also had a co-worker tell me this week that my belly is big for 5 months. It's so hard to not take comments like that personally but I'm glad I have a bigger belly this time because last time I had a small baby so they are actually watching the baby's growth more closely this time. 

What I'm Wearing?
Mostly maternity clothes with a few regular shirts. I'm definitely sticking to the capsule wardrobe this time. I lived in leggings over the holidays, only putting on jeans when I really needed to!

Belly Button?
Still in but getting shallow.

I still get tired easily so I slept in a lot during Christmas holidays. I need to go to bed earlier though so I don't get too sleep deprived.

With the holidays, I finally found the time and energy to workout a few times with consistency. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I workout so this is a priority. I'm doing the T25 Alpha and Beta workouts, with lots of modifications. Partially because I'm pregnant but also because I'm out of shape for not working out for 2-3 months! My cardio and stamina is so low!

I signed up for a prenatal yoga class. While I'm not expecting it to be much of a workout, I am looking forward to the weekly hour that I can just focus on me and this baby and relax a bit.  I am having a hard time finding other prenatal workouts close by and I find a lot of places don't want you to start working out there if you weren't already doing the activity pre-pregnancy. Also, once I registered for this prenatal yoga, the confirmation says they require a ParaMed-X for Pregnancy form signed off by your doctor! For YOGA??? I'm sure they have their legitimate reasons for requiring this but I had to book a last minute appointment with a doctor (not even my doctor!) to get it signed in time for the first class. It would have been nice if they had mentioned in the class description that this form is required, rather than after I paid.

Ultimately I'm just glad that I am moving again!

What I'm Excited for? 
Feeling more movement and the kids being able to feel the baby kick too! I think they will enjoy that. 

What I Miss? 
Energy, working out and wine. Plus lots of winter activities aren't recommended for pregnant women for risk of falling so I feel like I am missing out on skiing, skating, tobogganing, etc.

Our anatomy ultrasound was last week. Baby was very busy and not very cooperative for some of the measurements. Heart rate is around 160 bpm. We did NOT find out the sex which was very hard but also exciting for it to be a surprise on birth day!

I'm probably a bit biased but I think this baby is pretty cute already!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Trying to figure out names. Why are boy names so hard? Our girls name list is much longer although we still haven't narrowed it down at all. I think we have one boys name that we kind of like but aren't sold on. Sometimes I wish babies were like cabbage patch dolls and came with a name already! Please share your suggestions!

Weekly Belly Pic

Monday, January 9, 2017

~Weekend Highlights and Lowlights~

Brrrr while I am not overly sad that the weekend is over, it is so cold right now that I don't want to venture outside much!

I thought I would change things up a bit form my usual weekend recap and share some of the highs and lows of the weekend. Not to complain, but so you can all laugh!

I tried a new breakfast recipe! I found this Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe in the Oh She Glows recipe book. It looks so delicious and was easy to make.

Sadly, I don't like oatmeal and no matter how good this looks, it didn't taste great to me. I think you need to be an oatmeal lover to appreciate this one.

The kids found some sticker books they haven't played with in awhile so they spent a good chunk of Thursday playing with them.

The mess that came with finding the sticker books. Could have been worse!

Babe and I had a workout on Thursday morning while the kids played contently around me.

Said workout required a shower and Leo got into my body lotion while I was in the shower. Thankfully it cleaned up easily. But a few minutes later, Audrey started throwing up all over the house which was not easily cleaned up. I'll spare you a photo of that! The washing machine, the stain remover and my elbows got a workout that day.

Audrey's bug didn't last long and she was busy playing. These connecting beads she got for Christmas kept her and Leo busy for hours!

She made herself some fancy jewels!

There are now small beads all over my house. She was also losing them when we were at the store the other day. 

Shopping and ice cream with my girl!

Her shopping stamina needs some work. Good thing I brought the stroller (the 2 stores we had to go to were at the opposite end of the mall).

Playing cards with my girl and puzzles with my boy! They are both at such a fun age- I love seeing them learn new things.

These card holders are the best. My mother-in-law found them in the US.

Trying to find all the cards after Leo hides them all! 

With this extreme cold we have been hibernating inside a lot, which leads to cabin fever. Let's hope it warms up soon so we can get outside and burn off some energy! And not have to wear 5 million layers to go outside ;) 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

~2017 Goals~

This year will be different since we will be welcoming a new baby mid-year and with that brings a lot of changes and the need for flexibility as we all adjust to the wonderful chaos of a baby.

That does not mean that I won't set goals for the year, they will just be different and more realistic to our current situation. I likely won't be running much but I will be focussing on my family and self-care as we all embark on this new year.


1) Read more books. I loved Brie's virtual book club from last year so I look forward to reading more books with her as well as some personal development books. Since I am being realistic here, I hope to read 12 books in 2017- one per month.

2) Less screen time. I need to turn off all screens by 10pm at the latest on my work nights and even try to keep that up on the non-work nights.

3) Go to bed by 10:30 on my work nights. By 11pm at the latest the rest of the time.

4) Stay in better contact with my friends and family. Schedule monthly family dinners again, and invite more friends over for dinner (helps that my hubby loves to host).


