Friday, December 31, 2010

Eeekkkk Race Day Today!!

Well I picked up my race package last night but didn't get a chance to even look at my number!!

It is chilly out ( -16C, feels like - 24C) but as long as I dress properly it won't be that bad. The pathways looked relatively clear when I checked yesterday and the snow has stopped!

Fingers crossed I will be able to pull out a decent race.

Hope everyone has a great New Years- whether you are running or partying!!

See you in the 2011!! How did this year fly by so quickly???

HBBC Update
12/30- Fruits & Veggies= 1 point
Points so far this week= 22.5

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. This week isn't going to be so great in the workout department. Monday already ended up being a rest day, and today is going to be a rest day. Ahhh I was doing so well. Next week shouldn't be quite as busy I hope!! Working sure gets in the way of exercise! The good news is that I get to see one of my dearest friends from California. Can't wait to visit with her, her hubby and another (local) friend.
2. Tomorrow is the RESOLUTION RUN!! Our weather is not cooperating for my 5K PR goals (snow, ice, -20C temps) so I am not going to beat myself up over it.
Tonight I will be picking up my race package- I hope I get a good number!! Look at this sweet jacket am I going to get!! Will have no problem being seen now!

It should be a good run even if the weather isn't on our side- hopefully I can meet up with some bloggers!

3. Hills- 7...errrr 5 repeats. Hubby and I set out to start the hill workout a bit earlier than the rest of the group as we had dinner plans at our family friends' place that we just helped move. I didn't want to miss the workout completely, but I also know how tough the hills are and I need all the moral support I can get!! It was cold, windy, and snowy last night when we started. A lot of the sidewalks were completely covered in snow, therefore it was difficult to even get TO the hill! I was smart this time and wore my long johns so my legs didn't freeze like they have been lately.

CoCo Stats:
Warm Up- 1.55k 7:28 AP
Hill 1- 0.81k 7:39 AP
Hill 2- 0.79k 7:45 AP
Hill 3- 0.80k 7:36 AP
Hill 4- 0.81k 7:44 AP
Hill 5- 0.78k 7:41 AP
Hill 6- :(- ran out of time
Hill 7- :( - ran out of time
Cool-down- 1.61k 6:33 AP -can you tell I was going down home :)
Total Distance- 7.15K
Total Time- 52:49 min
Average Pace- 7:23 min/km

Oy that was a slow and hard workout!!! I could have knocked out 2 more repeats but we were already late as it was getting to our friends' place that it seemed wise to stop. Just as we were finishing up our last hill the rest of the group showed up. I was starting to wonder if they were going to bail!!

HBBC Update
12/29- 4.5 M run, Fruits & Veggies= 5.5 points
Points so far this week= 21.5

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Vacation Day :(

Well that sure went by fast!! It always does, especially with the craziness of Christmas gatherings.

It was definitely a great Christmas and break from the daily routine. I am NOT looking forward to getting up early tomorrow but at least it is only a 3-day work week with condensed hours (hopefully the work hasn't piled up while I was away...)

Yesterday I didn't workout, unless you count unpacking numerous boxes while helping family friends move! I am SO glad that we won't be moving for awhile- it is exhausting and overwhelming.

Tonight we will be missing our run clinic as hubby's cousin and her family will be in town so they are coming over for dinner. It will be good to see them! They live up North so we don't see them often but luckily good ol' Facebook helps us all stay in touch.

I couldn't have another workout-less day so I did my 5k run this morning. Yup, the sidewalks/pathways still aren't cleared in our neighborhood so I ran mostly on the road. At least there isn't that much traffic at this time of the day! It is a gorgeous sunny day, around -7C. I didn't wear my jacket again which is so freeing.
The Resolution Run is in 3 days so I wanted to see how hard I could push it to try to reach my sub 30 minute 5k.

CoCo Stats:
Total Distance- 5.04k
Total Time- 31:52 min
Average Pace- 6:19 min/km

Well it wasn't enough to get me under 30 minutes but it was still a pretty speedy run (for moi!). I checked my previous 5Ks and this one was a PR!! So as long as the weather cooperates (please no snow/ice or stupid cold temps) I should be able to go even faster (flat course as opposed to the hills around my  house).

I also realized that my Garmin is set up for being on the bike so I didn't get any splits for the run. I am a little confused by CoCo right now- every workout needs a different setting and I can't tell which setting I am on so I don't record the right data!! Guess I should pull out the manual again...

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of my last vacation day. Back to reality tomorrow...

HBBC Update
12/27- Fruits & Veggies= 1 point
12/28- 3.1M run= 3 points
Total Points so Far this week= 16

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and Post-Festivities Run

Christmas Eve was a fun evening spent with my family. We didn't do the big turkey dinner so it was pretty relaxed and casual. It was great to see my cousins that I haven't seen for a few months and to spend time with my nieces and nephew who are growing up far too fast!

Hubby and me
My nephew and nieces and I

The girls

Christmas morning was spent at our house with Hubby, Milo and me. We had the traditional Christmas Morning Wife Life Saver for breakfast and then opened our gifts. Santa spoiled us both this year. I received a Garmin Speed/Cadence bike sensor so that I can record all my bike data on CoCo instead of just time. I also received a beautiful custom made pearl ring from my hubby. I need to take a picture of it though. It is beautiful!

Milo and I
He didn't appreciate the cuddles

The living room disaster

Hubby setting up the cadence sensor on BlueBelle

For Christmas dinner we went over to hubby's parents' house for a delicious turkey dinner. His family love to play games so we spent a few hours playing Smear while digesting. We had a few laughs, especially after the boys were halfway through a bottle of Scotch!

