Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One more day till I am glasses free!!!

Surgery is tomorrow!! So excited to be able to see without glasses or contacts! Not so excited for the procedure or first couple days of recovery!

Monday's workout turned into just a spin because the track was closed. The plan was to stay on the bike for the full 1.5 hours, but hubby was still recovering from the flu and taking a week off training so he was ready to call it a night after an hour. I could have gone longer- I was really enjoying the workout! I am on the lookout for a spin trainer less than $300. I really think I need to start pushing myself on the bike and the spin bikes aren't the greatest. Let me know if you hear of one available.

Tuesday I had to skip the pool because I have to wear my glasses for a few days before the surgery. I am too blind to swim without glasses/contacts so I thought it was best for everyone's safety that I stay out of the water!! It was a good rest night!

Tonight is another bike/run brick. Intervals on the run!! Can't wait!! Last workout for at least a week. They have to put these non-prescription contacts in my eyes after the surgery and I can't workout until they remove them, around day 5 post surgery.

Question for those more experienced- I am still trying to decide on the Calgary 70.3 in August. I really want to do a half marathon before the 70.3 for experience. Would doing my first half marathon 2 weeks before an Olympic triathlon be too much? I am a pretty slow runner with not a lot of distance under my belt yet. I am thinking of doing the Scotiabank Calgary Half Marathon on May 30th and my Wasa Tri is on June 12th. I am no longer doing the K-100 with my work (opps, missed the boat to sign up for that one!). I just want to sign up for everything but I don't want to burn myself out and waste money!


  1. Eye surgery. I can't even read about it without wincing and curling up into a little ball. Hope it goes well. I have been thinking about selling my spin trainer once spring comes, and getting a better one. Or if I get a real job I might do it sooner. I'll keep you posted.

    I can't even see to the other end of the pool, and I swim anyway. I have to peer really really carefully to see if someone is in the water.

    I did my first half marathon run as part of Chinook. You should be able to do the half mary and recover for the Oly. If you don't push the run too hard.

  2. Good luck with eye surgery! My friend Debbie had it done in December. She suffered from light sensitivity for the first two weeks but now her vision is in great shape.

    So...can you run a half marathon before Wasa? Yes, absolutely. It may be tough to knock both events out of the water, so as long as you are okay with it I don't see why you couldn't do it. Good luck with your decision!

    A couple other events to keep in mind though...there is always the Police Half and I think the Rocky Mountain Soap Run has a half marathon option too. They are a bit earlier.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I think 2 weeks between a half and an Oly will be plenty of time to recover.
    Unfortunately the other half marathons don't fit into my schedule as hubby and I are going to Europe April 16-May 2 and we have a family reunion on the day of the Rocky Mountain Soap Race. Thanks for the suggestions though! They look like great races for the future.


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