Friday, June 25, 2010

I Conquered the Hills!!

Okay slight exaggeration but I definitely found the hills easier (still not easy though) last night compared to when I was doing them last year. Not too sure how that happened since I haven't been training diligently  on the bike. Maybe the running has helped?

Hubby picked me up from work around 3:45pm and we went straight to Edworthy Park. He informed me I had a flat tire so thankfully I got the flat AFTER the race and not during!! Karma did work since I gave away my spare CO2 to an unlucky racer in need. Hubby had it fixed in no time. We ran into a lady we trained with at UCTC. She rides her bike to work and has to go up the Edworthy Hill to get home. It was nice to chat with her and swap stories about training. We will see her competing at the Calgary 70.3!

We did a warm up along the bike path towards downtown. Speedy hubs got way ahead of me and we lost each other when he turned around and I continued going straight. It was a beautiful day yesterday, high of
24 C so I was glad to be out on my bike!! After 20 minutes I went back to the parking lot to wait for hubby to show up. He had already done 1 hill repeat while I was on the bike path.

I was a little worried about this hill because I remember how tough it was last year. I was pleasantly surprised that while it was still hard, I didn't fall over or die like I thought I might!! I didn't have to go down to my lowest gear until mid-way up the hill which is a huge accomplishment over last year when I started in my lowest gear!! I did 3 repeats in a row.

Originally we were going to do a brick after the repeats but someone forgot the bike lock and I wasn't comfortable leaving our bikes while we ran. Instead we did a loop around the neighborhood after my 3rd repeat. Hubby sorta got us lost by taking us to a gravel trail... I don't think road bikes are meant to be on gravel!! It was slightly scary and there were lots of people going the opposite way of us, probably commuting home from work, all on mountain bikes!
We were going downhill so my hand got a major cramp from holding the brake for so long! I was terrified I was going to get another flat since we used the last spare tube.

After making it down to the paved pathway safely we did another loop back to the car and called it a day.

I feel way more confident and am looking forward to hills next week!! Just have to remember to bring the bike lock!!

Tonight is a rest day and tomorrow we are riding part of the 70.3 bike course!! I am scared of the unknown but I will be fine. It's going to be a gorgeous day!


  1. One of these days I will have to try Edgeworthy hill. Never been on it on a bike. It's so far from where we live.

  2. Oh it's fun!! You will have no problem though since you do lots of hill training.


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