Friday, January 29, 2010

I need motivation!!

Well I made it to one organized training session this week- yesterday's swim! I intended on going to the bike as well but due to my workout gear in one place, and me in another it didn't quite happen. Thursdays are hard due to me coming right from work and since I have to pack so much stuff for the bike and swim, I leave my gear in Hubby's car so I don't have to drag it to and from work.

If you saw this bag you would think I was backpacking in Europe for 3 months!

Thursday Bag contents:

- yoga mat (dry land core workout after swim)

- flip flops for walking to and from the pool and in the change rooms

- towel

- toiletries for the shower

- bathing suit

- running shoes for bike (or bike shoes)

- bike shorts

- shirt for on the bike

- socks

- HR monitor watch and strap

- nutrition for between bike and swim

- pants, shirt, and hoodie to wear home post workout (not putting my work clothes back on!)

I dread Thursdays just because of all the stuff I have to bring!! It isn't a short walk between the parking lot and the gym/pool at the U so I get a workout just carrying my bag!! How can I reduce the amount of stuff I bring? I wish I could get a locker to leave half this stuff in!!

Anyway missed the bike workout because Hubby was running late and I couldn't exactly workout in my dress pants and high heeled boots!! I did get some studying done so it wasn't a total waste of time!

The swim workout was my first in 9 days. I really need to make sure I get my swim workouts in because I find I lose my technique and endurance quickly if I don't go at least a couple times a week. We did some drills and worked on speed (hahahahaha). I laugh because I only have one speed- slloooowwww. But that's probably because I skip workouts....

When I was in Lululemon the other day they had a quote on their chalkboard- "The only thing standing in the way is you." I like that quote- it's so true. I didn't bail on my workout that day... maybe I should go to Lululemon everyday!!! Yah right!

I have decided I need some motivation! So this weekend I am going to decide what races I am going to do this year and sign up!!! Dropping all that money should keep me motivated!

On another note, I had my first chiropractic adjustment this week!! My xray assessment went well. Dan recommended that I come for monthly maintenance so I will go back at the end of February. I was really worried about being adjusted because I hate the cracking, but he used the drop


  1. You pretty well need all that stuff. The only suggestion is to get a backpack style bag. Plus, you get used to humping it around. It's good for you. Zoot makes a great bag with little pockets for everything including a wetsuit.

    The speed workouts are good. With swim it's especially easy to get locked into one speed. Learning to go faster, even it's for a short time, will help you improve your stroke for the rest of the time. Some things you don't notice till you are swimming faster.

    Part of the problem with motivation is that if you stop you have to motivate yourself to get going again. But if you never stop, you build momentum. Of course, you have to stop sometimes, but if you can, do something workout related every day. On my "off" day, I'll usually make sure that everything is ready to go for my Sunday bike, run, and core at Try-it, and make sure I'm caught up on laundry. I try to do at least 15 minutes of stretching whatever is tight.

  2. I think that might be the problem- my bag is more like a duffle bag so all the weight is on one side. I think I might have to look around for a backpack style because it can't be good carrying everything on one side all the time.

    I know what you mean- I am so good when I have the momentum, but I skip a couple workouts and I start to enjoy all my free time!! But then I feel guilty and my next workouts are harder because of the break.

  3. Nicole,

    You cannot lose motivation - remember one of the reasons for this blog was to help motivate me .... we all struggle with it from time to time. That is a lot of stuff to carry - I feel your pain - I have two backpacks that I carry to school when I want to work out - one with my laptop and school material and one with my workout gear.

    You can do it - I saw a few things saying to do your schedule at the beginning of the week - kind of map out what you need to do and when for the week - makes you feel like a bit of a loser with no spare time, but it should help motivate you to keep moving forward.

    Keep trekin' - You will do awesome!!!!


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