Wednesday, October 19, 2016

~Audrey: 4.5 Years~

Audrey was quite upset that Leo had his half birthday before she did! She said she didn't win! The things that go through their heads. She was genuinely devastated that his birthday is first so we had a discussion about age and how even though his birthday is before hers in the month, she is older than him! But if we go with her theory I'm the youngest in our family!

This age! I mostly love it but there is a certain sassy attitude that has come out that I'm not partial to. I find myself trying to rein in my laughter when she says something totally inappropriate or rudely but I don't want her to think that it's ok so I have to contain myself.

And holy smart! It's hard to slip things past her these days. She has a crazy memory, she hangs on to every word you say and takes things literally. My sensitive little girl!

Eating: The return of the picky stage! She makes a disgusted sound at more meals than not that I serve her. Chicken? Gross. Steak? Yucky. Vegetables? Hates them. She would live on fruit and her snack bag if I let her. It's frustrating but we read Green Eggs and Ham often enough that she is learning to at least try everything on her plate.

Sleeping: She has been struggling to go to sleep lately but I'm guessing that's because of the move and it's still light out at bedtime. She wakes with leg cramps about once a week but the doctors don't seem to have much advice or concern about it. Growing pains or mineral deficiency so she is eating her vitamins daily (when I remember).

Hair/Eyes: Hair is still dark brown and curly. It's getting longer so it's time for a trim soon. Eyes are a lovely hazel-green.

Weight/Height: She is 42lbs and 45 inches tall. She is long and lean! Her legs go on for days which means that her pants are either too short or too baggy to get the length. She is wearing size 5T- 6 pants and dresses. She is wearing size 11-12 shoes.

Personality: Audrey is a serious, sassy girl! She takes everything to heart and is a thinker. Her imagination is mind-blowing and she loves to role play. When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says a mommy and sometimes something else, so a 'Policewoman Mommy'. She has a temper so we are working on helping her control that. She can be shy which I am trying to not label her as because I've heard her repeat to others that she is shy.

Likes: She loves to help in the kitchen, play with her dolls or Leo as her baby, riding her bike, playdoh, stickers, crafts, helping Daddy build stuff, doing makeup with Mommy, helping Mommy clean aka spray water everywhere, reading, watching as much TV as mommy will let her, being with her family.

Dislikes: when her brother beats her up, bed time, when the TV is turned off, being told to clean up, not having fruit or chocolate for every meal, the 'timer' and 'counting' for time outs.

Big Sister: Audrey loves being a big sister so much. She told me the other day that first you are a baby, then a toddler, then a big sister! She also told me she wants me to have a baby so she can have a baby brother or baby sister! I told her Leo is her baby brother and she said he isn't a baby anymore. She is also asking for a pet, specifically a dog.

Preschool: Audrey started Preschool in September! She is very excited to go learn and play. She goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She was mad on Tuesday when she didn't get to go to school! She had no problems at drop off, her teacher say she is very helpful and doesn't want to come home when I pick her up!

Misc: Audrey is adjusting very well to our move a couple months ago. She loves her new day home and is often sad to leave at the end of the day. All good signs!

I did a short interview with her recently so I had to share her responses.

What is your favourite colour? Pink and brown
Who is your best friend? All my friends- Linda, Karina, Charlotte...
What is your favourite book? A to Z Animal book
What is your favourite store? The mall. The food store in the mall (Food Court?)
What is your favourite summer activity? Playing soccer
What is your favourite treat? Chocolate
What is your favourite food? Pancakes
What is your favourite drink? Juice
Where do you live? Canada (although she did say Phoenix another time I asked her)
What do you want to be for Halloween? Mermaid
What is your favourite TV show? Dinosaur Train, Dora, My Little Pony
What is your favourite toy? Big dog, big My Little Pony
What is your favourite activity? Doing crafts
What are you looking the most forward to about school? Playing

All photos are Audrey's school photos! I love the unique setting and how they really allow her personality to come out compared to traditional school photos.

Monday, October 17, 2016

~Gorilla Run 14K Race Report: Oct 2, 2016~

A couple weeks ago I ran the Calgary Marathon Gorilla Run- I started this recap and then life got crazy busy and forgot to post it!

One of my running goals this year was to do a race/distance that I haven't done before. It seems lately all the races I do are ones I've already done so I thought it would be nice to try something different.

