Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Evening Run

After a day of furniture shopping (found a leather chair for the living room and a small table for the top of our stairs), I decided to go for a run on the treadmill. Right now I use Nike+ attached to my Ipod so probably the most inaccurate way of tracking my progress!! I do enjoy listening to music and seeing my approximate pace so it works for now. Probably in a couple months, pending moola, I will get a Garmin 305. Hubby got a Garmin 310XT ($$)for Christmas which is waterproof so he can use it for all his triathlon training. The 305 isn't waterproof so I could only use it on the bike and run. I am mostly concerned about my running since I have a bike computer and I don't need a fancy gadget to show me how slow I swim...

Anyway the point of the above rambling is to say that my running information isn't totally accurate and I need to read up on my treadmill so I can at least use its information to tell me how fast/far I have gone. It is probably way more accurate than the Nike+, which told me my pace was slower even though I had increased my speed on the treadmill!! For the next 4-5 months most of my runs will be on a track or treadmill so it doesn't make sense to buy the Garmin now. Man, there are so many things you can buy for triathlon... does it ever end?

So the inaccurate details for my run tonight is 30 minutes at an average pace of 6:50/km. Also the treadmill is in miles right now which I have never trained in, so even though I can see how many miles/hour I am going and my pace it means nothing to me!!

Tomorrow will be another run- probably 35 minutes. I am slowly increasing my distance. Now off to read the treadmill manual...

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