Since Boxing Day fell on a Sunday this year, we were scheduled to do our 16K LSD today. Thankfully our local Running Room didn't open until 10am which meant we didn't have to meet up until then. Yay for sleeping in!!! I dragged myself out of bed (why is it always so hard??) and met up with a few people from our running group. I think a lot of people are out of town or maybe taking advantage of the sales?

It was a gorgeous day for a run- around 0 C, sunny and not a cloud in sight. I just wore 2 long sleeve shirts, tights, gloves and a headband. No jacket today! I ran with Kristin, Paul and Penny (our instructor) and we all took it pretty easy. I felt really great the entire time, but I definitely wasn't pushing it too hard. The pathways were mostly clear except for a few icy patches that were relatively visible.
It's amazing how during my first round of half marathon training the distances seemed so daunting but 16K didn't really seem that hard today. Don't get me wrong- it wasn't a cakewalk but I knew I could do it.

CoCo Stats:
10 and 1s so I will spare you the splits.
Total Distance- 16K
Total Time- 1:55:35
Average Pace- 7:13 min/km

Nothing record breaking but it was a good solid run.

I am very glad I opted out of the nutty Boxing Day shopping for a long run!

HBBC Update
12/25- Fruits & Veggies= 1 point
12/26- 10M run, Fruits & Veggies= 11 points
Total Points so far this week= 12 points

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve to All!!

Well the shopping is done, presents are (mostly) wrapped, the Christmas carols are playing and SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!!!! Yay!!

The last 2 days have been a whirlwind of activity- getting ready for Christmas, visiting with friends and working out. I even missed Three Things Thursday!! What a tragedy!

On Wednesday we joined the clinic  for hill repeats. It took a lot of encouragement to get me started but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We did 6 repeats this week.

CoCo Stats:
Warm-up- 1.57k 6:55 AP
Hill 1- 0.80k 7:34 AP
Hill 2- 0.81k 7:12 AP
Hill 3- 0.80k 6:53 AP
Hill 4- 0.81k 7:15 AP
Hill 5- 0.82k 7:01 AP
Hill 6- 0.81 6:58 AP
Cool-down- 1.55k 6:52 AP
Total Distance- 7.96k
Total Time- 55:53 min
Average Pace- 7:01

This workout went by quickly which I hope means I am getting stronger! Usually the hill repeats kill me but for some reason this night it clicked. Let's see if I will be saying that next week after 7 repeats!!

Yesterday I did some lunch hour hot yoga.
The class description:
Vinyasa Flow
This dynamic class features a combination of breath and movement. Using the principles of vinyasa in combination with foundation type poses, practitioners experiment with yoga as an expression of fluid motion. This class is a great opportunity for those looking to build safe vinyasas in conjunction with yoga postures varying in difficulty. All levels are welcome, though some yoga experience is suggested. Class will be warm.

It wasn't as hot as the other classes I have done (different room) which is a good thing because who wants to go back to work all sweaty and nasty (not that I had to but I had other things to do afterwards!!) I don't know how you lunch-time runners do it!! This class was more advanced than the other ones I have been to but it was easy to modify the poses so that I could still participate. I am loving the yoga!!

I had another baking fail, and it was a no-bake recipe!! Boo! I tried to make rum balls but apparently this recipe sucks because it doesn't have any binding ingredients. Somehow run, melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk are supposed to form into balls after chilling for 3+ hours??? Due to my lack of baking experience I didn't realize this recipe didn't make sense (it was from a Best of the Seasons Bridge book- I thought it would be good!) so I was slightly pi$$ed when it was a big sticky mess. What a waste of rum ingredients! (No pictures- I was too mad)

Today almost became a rest day.  I planned to get up early and spin but somehow my sleepy body didn't wake-up and I still have lots of things to do before going to my sister's for Christmas eve festivities. I was going to just bail on the spin but I realized that I was so close to beating last week's HBBC points and I really did have time to workout.
Still having some problems with the spin trainer- it keeps getting stuck. I have no idea what's going on inside it, but after fiddling with it for 10 minutes it seemed to work for the rest of the spin session. What a pain!

So now that my workout is done, I have eaten some food, I better get wrapping those last few presents!!

** Resolution Run is 1 week away!!! I really hope the weather cooperates (aka no ice, snow or deep freeze temps) so I can attempt a PR!!

HBBC Update
12/22- Run 5M, Fruits & Veggies, = 6 points
12/23- Yoga 1 hr, Fruits & Veggies= 4 points
12/24- Spin 40 min= 4 points
Total Points so far this week= 39

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Right Shopped Out!

Yesterday I spent  four hours at the mall finishing up my Christmas shopping. I still have 2 more gifts to buy but I have to go to specific stores for them that weren't in the mall so tomorrow I will venture out again. So much for being done early...
I still have to wrap most of the gifts. I suspect I will be locking myself in my office tonight with a glass of wine to power through this. I wonder if I can get some HBBC points outta this workout!!

While I was Christmas shopping, hubby was car shopping. His loaner car (from his bro) is ready to hit the dust so it looks like it is time to buy another vehicle. Now if only we can find a free, new car! I really don't want high car payments but I don't want a beater that you spend more time and money fixing than driving!