After Seawheeze, I wanted to do a fall half marathon since I was mostly trained and I knew I didn't want to run long distance this winter with the time commitment, snow and cold.

I was really undecided on Harvest Half since it is one of my favourite half marathons, such a beautiful course, if not hilly but I took a few too many weeks off from running so while I knew I could do the half, my heart wasn't into it.

When I heard about the Gorilla Run, I knew it would be my next race! It fit my criteria of a new race and new distance for me.  Plus the course took us through the Zoo!

The Gorilla Run offered a 16K solo distance and a relay. There was some confusion about the relay distances but that didn't affect me.

I will say I was a bit disappointed in the lack of communication about the race: we didn't know the route until a few days before the race and the package pick up was also not communicated until just before the race and did not include a weekend pick up date, as well as no pick up the day of the race.

The race route as posted a few days before the race- a loop through the Zoo and 3 out and backs.

The morning of the race was a bit chilly but I knew it would warm up as the race went on. I arrived at the Zoo around 7:30am for the 8am race start. Lots of time for the bathroom, find the start line and meet up with friends.

The race ended up starting about 10 minutes late because the lines for the port-a-potties were long (that's what they told us).

Sea wheeze crew!

CHRR crazies!! A bunch of them had run Harvest Half the day before and were doing the full 16K solo run. Insane people!

The race started and we headed to our first out and back. I will say that despite the fact that out and backs are kind of boring, it was nice to see fellow runners several times throughout the race. Made it much easier to forget about the distance and have fun and just run!

It definitely warmed up by about 5K. It would have been way too much work to take off my jacket so I just undid it.

The 2nd out and back was up by Max Bell Arena- aka lots of rolling hills. A lot of people were cursing them. Possibly including me although the hills around my house have helped me a bit!

Another frickin hill

There was only one aid station along the entire route that you hit twice. I wasn't totally paying attention to its location since I carry my own water and fuel but I think it was around 7 & 9K? I'm glad I always bring my own.

The third out and back was the same as the first. At this point I was starting to fade (about 12K) but at least the hills were over! Plus I was seeing lots of familiar faces again. However at the turn around I realized I was only at 13K and there was no way there was 3K left to go unless they had us run loops around the parking lot by the finish line.

Turns out the course was about 2K short, it was only 14K. I honestly wasn't complaining since I was about done anyway! They did mention they had to change the course a bit due to construction in the Zoo but I think there were other parts of the race that were shorter as well. Oh well- I earned my medal anyway!

1:34 min.
Avg pace 6:44

You had to go into the Zoo to the Kitamba Cafe to pick up your medal (why couldn't they have them at the finish line?), your banana, water and tiny muffin. Maybe they should have put the finish line there? It would have been about 16K. The zoo was open at that time so I guess they didn't want runners mingling with zoo-goers.

We went in search of the Gorillas to take some pictures but only found Sheldon the tortoise. Someone said they found the gorillas somewhere else- not sure why they moved them?

I found a gorilla carving to have my photo taken by!

The medal!! Glad to add it to my collection!

Overall it was a fun race. I'm not sure I would do it again due to the logistics and the meh course but if you are looking for a neat medal and free entry into the Zoo then this would be a good race to do!

Monday, September 26, 2016

~Week + end Adventures~

I seem to only get the chance to sit at the computer to blog about once a week! Better than none?

Since life has slowed down a touch (haha ya right!) we were finally able to get together with some mamas and kiddos for a playdate at our house last week. Such a good time catching up with Jen (+ Wes), Alison (+ Delainey and Ryder) and Brie (+ Sully). The kids mostly had fun, when Leo wasn't crying over sharing his toys. Gosh, life is hard when you are two and everyone wants your cars!

So while I failed to take any pictures during the playdate, here is a before and after!

Before: making granola bars (Leo friendly) with the kids. Don't worry- they licked the spoons AFTER we were done mixing!

After: Cinderella cleaning up after everyone left. I promise she wanted to vacuum! She does need to practice a bit though...

The kids and I had dentist appointments and I am so proud of these two rockstars!! Audrey didn't hesitate at all, opened her mouth so he could clean her teeth and do the fluoride. "Rio" playing above helped ;)

Leo's checkup was more to get him comfortable but he was so good that the Dentist said he can get a cleaning next time.

So proud of them for not being scared of the dentist and for being good about brushing their teeth regularly.

Sometimes they play nicely together...

