Saturday, January 30, 2010

Number Confusion

Today I did a run on the treadmill. Hubby tried to convince me to run outside but I didn't feel like bundling up. Plus that's why we got the treadmill!! It's actually more the sketchy sidewalks and pathways that I would rather avoid.

So I think I am going to stop using my Nike+ on the treadmill. It gives the most inaccurate information. I will still listen to music on my Ipod (for now). Still haven't figured out how to change the treadmill to KM (going to pull out the manual after I finish this post!) but one of the workout programs is 3 Miles. I figured I would test the accuracy of the Nike +. The Nike+ said I ran 6.17km (3.833 miles) so right there it is off in distance. Of course if it has the distance wrong my pace will be off. I kinda knew this from some 5k races I did using the Nike+ since it would always show that I ran more than 5k when I reached the finish line. It is almost a full mile off though!! Hubby also thinks that maybe the pod on my shoe is dying since I have had it for 2 years. His died last year sometime, but he didn't use it that much anyway because of how inaccurate it was. Most serious runners have ditched the Nike+ for this very reason- how can you test your progress properly?? Must start saving for the Garmin- until then I will just use the treadmill programs.

On the treadmill I feel like I am running faster, but based on my numbers I am not! Guess I have to incorporate some speed work into my running too.

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