I had great plans to go to the clinic run last night but a friend dropped by to give me my Christmas present. We chatted for awhile so by the time she left the run was halfway done! Oh well. Instead I had some dinner, did some car research with hubby and later hit the treadmill.
The scheduled run was 4k and since I have now found out that treadmills aren't accurate in their distance, I decided to run for 30 minutes as this is a little longer than a 4K for me. I increased the speed a lot more than Sunday's long slow run, and concentrated on pushing my arms/elbows back and not crossing over. I think it worked... I did feel like I was holding my arms up so hopefully over time they will relax.

HBBC Update
12/21- 2.5M run= 2.5 points, Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points so far= 25

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm it!!!

Meg tagged me!! I have seen this questionnaire around blogland for a couple days now so I am excited to share my answers!

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

Well in terms of racing/training I have a couple!

1) Racing my 1st Olympic Triathlon in June- Wasa Lake Triathlon (read about it here)

Hubby & I before the race
My race photos are not flattering so I am not posting them!

Race shirt and bib
2) Finishing my 1st half marathon (Canmore Rocky Mountain Half) in September (read about it here)

Around 17K?
Sprinting to the finish!
What are your running goals for 2011?
Faster and faster!! I don't think I am quite ready for the Full Marathon distance so I will continue working on my speed for the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances. I also hope to do another Olympic and Sprint Triathlon this year.

What was your favorite race?
This is tough because each race is so different and are special to me in their own ways!
-I like Strathmore Women's Triathlon because it was my first triathlon ever (you can read about my 3rd time doing it here), it is well organized and has an amazing atmosphere!
- I also enjoyed Wasa Lake Triathlon because I just did it for fun! I didn't train much for the Oly distance so my only goal was to finish. I also knew a lot of people who were racing so it was great to chat with people, have a cheering section (my parents came out to watch) and just enjoy the experience.
-The Half Marathon in Canmore was a breath-taking location. I can't think of a better place somewhat local (only an hour from home) to race. I can't wait to do it again! It would have been even better if people I knew were also racing it...

What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
Eggnog, cookies, chocolate, Gingerbread lattes... do I have to pick just one?

What is your most embarrassing running moment?
Thankfully I haven't really had any majorly embarrassing running moments! Knock wood! The only one I can think of is during my last triathlon in Strathmore I started the run and all the sudden I felt a little less support up-top! My tri suit has a built in bra which zips up in the front. The bra part came undone but thankfully I still had the top layer zipped up so I didn't have a total wardrobe malfunction!! I had to creatively zip up the bra part without undoing the top layer so as to not expose myself!! It happened right out of transition so there were still lots of spectators and other runners around me!
Ok terrible picture but you can see how my top is zipped right up
due to fear of the bra malfunction happening again! 

Different race but you can see the white bra part- thankfully the top
was not zipped all the way down like it was during this race or else
there would have been some indecent exposure!!

Okay my turn to TAG!!!!

Jarrett at PaddlePedalPlod
Keith at Keith's Odyssey to Planet Fitness
Deb at Deb Shrinks

You're it!

I wanna be a SAHW!!!

I have so much time on my hands when I am not working! If only I could somehow swing the stay-at-home-wife thing... Must buy a lottery ticket today!

I had a couple glasses of wine on Sunday night which I NEVER do when I have to work in the morning. I was able to sleep in a bit on Monday. I woke up around 10am and did an hour long session of Ripped. I did a different DVD this time- Slim and Lean which has lots of pulses and holds in each set. My arms and legs are so sore!! My back was bothering me a bit so I didn't overload the weights like they normally suggest. I like this DVD a bit better compared to the first one because I think the cameras and director did a better job of showing the exercises and Jari seemed a little more polished in her dialogue. The set was also "prettier!"

After my workout I made muffins. I normally make these muffins on a Sunday night as I bring them to work for breakfast every morning. Hubby found the recipe by googling and it is definitely the best banana muffin recipe I have had! It is from Cat Can Cook, so of course I like the name too!
I normally add walnuts and chocolate chips to my version, but this time we didn't have walnuts and I wanted to make them Christmas-y so I used festive muffin cups and I also put red and green sprinkles in them! The are so yummy!!

Mixing all the ingredients
Ready for the oven
All done!
Once the muffins were done I had to dash out for my massage. I have been having some lower and mid-back pain so the RMT worked my glutes. Oh my did that EVER hurt!! Owwww!!! I am sure they are tight from the running and biking that I have been doing lately. I think she bruised me too!

After my massage I had to head to the other end of town, picking hubby up along the way to our Chiro appointment. My range of motion in my neck is almost better, but I asked him about the sore point in my mid back and he said it is muscular-postural (or something like that?)- basically from poor posture. I am pretty sure I am not swinging my arms properly when running, especially when I get tired. I know that my arms sometimes start to cross over, which would explain the torquing and soreness in my mid-back. Dr. Dan said to concentrate on pulling my elbows back instead of swinging my arms forward and that should help my form. I have also found that when I run at night and wear my headlamp I can see the light moving side to side which means I am swinging my upper body too much. Something to think about for tonight's tempo run.

Funny story! The other night I had a dream that I decided to sign up for the Calgary 70.3 at the last minute! The only part that I was really worried about was the swim (considering that I haven't been in the pool for about 6ish weeks now!) but I got through that part fine. My 1st transition was super slow (15 minutes?) and the bike was on this narrow, hilly road that reminded me of Wasa (not that Wasa is hilly but part of the bike course is along the main street which seemed really narrow). The first aid station was more like a rest stop where you get off your bike, go inside this cabin and have ice cream! Great racing fuel!!
Anyway, maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something...

