Wednesday, February 15, 2017

~Our Valentine's Day~

We've always celebrated Valentine's Day since we started dating. We usually do something low-key but meaningful. Hubby makes me a nice dinner, and we exchange handmade cards. We've never gone out for dinner on actual Valentine's Day and I tell him to not spend inflated prices on flowers for me.

Now that we have children, Valentine's Day has taken a backseat. Both their birthdays are in February so usually I am too busy planning their birthday party and special days to decorate for Valentine's. Hopefully next year I'm more organized? They are constantly bringing home fun art from preschool/dayhome so it would be nice to display them.

I did remember to buy Valentine's cards for Audrey to take to preschool and the kids to take to the dayhome. Audrey picked out these ones that you create yourself- to be expected for my little crafter! She wrote her name on all of them and drew something special for each schoolmate.

She brought home this piece of art from preschool- for the new baby! So sweet!

Valentine's Day this year fell in the middle of my "10 day Sugar Free Challenge" (more on that to come) so while I received all these treats from my co-workers, including one that said I was the cutest pregnant woman ever (yes, I cried!), I didn't eat any of it!

I did cheat slightly on my sugar free challenge because my Glucose Tolerance test (for Gestational Diabetes screening) was scheduled for Valentine's Day and I had to drink probably the sugariest drink of my life in 5 minutes! At least it was cold and it tasted like McDonald's orange drink so I didn't mind. However,  I did have a sugar crash about 30 minutes later!

We decorated a bit for Valentine's Day- the kids made some handprint art at the Dayhome and I put together a message on the Light Box.

The kids also dressed in red but I forgot to take a picture of them! I didn't even get them anything special for Valentines because they got a big goodie bag from the dayhome, plus stuff that Audrey got the day before at Preschool. And it's not like they need anymore sugar!

Hubby had bought me some flowers on the weekend before which are perfect!

He also made me a super sappy card (made me cry!) and gave me a small amount of chocolate which I still haven't eaten!

I put together some cheesy notes for him- I forgot to take a picture so here was my inspiration picture from a friend! I opted to skip the sweets since we are trying to reduce our sugar intake. Instead his toque I had made conveniently came in the mail in time so I also gave him that.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

~Week + End Recap: Birthdays, Grandma visits & Hair cuts~

Goodness, we sure packed a lot into this week!! I thought it was going to be a quiet one but I guess that's when you get everything done!

Backing up to last Monday, it was Leo's 3rd birthday! It was also a super snowy day and I regretted not taking the day off work. Mondays are super busy for me at work, with a lot of meetings that I shouldn't miss too often. But I knew Leo wouldn't know any different and cupcakes would make it all better!

The snow was pretty crazy- a lot of people didn't come into work or were heavily delayed. Hubby decided to work from home in the morning which meant he did Audrey's preschool drop off which I was hugely grateful for.

After work, I picked up Audrey and we went to the store to buy Leo a foil helium balloon, which has been the tradition. Audrey was all worried about the balloon popping so I told her these foil balloons are a lot more durable than regular balloons and it will be fine.

Well, we were home for 5 minutes before the two of them destroyed this balloon!! Audrey was devastated, Leo was a little indifferent and I couldn't stop laughing! I guess I shouldn't underestimate their ability to ruin anything!

They were super pumped to sing Happy Birthday and eat cupcakes!

Loves icing like his mama!

Daddy built him a garage for all his cars- which is a lot!! He always likes his cars up on the floor so he was all over parking those cars between the lines!

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days so nothing exciting to share.

Wednesday I was super tired after work. The kids entertained themselves by having a tea party.

I did go to prenatal yoga and we had a substitute teacher. Is it bad that I enjoyed her class more than with our regular instructor? I felt completely rejuvenated after her class!

Thursday we had a quiet day at home and Grandma W came for a visit. The kids were super excited to see her and wanted her to read all the books, play all the games and do all the crafts with them!

Leo also opened the 2nd part of his birthday gift since he was too excited about the garage on his actual birthday. 

Grandma read him the new book a million times that day. Plus we read it before nap and bed time. He can "read" it on his own now!

Working on some Valentines crafts

After nap we got our workout on. They get right into it!

Friday I took the kids to the barber shop by our house for hair cuts. Leo needed one but I had been putting it off because the last time they cut the top a little too short so I wanted it to grow out a bit. I knew I wanted the top longer and shorter on the sides but he buzzed his hair much shorter than I thought! Apparently a "2" guard is really short! At first it looked like he was giving him a mushroom cut from the 90s so I was having a mild panic attack but he redeemed himself and the cut turned out pretty cute.

I had a hard time finding a place to get Audrey's hair done. Ideally I wanted somewhere I could take both kids at the same time because who has time to go to multiple places! But the Beaners places were always super busy, hard to get into and while the kids enjoyed the atmosphere, the cuts weren't anything great
Last time, I was at the barber shop with Leo, they said I could bring Audrey in for a trim anytime. I used to get my hair trimmed by the barber occasionally when my brother and dad went for hair cuts too!