Audrey had preschool on Friday afternoon so this guy and I had some quality time after his nap! Playing cars is his favourite!

Oh yah- hubby was in Edmonton for Thursday and Friday night so I took it upon myself to watch some movies after the kids were in bed. I watched "Me Before You" which was good but I didn't pay super attention to it because I had just read the book.

I also watched "Bad Neighbors" which was funny/terrible. I can never take frat movies seriously because that is so not how they are in real life. I laughed pretty hard at Lisa Kudrow as the Dean.

Ok maybe I'll watch the sequel next business trip!

Sometimes I have Snapchat fun with the kids. Leo always wants to be a monster though!!

I tell ya- finding a new nail salon was harder than finding a new doctor and chiropractor combined! I did get a referral from my mom's co-worker and I think this salon will work out.

Neutrals are back for fall!

Griffith Woods is our favourite! We love exploring it on the weekend, often with the kids on their bikes. The weather was gorg-eous this weekend so we spent a couple hours checking out new trails. The fall colours are spectacular!


A fire pit!

We headed to Pearce Estates Park in Inglewood for some fishing. Everyone but me has their own fishing rod!

Audrey thoroughly enjoyed herself! And yes, tutus can be worn fishing.

You can't use scented bait so it's a bit harder to lure the fish. We didn't catch anything but it was fun to watch the fish swimming around.

As expected, Leo lasted only 15 minutes before he decided to throw rocks into the pond. 

We went to the Bow Habitat Station Discovery Centre.

We learned about some of Alberta's fish.

Checking out a beaver's lodge. Quite the structure!

Audrey and I hid from the boys inside the beaver's lodge!

Beaver inside the lodge!

Fish Hatchery. They often have tours but we didn't go on one.

As much as I wanted to head for a nap when we got home, I went out for a 13K run instead. It didn't take me long to feel good about that decision. Such a beautiful day and I know these nice fall running weather days are numbered. It won't be capris and tank top running weather for much longer.

This photo doesn't do justice to this amazing view of the fall colours.

Sun peeking through the trees, beautiful leaves and the perfect running temperature. It was a good run!

I even managed to find a picnic table for the next time we go to the woods for a picnic!

And just like that the last weekend of September is over! I'm not sure how...

Can everyone cross their fingers for nice weather on Friday? We have our family photos scheduled that night and rain would not be good.

Monday, September 19, 2016

~Weekend Randoms~

I realized that this past weekend was full of random things I wanted to share so here we go!

I've been seeing these "smoothie bowls" all over blogs and Instagram the last few months. I drink a smoothie for breakfast at least 4 times a week- it's easy for me to take to work on my work days and mindless to whip up in the morning when I'm half asleep. I also like that I can change up the ingredients and have a similar breakfast with a slightly different taste.

So back to "smoothie bowls"-- a week or two ago, Jen at Pretty Little Grub posted about how smoothie bowls can help you feel fuller longer since you are eating it rather than drinking which triggers your brain that you are having a meal with calories.

I figured I would give it a try and I must say- not bad!! I topped it with a couple things that I usually don't put into my smoothies (oats) and a few things that I sometimes do blend up (hemp hearts and fruit).

It was delicious! My first attempt was a bit more "smoothie" than "bowl" and of course my kids wanted one of their own, which meant huge mess but they liked it.

Verdict? I'll definitely make them again! I really liked the oats on top- added a nice crunch!

This book is responsible for me not getting much sleep this weekend! It was from Brie's book club a few months ago which I bought right away but life got in the way and I didn't even crack it in time for the review!

Well once I started reading it last week, I could not put it down! It was a super sad story but really well written. I could feel all the emotions that Estelle was feeling and I was trying to solve the mystery myself! I managed to finish it in 4 days which is fast for me these days!!

Leo is seriously the little brother that terrorizes his big sister! He jumps on her, chases after her, teases her! He loves her but he can be a little turd sometimes! She mostly loves him back!

Brie and Sully came for a visit to explore the woods with us. Summer was back last week so we took full advantage! The kids had an absolute blast running along the paths, eating a million snacks along the way, and throwing sticks and stones into the river. I had a great visit with Brie too!

Checking out the fairy garden! Typical boys were far more interested in the water and throwing rocks than seeing all the houses!

Audrey was the typical big sister- looking after Sully and sharing her snack with him! Leo walked into the river with his shoes on so he spent a good chunk of the walk in the Chariot barefoot! Surprisingly he didn't complain!