HBBC Update
12/20- Weights 1 hour= 3 points, Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points so far this week= 21.5

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday hubby and I baked cookies for a good part of the day. I did get a short spin session in before we embarked on destroying the kitchen baking. Unfortunately my spin trainer is being temperamental and wouldn't let me do more than a 35 minute session because it kept locking up. I don't know why it is doing this- my tire is fully inflated and it works fine if I just spin it with my hand but as soon as I spin with my pedals the drum locks up. Hopefully it will behave this week for my next spin session. Any tips? Do these things need to be greased or maintained in anyway? It is a fluid spin trainer.

We attended our friend's annual Christmas party Saturday evening and had a great time as usual. There was plenty of delicious food but I tried to eat more veggies and fruit than cakes and cheese. Hubby kept filling up my glass with Punch- and he successfully sabotaged my long run with the club on Sunday morning.

So sadly I didn't feel up to the long run (or the cold and snowy sidewalks) so I stayed in bed for a good part of the morning. It was so nice- once the headache went away...

I knew I couldn't just skip the run and from past experience I didn't really want to run around my neighborhood on the uncleared pathways so I headed to the treadmill. So far my longest run on the treadmill had been around 45 minutes so I knew this was going to be challenging! I figured watching a couple episodes of One Tree Hill would keep me occupied, and once I figured out how many miles I had to run (since my treadmill is currently in miles- I haven't gotten around to re-setting it to KM!) I started running.
Let me tell you- running in miles is way harder than running in kilometers! I felt like I was running forever and going nowhere! It takes so much longer to go anywhere in miles...
I think the calibration is off on my treadmill because it took me 2 HOURS to run 8.75 miles (14K). I compared my previous 14K times and there is NO WAY it took me that long to run that far. My 16K run in the summer took 1:53 hours so I am quite sure the treadmill is off. So I am saying I ran 10M!! My legs hurt quite a bit after the run so I stretched for 20 minutes to loosen them up. I don't need any stiffness tomorrow.

After my run hubby and I decorated the cookies we baked yesterday. It's our Christmas tradition to bake sugar and gingerbread cookies and decorate them. They are so yummy! Hubby also made Toffee Balls and I was going to make Rum Balls but realized I didn't have enough sweetened condensed milk so I will have to go to the store tomorrow. Do you have a favourite Christmas cookie or treat?

Toffee Balls! Yum!
Hubby- baker and decorator extraordinaire
Our masterpieces!
HBBC Update
12/18- Spin 35 min= 3.5 points, Stretching 20 min= 1 point, Fruit/Veggies= 1 point
12/19- Run 10M= 10 points, Stretching 20 min= 1 point, Fruits and Veggies= 1 point
Total Points this Week= 17.5

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Holidays are Here!!!

Ahhh I made it through the week and now I am off for 12 glorious days!! It will be busy and fun!

Last night I had another spin session with One Tree Hill. I was going to spin for 2 episodes (~85 minutes) but I got a late start so decided to do 60 minutes instead. I had a good workout- pretty sweaty! I did some core and stretching afterwards.

After work today we went for another hot yoga session. Do I ever love this instructor! She is so engaging and the class goes by so quickly which is a good thing in my opinion! I forgot to bring a towel and I was a dripping mess! We did a bunch of neat poses, that involved the wall and a block!

Half Moon (my hand was on a block)

Crab (the instructor had to help me into this one!)

My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow!! Actually I am pretty sure my entire body is going to be aching in the morning!!
What is your favourite pose?
I am planning on going to yoga once or twice next week- possibly for a lunch session while I am off work. Too bad the yoga studio is closer to my office than to my house!

Tomorrow we will be doing our Christmas baking so I better get a good spin in to burn off all the calories that I will consume from (assuming I don't screw up the cookies like my last few attempts!). We also have another Christmas party tomorrow evening that I am looking very forward to! Don't worry- I won't skip Sunday morning's long and cold run.

HBBC Update
12/16- Spin 60 min= 6 points
Stretching/Core 20 min= 1 point
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
12/17 - 1 Hour Yoga= 3 points
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points this week so far= 36.5 (woohoo highest week so far and its not over yet!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. 2011 New Years Resolutions Goals- I need to start working on them. I need to do some research while I am off work to see what sort of good races with bling  I can sign up for. I feel like I just did this for 2010... I am open to suggestions for triathlons, and road races (up to a half marathon).

2. Reading- Growing up I LOVED to read! I would go to the library, take out 4-5 novels and read them all in a day or two. I also didn't watch much TV when I was younger so I had plenty of time to read. Now I never seem to find the time to pick up a book or even a magazine. The problem is that I can't read in the car/on the C-Train or else I get motion sickness so there are a couple hours a day wasted. I don't even watch that much TV anymore (5 hours a week max) so it's not like that is taking up my time. I hope in 2011 I can catch up on all the books on my bedside table that are waiting to be read! I have a long list of books I would like to read as well (including some running books). Maybe in 2011 I can reach my goal of reading 25 books!

3. Hills- Met up with the clinic for another night of hills. It is starting to get chilly here again and I definitely could have used another layer on my bottom half! My legs looked sunburned after, except it was from the cold! I will be pulling out the long johns for Sunday's long run (that I won't be bailing on!).

I also must have been doing something wrong with my arms while running because my upper forearms are so sore! It feels like I have been lifting weights... Anyone ever had this after a run? Are my arms too stiff?

Like I mentioned last week I decided to lap my Garmin at the bottom of each hill so as to simplify the data.

