Sunday, April 25, 2010

Workout Success!

Yesterday late morning I managed to squeeze in a 40 minute run around the neighborhood. It was pretty chilly out- around 6 C. I tend to warm up quickly when running so I just wore a long sleeve technical shirt (same one that Leana talked about awhile back from Lululemon- love it!) and capris. I actually started to feel too warm towards the end of the run.

Good thing I went for my run early since it started snowing/sleeting in the afternoon. Nasty winds blowing snow all around. The roads aren't bad but the snow has definitely stuck to the grass and houses.

So yesterday's snow pretty much changed my plans to get out on my bike today. I haven't been on my own bike for awhile (since last season) and haven't been to spin since early March. I can't believe I never put my bike on the spin trainer until today!! I had so much fun! I planned to bike then run, and hubby ran then biked (only have one spin trainer). He popped the Real Rides- Ironman Canada in the DVD player and I rode to that for 45 minutes. What a great workout!! I loved it! I think I am going to buy more of those workout DVDs as they are really helpful and a fantastic workout. I was sweating so much!!

After 45 minutes I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 25 minutes. My legs felt great and I was only planning on going for 15-20 minutes but I felt so good I pushed it to 25 minutes.

Only 2 more months until Wasa triathlon so I really have to be serious about training. No more slacking!!

Tomorrow I will be running- not sure if it will be inside or outside yet. Probably around 40 minutes easy.

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  1. Welcome back! I'll look for you at Wasa. All you can do is do the training you can do, and adjust your race to that.

    You *miss* Canyon Meadows pool? Clearly the shower drains in the women's locker room don't smell as bad as the guys. It just about makes me gag. You might find Renfrew pool the most convenient one. I love swimming there, especially since my new work is only a couple blocks from the IMS office J and I shared.


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