My current work-life balance is excellent with me only working 3 days a week. I love my time in the office, collaborating with co-workers and having some me-time. Working part-time makes me a better mom, and leaves me more fulfilled. I am grateful for this balance.

My Rodan + Fields business has been growing at a steady pace. While I would love to devote more time to it this year, I am mindful of the changes that will be coming my way so I will be patient with myself and accept that I can't do it all yet. What I've been able to accomplish with the part-time hours I devote to my business is satisfying and I love that I can pursue this passion when my time allows.

My goals for R+F for 2017:

1) Continue to grow at a steady pace- both with customers and team members.

2) Continue to remind myself: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" Learning is part of the process and doing will make it easier.

3) Love what you do and share with others. Simple as that.


1) I would love to re-do the layout and design of my blog. If time permits, I would like this to happen in 2017.

2) To be honest, I write this blog for myself. The people that I have met through blogging have been amazing and I cherish those relationships. However, blogging is just a hobby for me so I won't allow it to stress me out too much if I don't post regularly.

3) I really need to figure out a better way to post photos which mostly means figuring out a better way of managing my photos on my computer/icloud. This is a big goal this year for me since I don't use the dSLR as much because it's so hard to find and edit the photos after I download them.

Fitness &Nutrition

1) Workouts will be less running focussed this year and more about just moving! My hope for the next 5 months is to 'move' at least 3-4x a week- whether it's a beachbody workout, a long walk, or yoga. I will make a monthly calendar for myself to put on the wall to keep track of my 'workouts'.

2) I will accept my changing body, knowing that it is doing an amazing thing growing a baby. I've already gained more weight with this pregnancy at this point but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I know I will be able to get back into shape once the baby is here and for now I need to listen to my body.

3) Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want, especially now that I have the all-day sickness under control. I will make better food choices, reduce my sugar intake and eat more colourful foods.

I will participate in weekly meal planning- lunches as well.

4) Increase my water intake to 2L per day. Pre-fill water bottles at the beginning of the day so that they are readily available. Choose water over other drinks.

Most of all, my goal this year is to embrace the changes and not be hard on myself or other family members. My priorities will shift and it will be a struggle to temporarily give up some things that I enjoy doing (like blogging, socializing, racing, etc) but remember that that is not forever.. Babies are not little forever so I will soak up all of the needy, dependent stage that I can. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

~Reflection of 2016~

This year was amazing!! It certainly had it's lows but the highs far outweigh any sadness or disappointment that we experienced.

When I think back to almost exactly a year ago (technically still 2015), we put an offer in on my dream house (or what I thought was my dream house). After some back of forth, and then no response, we didn't get it. We did however start seriously looking for a new house. And now, a year later, we are settled into our new house that is perfect for us and are ready for all the adventures that 2017 will bring us!

Some highlights of this year:


New Year... time to hit the workouts! Looking back, the month wasn't super eventful but I sure worked hard at reaching my fitness goals, doing a Beachbody Challenge Group with Alison.

I also found this photo from a fun mommy-daughter date that Audrey and I had!


We celebrated two very special birthdays!

Leo turned two!

Audrey turned four!

We had a fun joint party for them!


I did the Run for L'Arche 5 Miler with a few friends.

My sis and I went for a weekend trip to Canmore to go to the spa- our Christmas present to each other!


A sweet friend came into town and she convinced me to try a Barre class with her! It was hot and sweaty but I really enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed seeing her!

Our family welcomed a new member, my nephew Lukas!


 Hubby and I went to New York to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Running in Central Park

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Anniversary dinner at Nobu

A trip to Tiffany's


After months of house hunting, 3 unsuccessful offers, we decided to list our house. It sold in 2 days!

We also spent a lot of time at the soccer field watching Audrey play. Even if Leo was more interested in kicking the ball than his sister!


We bought a new house so the mad packing began.

Hubby and I ran the 10K Stampede Road Race.  My sister did the 5K and the Audrey and Leo did the kids races.

My sis and I
Ange and I at the finish line!
Leo's first race
Audrey racing with Auntie

We went to Slave Lake on the long weekend for a family reunion.

We moved to our new house at the beginning of August.

I went to Vancouver with my bestie to run Seawheeze!


We find out we are expecting baby #3!!

We also spent a lot of time exploring our new neighbourhood and Griffith Woods.


I went to Las Vegas for the Rodan + Fields convention!


I had a quiet month as I attempted to survive terrible

But seeing this sweet baby on the ultrasound at 12 weeks was worth it all!


 We spent the last month of the year getting ready for Christmas. Lots of parties and Christmas events.

We decided to get a tree from a tree lot this year since it was too cold to go cut down our own.

My full Engelmann Spruce tree (not a Balsam fir like I thought but FULL is what I wanted!) I loved it's fullness but it shed so many needles!!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day bump

Audrey had a her first week of ski lessons at Winsport (COP). She rocked it!

Leo tried skiing with Daddy for the first time! He loved it but was too impatient! He wanted to go on the steeper runs right away!

We went tobogganing a few times on the hills by our house. The kids love it! All this snow is good for something!

These are only a few highlights of 2016!!  It was hard to narrow it down! I feel so lucky to have had such a great year and I know that while 2017 will be different, it will full of adventures and a new baby!!

Happy New Year!!!