Thursday, January 21, 2010


I haven't had much to update on since I took a bit of a workout break. Didn't intend to but on the weekend I just couldn't get myself out of bed in the AM to workout. I have now come down with a cold so I have been trying to rest up.

Last weekend we had a good friend, Vicki, visiting from California so I had dinner with her and some other girlfriends on Friday night. So much for date night honey! On Saturday I spent the day studying and getting ready for Vicki and Agatha to come over for dinner. Hubby does the cooking, I do the cleaning. We had a delicious broth fondue with tilapia, salmon and shrimp. I was a little hesitant at first because I have never had broth fondue before, or fish fondue! It was really good and of course we ended it with chocolate fondue and fruit!! Yummy!

On Sunday, I attended an annual brunch. It was great to see lots of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time. The brunch was at Selkirk Grill at Heritage Park. The food was really good and the setting was nice. We usually have this event at a hotel so it was fun to try something different.

The work week started and I wasn't feeling so great. I felt flu-ish but nothing materialized. On Tuesday, my friend Laura and I finally decided to have a consultation with our chiropractor friend, Dr. Dan. He also does triathlon and marathons. He and his wife have signed up for the Calgary 70.3 and are trying to convince me to sign up also!
I have never had any back problems but I do know I have terrible posture. Sitting at a desk in front of the computer all day isn't good. Plus I am terrified of the "cracking" that you always hear about chiropractor adjustments but Dr. Dan promised that he can adjust me without the cracking- he has a special drop bench that he can use. So Laura and I came out of the consultation with the knowledge that we are crooked and need to reduce our high heel wearing!! Boo! We now need to get xrays done so he can see the curvature of our spines and treat us accordingly. He is a pretty holistic doctor and I trust that he knows what he is doing. Plus he is a good workout partner!!

Okay so the workouts for this week... Wednesday brick!! Yup just the one! The spin was great except that hubby later told me that I need to lower my seat because I was bouncing lots. Opps!!! That's the disadvantage of using the spin bikes- you constantly have to adjust them. I can't remember the majority of the workout but the last 12 minutes we split into 2 groups and did 1 minute high cadence- as fast as you can go, and 1 minute easy. We would switch between the groups and cheer each other one when the other group was going hard. I love the group atmosphere and it reminded me of when I am racing and people are cheering you into transitions and the finish!! The run was 4 laps around the track, and 4 sets of stairs for 30 minutes. I felt pretty good considering I haven't run for a week. I felt like I maintained a decent pace for the run. Overall it was a good workout.

We are off to Fernie tomorrow with some friends. It is going to be a great weekend- hopefully I will get rid of this cold and be ready to start working out again on Monday.

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