Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick Study Break

I am slowly getting back into the regular routine of working out. Monday I just didn't feel like running and yesterday I didn't get home till 10pm so a workout wasn't possible. I get up pretty early in the morning for work (5:30am) so I can't workout too late or else it affects my sleep. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a bear if I don't get my rest!!

I am in the middle of a course for work (required to keep my licencing, therefore my job!) and I have a couple exams coming up in March/April. Of course I procrastinated over the last few months and didn't get in as much studying as needed so now I need to hit the books. Plus in February I am having laser eye surgery that will make me unable to study (or workout!) for a week so I am trying to prepare myself as much of possible now. So with UCTC starting next week, and studying every spare minute I have, my social life is fading fast. Except that it isn't... I am still trying to cram in coffee and dinner dates with people I haven't seen in awhile. Not sure how I am going to do it all, but my housework is definitely going to fall behind. I won't be at home much to notice I guess or maybe the hubby could help out since he works at home most days?? :)

Tonight, I took a quick study break to go for a run. It took some motivation but I got it done! Again, inaccurate information from the Nike+ but the details for fun:

30:11 minutes, 4.46km, average pace 6:46 min/km

The run felt really good and I increased the speed a couple times in the last 10 minutes. One thing I have noticed in my races, and runs in general, is that my sprints aren't so great. I end up hyperventilating (paper bag please) and not really going too much faster. Hubby says we need to do some drills to work on that and hopefully we will this season. I find it so much easier to sprint on the treadmill because I push a button and I have to go faster!!!

Another run is on the schedule for tomorrow. We are going to Fernie this weekend so I probably won't be running again until Sunday night or Monday at the 1st session back at UCTC.

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  1. Based on my experience learning to run, (a work in progress if there ever was one) you are up against two problems as you try to run faster. One is that you don't yet have the base conditioning. The other is that you are probably still learning how to run efficiently. Some of the techniques to run faster are counter intuitive.

    Good luck with the exams!


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