Saturday, May 1, 2010

April's Snow Brings May's Flowers!

So pretty all the snow from the massive snow storm 2 days ago is melted. Yup, gotta love Calgary weather. Crazy a$$ snowstorm one day, +11 C the next. It was sunny and beautiful yesterday and same goes for today.

Went for a noon run outside!!! There are still a few puddles to avoid here and there and my backyard is still a mud pit. I wore capris, t shirt and long sleeve technical sweater. I was sweatin'! I had to take my sweater off about 20 minutes in cuz I was boiling. I expected it to be windy out and it was calm as can be. Hubby and I ran for about 35 minutes.

Lots of people out today doing their backyards- fences, decks, landscaping. The builders are busy building houses for our neighbors to move into.

What a beautiful day!! I love May!!

We will be doing a brick tomorrow. Not sure if we will attempt biking outdoors yet- have to check out the highway shoulders first.

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