Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Life sure has been busy the last few months. Busy NOT training I might add! My eye recovery took longer than I expected so by the time I could see again for more than 5 minutes at a time I had to buckle down and get some studying done.
I am truly amazed by those that devote their lives to furthering their education. Don't get me wrong- I love to learn and challenge myself but the stress of trying to cram in all that info into my brain while working full time was wearing on me. Something had to go and training didn't make the cut.

So I am two months away from my first triathlon of the season, my first Olympic triathlon ever and I am starting back at square one!! Not the most ideal situation but I feel better having completed my course, my eyes are healed and I can training without stressing about what I should be doing.

On another note, hubby and I are supposed to be in Europe right now. That lovely volcano eruption in Iceland derailed our plans so we are stuck at home for now. We have re booked for May 13th so in 3 short weeks we will be back on our way. We are a little disappointed to not be there now but glad that we avoided the chaos that is going on with flights to and from Europe right now.

Back to training- I need to make up another training program for myself. Hubby and I decided that UCTC isn't worth it for the spring session since almost all the training is outside and we can do that for free at our convenience. I am sad to not be training with a big group but I dislike the rigid schedule. The only challenge will be to find a decent pool nearby but that won't break the bank. I miss my Canyon Meadows pool in the south! I can't believe the lack of city pools in NW Calgary!

I have lots of blogs to catch up on now! Reading about everyone else's training should motivate me!


  1. Good luck with your training. The first couple of weeks back are the hardest.

  2. NW pools are hard to decide on - but if you were driving to the UofC pool anyway, why not try out Churchill - I have heard good things about it, been to the facility just not for swimming. Also Foothills - its a bit run down, but it might work well and it is right by campus. It's kind of sucky that Crowfoot didn't get the city pool - I mean the Y is nice, but pricier.
    I feel you on not getting much done this semester on the fitness side - but I know you will catch up and do awesome!!!

  3. Thanks Kat! I think Thornhill is closer to my house so I will give it a try. Plus the swim time is from 8-10 on Tuesdays instead of 9-10 at SWC. That is past my bedtime!!

    Miss you!! You coming home soon?

  4. Thornhill - I think my sister used to swim there and like it. The public pools are actually not too bad - perhaps a little crowded sometimes, but not too bad!

    I will be home in July for a bit and then possibly in September for longer!

  5. Omg this is crazy. We were SO close to being in Europe at the same time. We were originally booked to go at the same time as that darn volcano too but had to reschedule by a week. So we were gone from April 24 - May 16 if my memory is correct! And we flew out of and into Calgary too. Small world :)


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