CoCo Data:
Warm-up- 1.55k 6:59 A/P
Hill 1- 0.80k 7:07 A/P
Hill 2- 0.81k 6:48 A/P
Hill 3- 0.80k 6:52 A/P
Hill 4- 0.81k 7:08 A/P
Hill 5- 0.78k 6:35 A/P
Cool-down- 1.64k 6:35 A/P
Total Distance-7.19k
Total Time- 49:17 min
Average Pace- 6:51 min/km

I compared my time for my 5 Hills session in the summer and I am a bit faster!! Yay! Average pace in August was 7:12 and that was for slightly less distance (the warm up and cool down was a hair shorter).

HBBC Update
12/15- Fruits/Veggies = 1 point
4.5M run= 4.5 points
Total Points so far this week= 24.5

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doing what you can...

As my holidays get closer, the amount of work gets greater! Seems everyone wants to get things done before year end. Today was so busy that I didn't have time to even eat breakfast or lunch. Not good.

After work, I stopped to do some shopping before going home. By the time I reached home I knew there was no way I was going to be able to go to the clinic tonight. I would have had to leave about 15 minutes after I got home and without any food all day it only spelled disaster.

Hubby made me a nice dinner and I spent the evening relaxing and wrapping some gifts. I started to get some energy back so I decided to not completely skip my workout and do the run on the treadmill.

I ran for 30 minutes while watching another episode of One Tree Hill. I will make it through this season one workout at a time! Afterwards I did some stretching and core work. I am so glad that I still worked out- I feel so much better now!!

Eeeekkk only 3 more work days until I am off for 10 days!! I am so excited!!

HBBC Update
12/14- 3M Run= 3 points
Fruits/Veggies= 0.5 points
20 min Stretching/Core= 1 point
Total Points this week= 19 points

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party and 12k Hansen Ranch Run

My work Christmas party was on Saturday night. Unfortunately hubby caught the nasty flu on Friday night so he was in no condition to party. It was still a good time but I was good because I knew I had a long run the next morning to get up for. My co-workers tried their hardest to convince me to enjoy a few more bevvies and skip the run the next day but I didn't listen!

I made it to bed around 12am and it was a small miracle that I dragged myself out of bed at 7:45am. I was grumpy but I knew once I was out the door I would be fine. Hubby was feeling better so he decided to run as well.

The scheduled route is one I remember well from the last half marathon training session- 12k Hansen Ranch. It is uphill for the first 4.25k, then down hill for 1.75k. At the bottom you run 2 loops of a cul-de-sac and then turn back around (up 1.75k and down for 4.25k). It's a brutal route!!
I ran the first half with Angela and Kristin. It was great to have their company. At the bottom I took a little detour to the gas station for a bathroom break which made me fall behind the rest of the group. Unfortunately I had to do the 2nd half by myself until I caught up to them in the last 2k. I didn't take my last 3 walk breaks as most of the route at that point was downhill and I was trying to make up time. This meant that I didn't eat enough fuel so I was fading towards the end of the run.

My legs and glutes were so sore by the end. I think it was a combo of the run, previous day's spin and yoga on Friday. I went home and stretched and rolled to loosen them up.

Total Distance- 11.59km (a little short since I took a detour)

Total Time- 1:23:23
Average Pace- 7:11min/km

The good news is that I was a little bit faster than the last time I did this run and the sidewalk conditions were worse so I see improvement!

HBBC Update
12/12 12k run= 7.5 points
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
12/13 Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points this week= 14.5 points

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yoga & Spin

I am happy to say that I FINALLY made it to Hot Yoga! I was afraid to say anything on Friday in case I jinxed myself. When I first got to work in the morning I thought for sure there was no way I would make it since I had so much work to do. Luckily some of the things ended up not being time-sensitive so I was able to postpone it until next week.

We went to Sanguine Yoga Studio which I think offers only hot/warm yoga classes. I have never done hot yoga before but have heard great things about it! I have super tight hamstrings (always have) and I think yoga will be a great addition to my workout schedule.

It was my first time there and they were very nice and helpful. The studio is really nice and it just had a great energy about it.

We did a Power class which is described as:
Ignite the fire within through the power of Ujjayi breath fused with a progressive series of strength and flexibility enhancing postures. An invigorating practice producing internal heat and a purifying sweat that clears the mind, rejuvenates the body and detoxifies the organs. Beginner to intermediate class. Warm.

Warm is a bit of an understatement- it was hot and sweaty!! The instructor was great- she took us through each pose, and gave modifications. She also went around to help correct form. The class just zoomed before and before I knew it we were done! 

Saturday morning I had another massage which was great. My legs and upper body hurt from the yoga so it was nice to be worked on right away. Tish, the RMT always gives me a great foot massage after she has worked my back and neck.
Now I have to wait 10 days for my next massage because they couldn't fit me in next weekend. Hopefully everything holds up!

After the massage I went on the spin trainer for 40 minutes and did some stretching and core afterwards. My legs were so sore- I think mostly from the yoga but the spinning probably added to it.

HBBC Update
12/10- 1 hour Hot Yoga= 3 points
20 min stretching= 1 point
Additional 3 servings of Fruit/Veggies= .5 points
Total Points for last week= 25.75 (barely squeaked past my 1st week's points)

12/11- 40 min Spin= 4 points
10 minutes Core/Stretching= .5 points
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points this week= 5.5 points

Friday, December 10, 2010

Frickin Friday Already???

Crap!! One sick day and the week feels like it just zoomed by!

