Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A couple more workouts

I am still trying to figure out the best time to blog! I haven't had much spare time the last couple of days so here is a quick overview of my last two workouts.

Tuesday- Swim
I admit I haven't been in the pool since my last triathlon in August!! Yah I took a bit of time off from the pool and the bike! I wasn't too sure what to expect at the first workout back because the swim isn't my strongest point (although I seem to do relatively well in the races, it's the run that kills my time!). I was pleasantly surprised that I instinctively remembered what to do! My technique was by no means great but my endurance was a little better than I expected. I am also no longer the slowest swimmer in the club! I felt like an old pro explaining some of the drills to the newbies and reassuring them that it does get easier over time. We focused almost completely on drills- one eye breathing, fingertip drag, roll like a log, catch up, reach for the wall, etc. I actually really enjoyed the swim! There were lots of people, which is typical of the first couple weeks of the semester. Overall swim distance was 1500m.

Wednesday- Run
The workout for today was supposed to be another brick like Monday. Hubby and I were meeting some friends we haven't seen in a few years for dinner after work so I decided that rather than go to the U for training I would just run on the treadmill at home later in the evening. I think for the next little while I won't attend the regular training sessions on Wednesdays since I really need to get some studying done during the week and it just isn't happening right now.
Treadmill run details: 30 minutes, 4.55km, 6:36km/hr pace

Coming up tomorrow... bike/swim brick!!


  1. The blogging thing is like the workouts. Do it regularly, and it becomes part of the habit. Even if you only blog a short para. Swim is all technique, working on it never ends, but once you get the hang of it, improvement comes quick.

  2. Thanks! I guess I don't have to write a novel every time!


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