Friday, January 15, 2010

Bike/Swim Brick

Thursdays are long days since the bike starts at 5:30pm. I go right from work, which is good because I don't get the chance to skip out, but makes for a super long day.

The bike was supposed to be 1.25 hours, but our coach forgot and we only ended up spinning for an hour. We did lots of standing reps, high cadence and one legged drills. I didn't go too hard because I knew I had to swim after and was afraid of drowning if I pushed myself.

After the bike we changed and got into the pool. Again we worked on drills, focusing on our kick. My kick isn't that great. When I don't use fins I don't go anywhere! When I do use fins I am like a fish!! Oh how I wish I could use fins or a pull buoy during a race- I would be so much faster! There were a couple girls in my lane that didn't have fins so I felt speedy! I really need to work on keeping my core strong and not snaking around when rolling. I find my head rolls sometimes too and I end up all over the place. We did a total of 1500m which was pretty much made up of the same drills as Tuesday.
The one thing I like about UCTC is the dry-land core training after each swim session. It is a 12 minute workout that gets harder each week. You definitely feel your abs after!! I am terrible at working out my core on my own so I like having this added into the program.

Turns out that my Learn to Run coach from a Running Room clinic a couple years ago is a member of UCTC now! I thought I recognized her and finally asked her. Small world!! It is nice to see more people get into triathlon.

I signed up for my Alberta Triathlon Association membership this week!! Now I can register for some races!

Total workout: 2 hours

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  1. Wow, that definitely sounds like a great workout! I find doing core in a group setting really helps me. It is too easy for me to put it off if I'm doing it on my own!


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