Hubby's Christmas party was last night and it was a nice gathering of people. I enjoy smaller, casual events like this so it was perfect. We didn't stay out too late but we both ate too much! I have decided that after 4 days of feeling bloated and gross that I am going to watch what I eat. Before I used to eat whatever was in sight and justified it with workouts. After waking up icky for the last week (partially flu related), it just isn't worth it to eat this way.

So in keeping with HBBC, I will be eating way more fruits and veggies. I don't really like a lot of meat so that works to my advantage. I will be cutting out (mostly) processed foods and sugar. I am not going to cut it out entirely because 1) I know I will fail 2) I want to monitor how I feel after eating these things. The problem I have right now is that I don't know exactly what is causing me to feel this way but I am sure it is sugar, diary (except yogurt, that doesn't bother me) and processed white foods.

So far today I have had a Activia yogurt, 2 cups of coffee (with cream- I can't stand coffee without it!), a BaconCheeseLettuceTomato sandwich and a smoothie. I am already over my minimum 7 servings of fruits/veggies!! I don't feel bloated anymore so this is progress!!

Tomorrow night is my work Christmas party. I promised some of my Running Room buddies that I wouldn't skip on Sunday which means tomorrow has to be an early night. It should be fun though!

Garmin-  somehow the site didn't download my hill workout which doesn't make any sense because I remember CoCo beeping and vibrating on Wednesday after the run when I put her beside the computer. So annoying!!

HBBC Update
12/09- Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
12/10 Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
Total Points this week= 21.25

Darn I keep doing this- thinking the week starts on Sunday!!! I only have today to catch up on some points to beat my 1st week's points. Only need 4.5 points to beat it!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I feel so behind- in everything! Work, workouts, chores, etc. While I am mostly better from the flu, I still feel it lingering a bit and my energy isn't totally back yet. I am starting to feel stressed in how far behind I am  but I guess there really isn't anything I can do about it other than trudge through it all when I get a chance. I hope hubby sent out the Christmas cards today! I meant to do them on Monday (since they were ready to go minus stamps on Sunday) but that didn't happen...

2. The shopping list is getting shorter! I received 3 gifts in the mail yesterday that I had ordered, plus I bought a few things at the Running Room last night. Check, check, check, check! I love checking things off my lists!! I am torn though- should I shop-til- I-drop this weekend to get everything done or should I relax this weekend and shop during my week off before Christmas? It seems so last minute to wait until then.

3. Hills- last night we did 4 hills. The sidewalk was clearer this week which made it a bit easier. It was still pretty slippery in a few places and the ice is pretty translucent now which made it a little scary in places. The headlamp sure came in handy!

I think starting next week I am going to lap at the start of each hill instead of at the bottom and top of each hill. I find there is a little too much data the way that I have been doing it and I know I skim over it so I am sure the rest of you do too!!

Total Distance- ?
Total Time- ?
Average Pace- ?

FYI Garmin Connect sucks! They always seems to be maintaining their site and when I want to access the data (usually to update my blog) I can't! I will update once their site is back up (or if I remember to grab the data directly from my watch).

4. Car Update- (yes I know this is more than 3 items!) My ride is in for repair finally! In her place we are driving a Dodge Journey- a crossover/SUV (NOT a minivan!).  I wouldn't buy one, but it does the job, and doesn't have a ghetto smashed in bumper/side. I sure miss my heated seats and standard transmission though :( It's only for a couple weeks.

HBBC Update
12/08- Fruits/Veggies = 1 point
~4M Run= 4 points
Total Points this week= 19.25

I am a little bummed that my points are so low this week (and no workout tonight because of hubby's work Christmas party) but not much I can do about it. I 'think' I can still get more points than my 1st week if I workout as planned on Friday and Saturday AND eats lots of fruits & veggies!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Flu Season...

It got me.
I wasn't feeling very well all day at work yesterday and after my chiro appointment I went straight to bed.
I woke up in the morning to call in sick to work and went back to bed for the rest of the day.

I feel like I have been hit by a ton of bricks. My entire body aches. My stomach feels better but my head is still pounding.

Obviously I haven't worked out. I am starting to think I will never get to a yoga class. Every time I make plans to go something comes up (like whiplash or the flu). It will happen one of these days!!!

I am going back to sleep now...

HBBC Update
12/06- Fruits/Veggies = 1 point
Total Points this week= 14.25

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Serves me right...

Well Keith had faith in me, but Jen's email from this morning says she didn't!! Jen wins- I didn't get up for the group run this morning... I really had no excuse because I wasn't drinking last night (hubby was) and we were in bed by midnight. However when the alarm went off at 7:30am, there was no way I was hauling my butt out of bed. Hubby left without me and I enjoyed a couple more hours of uninterrupted sleep!! Ahhh it was bliss!!

Hubby brought me coffee after his run and I finally dragged myself out of bed. I did a bunch of stuff around the house before venturing out on the 10k run by myself. It was quite warm out- about -4C and sunny! I haven't worn my sunglasses on a run for awhile now.

Hubby and the running group did the same route as last week and he said the pathways were all cleared. I learned quickly that the pathways in my neighborhood ARE NOT clear!!! I shouldn't be surprised. I ended up running a lot on the road because it was so much easier than running on hard packed, un-even snow or through hard snowdrifts. Often the sidewalks were clear but if I had to cross a street there was a big snowbank to jump over.

I was a bit quicker than last week- I didn't have to stop quite as much but I wasn't as fast as I can be due to the slippery conditions. It felt nice to run in daylight and with the sun beaming down. I don't think I will be skipping group LSD runs until the pathways around my house are cleared!!