Sometimes naps don't happen anymore but put him in the car and he will fall asleep, at 4pm :/ Makes for some lovely dinner time grumpiness. He looks so sweet when he is curled up on the chair (after I carry him inside) and Audrey runs to find his blanket and cover him up. She really is the sweetest big sister!

Since we moved to the other end of the city, we had to find a new chiropractor and family doctor. I love my previous chiro but realistically 25 minutes is too far to drive each way for a short monthly visit. I did some research and looked for some referrals for one closer to me. We had an initial consultation with chiropractor last week which went well. She uses a different technique of adjusting than my last chiro but it is still gentle. She is great with the kids and really explained what she was doing. My back and shoulders were sore from the move and half marathon so she tuned me up and I feel a lot better.

As for the family doctor, that's been a bit more challenging to find. I haven't been happy with my previous GP for the last 5 or so years and she is far away so it only made sense to find a new one.

I prefer a female doctor which was a bit harder to find one with openings. I called all the clinics around us and only one female was accepting patients. The good thing is that she is very close to our house (we could walk there in 5 minutes) but some of the reviews on RateMD were terrible. So I booked a meet and greet with an open mind and tried not to let the review sway my opinion.

The meet and greet went well. It was short and the kids were crazy but the doctor was great about it. That's a good sign! We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes and it was a smaller clinic compared to the last one which was massive! We will transfer over to her and see how it goes. I don't think it could be worse than our last doctor and given the convenience of location I think that is huge.

Audrey has her first ballet class at the new studio! She was pretty excited to go although a bit shy at first. The teacher asked all the little girls their name and favourite princess. Audrey said Anna and Elsa! No surprise there.

I promise she was excited! She is not a poser this one! She also likes to tuck her skirt into the waistband. I have no idea why but she has been doing it since the beginning!

On to new house things. There were two things that we disliked about our new house that we knew we would change right away- most of the light fixtures and the carpet in the living room.

We ordered new lights almost right away in the middle of August. Not surprisingly, they only had 2 out of 10 fixtures in stock so we have to wait 4-9 weeks for them others to arrive. At least the hard part of deciding is done.

As for the carpet, it's blue and yellow/beige squares that I guess is supposed to mirror the coffered ceilings? It's a bit bold for the size of the room and really limited our furniture choices so we decided it was easier to replace before the furniture arrived rather than live with it for awhile and try to match furniture to it.

It actually looks a bit darker blue in person, depending on the light. On a side note, if you like this carpet, the previous owners made the excess carpet into a 7x9 foot rug which is yours if you are local!

At some point we will redo the carpet in the rest of the house so we kept in mind something that would flow everywhere and would wear well. If I had my preference, I would prefer to have hardwood in the living room with an area rug but since it's so hard to match existing hardwood we decided to just replace the carpet in the living room for now. The hardwood floors are in excellent condition and I love them so it would be silly to rip them out, never mind expensive!

We went with a two-toned grey for the carpet. I know, shocking! The swatch on the left is the fabric of the couch we ordered- grey! Don't worry- there will be other colours in the room!

I put the carpet swatch on the hardwood and against the wall/tile in the living room. It looks like different swatches because of the light and the other surrounding colours but it is the same swatch!

I'm super excited for new carpet!

This kid is a maniac on his strider! I think he will be ready for pedals next year! He goes so fast and will bike forever when we go into the woods. He did have one big crash a couple weeks ago when he went down a steep hill and we forgot to hold onto him. He wasn't hurt but it scared him a bit. Thank goodness for helmets!

I'm training for the Gorilla Run 16K in a couple weeks and then I'm going to focus more on short distances and speed over the winter. Fitting long runs in over the holidays is tough and I don't really want to deal with ice and snow either. I'm also looking forward to hanging out with Shaun T and the T25 crew this winter.

Hubby was testing out the sprinklers the other day and Audrey wanted to play in them! It wasn't super warm out but the sun was out so she insisted on putting her bathing suit on and running through the sprinklers! Squeezing every last little drop out of summer over here!

September is a busy month for birthdays in my family. My niece turned 11 and my nephew turned 21!! Crazy how grown up they are! We had a nice family dinner to celebrate.

Singing Happy Birthday is always entertaining!

This "Sl#tty" Cheesecake was delicious! I could have gone back for more!

Now it's another week! Fall is officially here in a couple days and I'm not ready for it!
Tell me something random!