Audrey was super chatty and not at all shy about having her hair cut. She definitely needed a bit taken off the bottom since she hasn't had a cut in awhile.   

Hubby took the day off work to run some errands and have a personal day. Coincidentally, he decided to get a cut and shave the same time we were there!

Looks so handsome now with his new do!

Audrey had preschool in the afternoon. After we picked her up, we headed to the midwife clinic to do a prenatal workout! I am part of a pilot project with some other pregnant mamas from the clinic for a Prenatal Fitness Program. It's organized by a couple of the midwives and a prenatal/postnatal specialist fitness trainer.

The best part is that I can bring the kids and they entertain them while I workout! It is hard to find a good prenatal group exercise class that isn't super gentle like yoga or aquasize but that also has a knowledgeable instructor that can provide modifications for pregnant women. While those have their benefits, if you are fairly fit before getting pregnant, you likely want to continue working out. So many studies show that working out while pregnant (as long as your primary caregiver clears you) is beneficial for the baby, for labour, for recovering postpartum and for getting back into shape faster. Plus there all the mental benefits of working out. I know I struggle mentally when I can't workout regularly so I jumped at this opportunity to participate in this project.

We did it bootcamp/circuit training style. We did a warm up, 5 different stations that we rotated through twice, some ab/floor work and a great stretch. It was so good! Definitely less intense than some other workouts that I am used to but just the perfect in-between for being pregnant.

I can't even remember what we did the rest of the night- took it easy!

Saturday we woke up to this mess! Leo is the sneakiest boy! We are going to have to install either a lock on the pantry or a gate at the top of our stairs. He knows he isn't supposed to leave his room "until the sun is up" on his Groclock but clearly he has been ignoring that. Pancake mix everywhere!

After dance, Audrey and I ran some errands, including finding new bras for me. Audrey enjoyed trying some on too!

We picked up some Valentine's cards for preschool and day home. Audrey insisted on making her own. She signed them all herself too.

Sunday we headed to Ikea for breakfast since we had to go there to return a few things and pick up a couple frames and towels. The breakfast wasn't anything exciting but it was cheap and I didn't have to clean up after it!

Ikea wasn't too busy until I had to do the returns. I try to only buy things I'm 100% about because their returns system is so painful. I waited 30 minutes in line.

After Ikea we went to Costco where I waited in another line to return something while hubby and the kids started our shopping. Of course they were out of a few things so I had to make another trip to the grocery store this weekend. We are seriously crazy for doing both of those stores in one day but it seemed to make sense at the time since they are super close to each other.

Leo fell asleep on the way home. He's still not ready to drop his nap!

Audrey had her first drop off birthday party! It was for our friend's daughter and they live 2 minutes away. She didn't seem phased at all about being left there and had lots of fun. As much as I love kids birthday parties, it was nice to have a couple hours to do something else (like go to the grocery store again!).

The kids coloured for a bit before dinner. Usually Leo won't still for long to do a craft but he was very focused for his Paw Patrol colouring book.

Hubby had a productive weekend of hanging all our gallery walls and a few other pictures/art in the house. It finally feels like home with all our pictures up! I'll share some pictures later of the gallery walls- I still have to update a few pictures with some recent ones.

I did a bit of birthday party prep but mostly just relaxed Sunday evening. It was a busy few days and I was exhausted! We accomplished a lot though so it was worth it.

Now I just need to go to bed earlier this week! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

~Baby N#3: 23-24 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

Baby is the size of a French Press! Weighing in at approximately 1.32 pounds and 11.81 inches.

Aversions or Cravings?
No aversions but I would still rather eat all the carbs than protein. Trying to make sure I eat more salads and veggies each day. I've started 10 days without sugar (other than fruit, or the occasional stevia) to try to help with my sugar cravings.

Kicking all the time! Audrey felt the baby kick last week for the first time! She isn't super patient to sit and wait for the baby to kick though.

How I'm feeling?
We seem to be getting all the sickness this year! First the flu and now a head/chest cold. I'm trying all the natural remedies and sleeping lots. Hopefully we will be healthy from now on!

What I'm Wearing?
Maternity clothes and two non-maternity swing dresses. Although maternity nylons are the most annoying things ever and fall down all the time!

Belly Button?
Still in but getting shallow. I will not be surprised if it pops this time.

Still good. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep at night but I'm still comfortable. I do have to get up usually once a night to pee.

January was a good month for me with workouts. The last 2 weeks I managed to do 4-5 workouts per week which I am happy about. Just short prenatal ones.

I have to be careful to not do too many downward dogs or burpees or else I get wicked heart burn! I had it so badly after yoga last week that I got sick, ate Tums and went right to bed. Thankfully I don't seem to get it very often otherwise!