Run Stats:
Total Distance- 10.01k
Total Time- 1:13:23
Average Pace- 7.20 min/km

Some holiday pictures:

Hubby and I at last night's Christmas party

K and I

Hubby setting up the tree

Putting the decorations on
All done!!

The kitty supervising the tree decorating

HBBC Update
12/05 Fruits/Veggies= 1point
10k run= 6.25 points
Total points this week= 13.25 (whoops forgot the new week starts on Saturday, not Sunday!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quick Workout and HBBC Update

Did a Ripped workout last night- Get Ripped DVD. Hubby changed the configuration of the workout room so I had more room to use the barbell but I didn't end up using it that much anyway. My lower back is bothering me so I figured 10lbs was enough weight. My inner thighs definitely hurt this morning! I always love the day-after soreness!! Except for my back... I iced it while driving to my hair appointment! Hopefully the pain is gone by tomorrow.

Today I spinned to another episode of One Tree Hill. It's getting good!! My legs were a little sore- mostly likely from the weights yesterday. I worked up a nice sweat!

Well I better get ready for the Christmas party tonight! Last year at this time I was snowed in (see pics below) and had to miss the Christmas party. Thankfully that is not the case this year and we can enjoy the festivities!!

Cars stuck in the middle of the street

Another car stuck- only 4x4s were getting through

Snowdrift on my driveway- it took forever to dig myself out!!
So who thinks I am going to get up for tomorrow's early morning group 10k run?

 HBBC Update
12/03 Fruits/Veggies= 1 point
1 hour Ripped- 3 points
12/04 45 min Spin= 4.5 points
Fruits/Veggies= 1 point

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Blah Blah Blah!! ***

Yesterday after work I had another massage booked. I have been going to the same clinic the last few times, but I have had a different therapist each time. I think this particular RMT, Danielle is my favourite so far. She asked lots of questions about the accident, where I am sore and what kind of pressure I like. She did a great job of working the muscles enough to make a difference but not make the experience too painful. I also had my first pectoral massage- wow do they ever hurt today!! I made sure to ice again last night so as to not be too sore today and I am still sore!!

I did another spin workout last night- 45 minutes on the trainer watching another One Tree Hill episode. Sure makes the time go by faster!! After spinning I did some core work on the balance board and some stretching to loosen up my muscles. My hammies are pretty tight.

I am so excited that I only have 10 more work days until Christmas holidays!! I really need a holiday!!! We won't be going anywhere too far which is exactly what I want/need. I will be able to get lots of workouts in, plenty of visiting and work on a few projects at home. Bad news is that I have lots of work to do before those holidays start...

I also realized that when I did my online shopping I decided to have everything shipped to my office to ensure nothing gets stolen (as it might if it is just left on my front step). So far this is working well- just as long as everything comes before I go on holidays!

Oh it's going to be another busy weekend... hope to check a few more items off my Christmas Shopping list!

HBBC Update
12/2 Fruits/Veggies 7 servings = 1point
45 min Spin= 4.5 points
20 min Stretching/Core= 1 point
Total Points this week= 26.4 
I have surpassed my points from last week!!!

*** Just realized I had the same blog post title as Meg so I changed mine... such a blonde copycat I am!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. And the Christmas parties begin... this Saturday will be our first of many parties to attend this holiday season. While I am looking forward to catching up with friends and family, I am worried about fitting in my workouts and making sure I eat healthy. There is a fine line between making workouts a priority and obsessing about it. It is going to take some juggling and I will probably have to take 2 rest days a week but it isn't the end of the world. I don't think late nights and excessive wine will be in the cards for me this Christmas.

2. Online shopping- such a bad great thing!! If you are looking for gift ideas, check out Etsy for lots of fantastic mostly homemade items. They even have great things for runner/triathletes. Best to shop early though to ensure your items arrive in time for Christmas. Bet you can't buy just one thing!!! You can also shop online at Running Room in case your local store doesn't have the size you need or you just like to shop in your Pj's like me! You can either have it shipped to your door for a cost or shipped to your local store for free!!

3. Last night's run- after fighting traffic for what seemed like hours after my chiro appointment, I headed back out to the Running Room for the group run. I ran with Angela again which I enjoyed because we are able to push one another. I was definitely having a hard time keeping a conversation going because I was out of breathe!!

Lap 1- 7:01- hate that uphill!
Lap 2- 6:36
Lap 3- 6:13
Lap 4- 6:36
Total Distance- 3.8k
Total Time- 25:08
Average Pace- 6:37min/km

HBBC Update
12/01- Fruits/Veggies 7 Servings = 1point
2.4 mile run= 2.4 points
Total points this week= 19.9

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to the Hill Training

It's that time again- hill training!

Usually we run hills on Wednesdays but we had a guest speaker come out to our clinic last night to talk about heart rate monitor training and it made sense to try it out while the information is fresh in our minds.
The guest speaker was Craig from FitMetabolism. He has a physiology background and took us through the mechanics of our VO2 max, perceived exertion and how we use the hills to become better runners.
Makes me want to get my VO2 max tested... It's a little pricey at $200 a pop.

