Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little bit of bike, a little bit of swim...

The dreaded Thursday workout- bike/swim brick. I actually figured out a way to reduce the amount of stuff I have to bring in my bag for a Thursday workout. I brought my bike clothes and sweats to work so I could change into them before going to the workout. It eliminated bike shorts, sweats, a tank top and a shirt from my workout bag. This way I have one less set of clothes in my workout bag!! It felt a bit lighter and was definitely more manageable.

Hubby is recovering from the flu so I went to the workout myself. The bike was a different workout that usual- we had a 20 minute time trial!! First we warmed up with the usual fast spins (15 sec high cadence, 15 sec easy) for 3 minutes. The main set was increasing tension (or gearing up) every minute while keeping the cadence up. We talked about heart rate zones and where we wanted to be during the workout tonight. At the end of the class we did the time trial. We were supposed to find a gear that we could maintain for 20 minutes steady that was equivalent to a 10km road race level of intensity. No Sunday strolls. We measured our heart rate every 5 minutes to see how steady it was.
Mine was:
5 minutes- 137bpm
10 minutes- 136 bpm
15 minutes- 140bpm
20 minutes- 140 bpm

Most people in the group had a significant increase in bpm between 5 and 10 minutes. My jump was a little later on but relatively steady. Jill said next time we do a time trial, our heart rate should be lower doing the same workout. It will be interesting to see the progress in this area. I have had a heart rate monitor for over a year now but I don't really keep track of my heart rate as much as I should.

The swim workout was working on increasing intensity while decreasing distance.

Warm up- 100 free, 100 pull, 100 kick with fins
Drills- 50 sculling with pull buoy, 50 free with fist
3 x 100 pull buoy with paddles working on catch and a couple other things I forget!!
Main set 2 x 200 (70%), 100 (75%), 2 x 50 (80%), 4 x 25 (85%)
Cool Down 100 breast stroke
Total 1500m

I find when I use the pull buoy a lot I become dependent on it, and when I go back to free I feel so slow! I had some problems with cramping tonight- first in my calves while doing the kick set and then the top of my feet when doing core. I will have to make sure I bring gatorade to the swim as that tends to help prevent the cramping.

Bike- 1.25 hours
Swim- 1 hour
Core -15 minutes

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