Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!!

So after a week of rain, rain and more rain I was ready for a sunny weekend! Hubby was away all weekend at a bachelor party so I was on my own.

Friday night I ran a bunch of errands after work and picked up some groceries since I had to fend for myself.

Earlier in the week Kim and I decided to meet up on Saturday to run around Glenmore Reservoir. I have biked this route plenty of times, and ran part way around MANY times since this is where I took my first Running Room clinic (Learn to Run) a couple years ago. I LOVE this area and there are quite a few races that use this route, including the Race to Pace 10km that I am doing in 12 days!

So we met at Glenmore Landing at 10am. This time I remembered to slather on the sunscreen and wore a tshirt to protect my back. Unfortunately since this is my longest run to date, I was not well prepared in the hydration department. I only had a small handheld water bottle which is enough to last on a cool 10km run, but not a hot 14km run. Kim offered to share her water since she was full loaded with her fuel belt. I must buy something like that (or carry a bigger water bottle) the next time I run over 10km because I would have died with only that small bottle. I knew there was a water fountain about 8km into the run but the last 6km are mostly out in the open in the blazing sun so the refill didn't last long.

It was a beautiful day for a long run. There were lots of people on the pathway but not crowded. We ran a pretty slow pace and I was afraid to push it because of my lack of water. I was a little worried at first it seems like a big jump from 10k to 14k but I think because I ran so slow it wasn't as hard on my body. Once again, Kim and I had a great run together and I was amazed at how quickly the time passed. I had a package of GU Chomps to fuel me along the way and they worked perfectly.

It took us about 2 hours to run 14km which is really slow but I did it!! Kim is a great running partner because she is a bit faster than me so I have to push to keep up with her.

Doing that run made me realize that I really need a Garmin. It is so hard to figure out my pace and how far I have run. I tried Map My Run which is a decent reference guide but not perfect because the pathways aren't on the map so you don't really know how far you have run. So I think we ran 14km but I don't know for sure. Maybe I will get one for my birthday??

Sunday- I woke up to another sunny morning so I decided to go for a quick easy run in my neighborhood. There is lots of construction going on in our neighborhood right now with houses going up and concrete being fixed all over our streets. The last two weeks our driveway has been inaccessible due to repairs but the rain has prevented work from getting done. I had a dodgy run along the streets to get to the short pathway. I ran the first loop quicker and started to fade about 20 minutes into the run. Maybe if I had a Garmin I could have pushed myself more...

Total for Sunday run was 27:30 minutes. No idea how far I went- maybe 4k?

My goal is to run my next 5k in 30 minutes or less. The Strathmore Women's Tri is a 5k run and that is where I hope to get a PB. I think this is a good goal and totally achievable. 

My legs are the sorest they have ever been. It is definitely from the 14km run on Saturday. I stretched lots and have been using my roller which has helped tremendously.

Here's to hoping the good weather sticks around for awhile since my workouts are way better when the sun is out!!


  1. Gee, someone's dropping hints!!

  2. I only keep track of my time. If I want to know distance badly enough I use Google Earth. There's a path tool that lets you figure out distance. Only drawback is that if you make a mistake you lose everything. But it's better than the ad hell of mapmyride.


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