Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First UCTC session for the year!

So the first UCTC (University of Calgary Triathlon Club) training session of the year was a bike/run brick. Hubby and I recently bought a trainer but we don't want to lug it to and from the University each session so we are just going to use the spin bikes for now. It took a little while for everyone to set up as there were lots of newbies. There were lots of people- probably close to 60 which is a great turnout. We will see how many continue to stick around for the semester!

Our workout was pretty easy to get us back into it. We had some high cadence sets and a few hill climbs. I didn't crank the tension too much because I haven't been on a bike for a few months (even with the spin trainer at home!) My seat is sure sore though!! I really should have worn my padded bike shorts!! After a couple sets we did a quick 5 minute run off the bike. Surprisingly it didn't feel that bad at all! I didn't have the typical lead legs. After the quick run we did another 2 sets of the main workout and a short cool down.

Following the bike, we had a scheduled 30 minute run. I grabbed my ipod and hit the track. I enjoy running on the track because you get to watch other people either running or working out on the machines. I saw a couple girls I know on the stationary bikes. I started out quickly and held that pace (around 6:20) for the 1st 10 minutes. Hubby was running with this girl that I recognized from somewhere- she is new to the club but I was sure I saw her at a race this past summer. Sure enough she was spectating the Foothill Triathlon in July which is where I saw her! Small world!! I ran with her for a bit and we chatted. She is an experienced runner but new to triathlon. She is super friendly!

Overall I ran for 30 minutes, 4.46km, 6:43km/hour. Good first official workout!

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