Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back Home!!!

Our trip to Europe was amazing! Almost everything went perfectly as planned and the things that didn’t were minor. We went to Paris, Provence, Barcelona and Madrid. I will do a bigger recap with photos in a week or so. Now that we are back home and we have a triathlon in 5 days so training has become the priority!!!

Right now I am feeling severely undertrained and unprepared for this upcoming race. Here I am doing my farthest distance ever (Olympic) and I have barely trained! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. I blame it on the volcano- it really messed up my plans in a lot of ways!!

So we got home from Spain late Sunday night, May 30th. I was supposed to work the next day but I had a voicemail from my boss saying to not come in because he knew I had a late flight and it was going to be a quiet day. So happy to get that message!! Not having to work the next day really helped me get over my jet lag quickly. It also jumped started my training!!

I only ran once while in Europe (Barcelona) but I walked 100 kilometers a day (or so it seemed) so I figured it kinda worked out. I ended up doing quite a bit of biking in Paris as they have a free bike system. I loved biking in Paris!! I think that may have been my favourite part!! I felt like a local rather than a tourist and we were able to see so many cool places that we wouldn’t have seen if we had to walk everywhere. I definitely recommend biking in Paris if you plan to go there. It saves your feet big time!!

So I will definitely post more details about our trip and pictures (cuz we all love pictures!) next week once I am back from Wasa and survived the race!!

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