What I'm Excited for? 
Our trip to Phoenix in a few weeks so I don't have to wear pants or nylons!

What I Miss? 
Being fit. Wine. Cold medication!

Feeling lots of movement these days. We passed viability so that's always a relief.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Not knowing the gender is really restraining my shopping! I haven't gone through any of our baby stuff yet. We did get our Baby Box last week and Superstore had a diaper sale so we have newborn diapers! I think we are getting closer to narrowing down names but nothing finalized yet. I feel like I have lots of time but I know my energy will run out soon and really it's only ~15 weeks till baby comes! That's crazy!

Belly Picture

A couple people have mentioned that I've "popped" in the last few weeks. I've always felt like I've shown much earlier with this pregnancy! Here is my 25 week update with Leo- I'm definitely bigger this time around!

I should also note (for my own memory sake) that my bump photos are always taken towards the end of the update and I'm updating a week late. So I'm now 25 weeks and this photo was taken at the end of 24 weeks. My last pregnancies I always took the photo on the exact day of the week and posted my updates at the beginning of the week. Makes it a bit harder to compare photos!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

~Weekend Recap: Birthdays, Babies & Bad Weather~

Well January is over. We are already a week into February. Being the shortest month of the year it will be over in a blink of an eye!

Rewinding back to Thursday, the kids and I had chiro appointments in the morning, stopped at the craft store to pick up a bunch of birthday party supplies and then we headed to Southcentre Mall to pick up our Baby Box. I haven't been to that mall in years-- probably 5+ years so I completely forgot where everything is. I know it as a week day but it seemed exceptionally quiet also.

So back to the Baby Box. Given that this is my 3rd baby, I have most of the essentials for a newborn but I was very intrigued by this new initiative in Canada, organized by Baby Box Co. My sister-in-law is Finnish and every expectant mother is given a Baby Box by the state filled with essentials for a newborn baby. It was brought about as a lifesaving initiative to provide essentials for newborns, resources for new moms and a safe place for baby to sleep. The box comes with a mattress! My sister-in-law received one even though she lives in Canada. The Baby Box program helped Finland achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates.

Inside my box contained diapers, wipes, baby samples, coupons, a onesie and a mattress so the box could be used as the baby's 1st bed!

I think the initiative is fantastic and I hope that more baby boxes can be distributed to parents. I found out that were handing out the boxes through an ad on Facebook. I had to go to Baby Box University online to read and watch a few videos on how to care for a baby (specifically the safest ways for baby to sleep), complete a short, easy quiz and bring in my completion certificate to claim my baby box.

Friday we had a quiet morning at home and then we took Audrey to preschool. For once Leo didn't transfer to his bed from the car for his nap so we had some mommy-son time. He happily played while I got a short workout in and did some tidying around the house.

That night I met my sister for dinner at State and Main. I had a Rocket salad which was delicious!! I'll have to try to recreate it at home.

Saturday morning Audrey and I dashed off to dance class while the boys went to Lowes and the grocery store. After dance we ran a few more errands to return a few things and look for some party stuff.

After a quickly lunch at home, we headed to our little friend Cahira's 3rd birthday party! It was held at Gymboree, close to our old house. I hadn't been there before but it was lots of fun for the kids. There was an instructor who led the kids through some songs and activities so it wasn't just a free-for-all play place.

Leo was in his glory climbing up everything and running around.

Birthday Girl!

Parachute time which the kids loved!

The party was tea themed so of course everyone had tea, finger sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes.

Hubby had his annual guys dinner downtown so we dropped him off on the way home. Both kids fell asleep on the ride home- they were tuckered out from all that playing!

I stayed up way too late doing birthday party stuff, some R+F and way too much time on Pinterest.

Sunday morning we woke up to a ton of snow. The kids enjoyed playing on the snow mound they made in the backyard. I made cupcakes in the morning and for once I let hubby sleep in ;)

In the early afternoon I headed over to Leigh's house for Brie's baby shower for Miss Emmy.

She did a book theme and it was perfect! As was the food!!

We spent a few hours chatting which was nice since we usually have little ones running around to tend to. Miss Emmy is the sweetest little girl and just loved all the cuddles.

Isn't she the sweetest??

On the way home I had to stop for gas and at the grocery store to pick up butter! I forgot to add it to the grocery list to make icing for Leo's cupcakes. Then when I went to make the icing my favourite buttercream recipe on Pinterest is no longer available! I found a similar one but I'll modify it next time. 

The rest of the night I played with the kids before bedtime, iced Leo's cupcakes and wrapped Leo's present while hubby worked on the rest of his gift in the garage. 

Meanwhile the snow continued and it's minus a million outside. Oh winter- I'm done with you. Even the kids are asking how much longer until we go to Phoenix.