Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Motivation by Music

Well the weather in Calgary has pretty much turned to cr@p!! It is currently snowing/sleeting with a high of 1 C. Fantastic workout weather- NOT!! Guess I am stuck with indoor workouts.

I almost always listen to music on my runs (not bike rides). I find it really helps me forget about how much longer I have to run and if a good song comes on I feel like I can run forever!! I don't usually need this sort of motivation on my bike rides, however I have been known to sing to myself on some difficult climbs!!

I am not very tech savvy- I usually need hubby to help me figure out how to use Itunes, the PVR, deal with printer issues, etc. I just don't have the patience. So he showed me how to purchase songs on Itunes last night and I made myself an awesome new playlist!! I like upbeat, pop type music to run to. As I was downloading music, we watched the Glee episode from last week- The Power of Madonna. LOVE IT!!! I love Glee!!

So of course I had to download that album and add it to my playlist! Some of the songs are good for running, some are a little too slow. Once I put together a bunch of songs (and Glee was over) I HAD to go for a run to listen to my new playlist! Luckily I have a treadmill in my basement since it was starting to get dark out. I ran for 42 minutes rocking out to the tunes!! It was great!

One of the only things I don't like about triathlon is the rules against earphone use during a race. I totally get why those rules are in place but sometimes I just need my musical motivation!!! The last kilometre of the run I could really use a power song!! I am not the type of person to know all the words to a song so when I have to sing to myself its about 4 words of the chorus- not very motivating!! I would love to do one of those marathons/half marathons where they have a bunch of entertainment along the race route.

I still have the second half of my new playlist to listen to tonight. I am thinking of doing another brick workout since it is doubtful I will be able to get out on my bike this weekend... more snow and rain.
Looks like hubby's plans to work on our backyard deck and fence will be on hold again also.

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