Hill Stats:
Lap 1 00:12:28 1.62 07:41- run to the hill (seems exceptionally slow...)
Lap 2 00:03:07 0.40 07:46- uphill
Lap 3 00:02:44 0.40 06:55- downhill
Lap 4 00:03:21 0.40 08:20- uphill
Lap 5 00:02:52 0.40 07:14 - downhill
Lap 6 00:03:13 0.40 08:09 - uphill
Lap 7 00:02:57 0.40 07:27 - downhill
Lap 8 00:09:38 1.60 06:02 - run back to the store- quick!!
Total Distance- 5.61k
Total Time- 40.23 min
Average Pace- 7:12 min/km

The run to the hill was a warm up- looks like I took it very easy! The hill sidewalk was only partially cleared so it made for an interesting run. It was hard to pass people (not that I was passing on the uphill!) and some of the downhills I got stuck behind people and couldn't do all out. I definitely gave it my all on the uphills and I couldn't hold a conversation (since that is a crude way to measure exertion). On the way back to the store I ran pretty hard to keep up with some of the faster runners. I clipped along at a decent pace I think. Makes up for all those slow hills!

I am still continuing to ice my back. Thankfully it doesn't hurt much when I run, just at work and in the car (pretty much when I sit).

Have you had your VO2 max tested? Do you use the heart monitor method of training?

HBBC Update
11/30 Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1point
3.5 mile run= 3.5 points
Total Points this week= 16.5

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day of Rest

All these treatments for our whiplash is time consuming! I appreciate all the care I am getting and I know it is for the better but it really cuts into my training time and other life stuff ! I can't complain too much though because I am lucky to have treatment accessible to me and without cost (for now). I am thankful that I can still workout...

My neck was quite sore on Sunday night- I am not sure if it was from the tough massage on Saturday or the slip while-walking-on-my-run on Sunday. Either way I have been instructed to ICE! Problem is I keep forgetting... so I have set a reminder in my calendar to ice tonight.

After our chiro appointment we went to MEC to do some Christmas shopping. Of course they didn't have everything that we went there for so looks like my chances of getting my shopping done before December 1st are gone. I tried so hard!!! It looks like Sunday will be spent running around trying to finish it up.

So no workout last night but I did get my 7 servings of fruit and veggies in!

Question- how many rest days do you take in a week on average? I don't find I need a rest day for my body but more because I can't fit another workout into my schedule!

HBBC Update
11/29- Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1point
Total Points this week so far= 12 points

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slippery Sunday!

After much resistance, I dragged my butt out of bed for yesterday morning's LSD. I checked the weather Saturday night and it called for flurries and -10C on Sunday. Sure enough when I woke up there was a dusting of snow on the ground- perfect for covering the icy sidewalks.

On deck was a 10k run. I ran with a different girl from our group, Angela. She runs at a similar pace so it was nice to chat with her. It was quite slippery out because Friday & Saturday the temperatures were higher and the snow started to melt but overnight it cooled off again and froze. The dusting of snow covered all the icy patches so we had to be really careful to not slip.

We ran on the Nose Creek pathways which are somewhat hilly. The downhills are a little treacherous due to the ice and even the uphills were challenging because you kept sliding down!!

We ended up walking quite a bit because it didn't seem all that safe to run in some of the areas, and we also had our regular 1 minute walk breaks every 10 minutes. Turns out a couple of us fell at the same spot due to ice on a downhill. I was walking down a steep hill and my feet slipped right out from under me. I didn't try to resist the fall so I didn't get hurt. I should probably buy some Yak Traks this week since I don't think these conditions will be going away anytime soon.

I dressed perfectly for the temperature- headband, neck warmer, gloves, tank top, long sleeve technical sweater, light running jacket, and one pair of tights. I wore compression socks and I think next time I will wear my smart wool socks because my feet got very wet from leaping through snow drifts.

Total Distance- 9.96k
Total Time- 1:19:47
Average Pace- 8 min/km (due to lots of walking!)
HBBC Update
11/28- 10k run= 6 points
Fruit/Veggies 7 Servings = 1 point
Total for this week= 11 points

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another day, Another workout...

After a gruelling massage (deep tissue-ouch!) this morning, I did a quick spin. Hubby listened to me and rearranged the workout space so now I have more room to do Ripped!! Yay! Thanks honey!

I finally made my way down to Gord's to use my shoes gift certificate. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in any other shoes other than the ones that I already own so I figured that was a sign that I shouldn't fix what isn't broken! They are the same colour and everything so it isn't that exciting. This will now be my 3rd pair of Asics Kayano 16.

I will say I am a little disappointed because I saw them in purple in another store but they only had the blue at Gord's. Oh well- they were free!!

HBBC Update
11/27- 45 min spinning= 3points
Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1 point
Total Points this week= 4
Total Points so far= 29.57

Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Ripped

I decided to take yesterday off as a rest day and instead did the Ripped workout at home this afternoon since I had the day off. It was so nice to sleep in!

I slipped the first Ripped disk- Get Ripped into the DVD player and got started.

Equipment Used:
- dumbbells (I used 3 and 5 LB weights- I definitely could have used heavier weights for my legs)

- foam mat

Ours is boring black- not alphabetical
In the classes (and on the DVD) they use barbells, which we have but we have to change the set up of our workout space since there isn't enough room between the treadmill and wall to use a barbell!!

They also use an aerobics step for some of the exercises but I don't have one so I modified some of the exercises and for this particular DVD it wasn't a big deal.
 The exercises came back to me really quickly, but I can tell I am not as strong as I used to be in some areas! My poor chicken arms!

We did lots of dead lifts-

and rows-

Most muscle groups are targeted in this workout which is great. The focus in these workouts is lots of reps and my muscles were shaking! It is 55 minutes long and surprisingly it went by really quickly! I will definitely be doing this at least once a week- I can't wait for more definition in my arms and core!!

HBBC Update
11/26- 1 Hour Weights= 3points
              2 miles walking= 2points
              Fruits/Veggies 7 servings= 1 point
Total Points so far= 25.57