Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joined a Running Room Clinic!!

After much searching and debate, I joined a Running Room Half Marathon Clinic. The only way I will get faster is by pushing myself in a group setting. I get too comfortable when I am running on my own and don't want to push myself out of that zone. Plus I have really enjoyed the last few runs with Kim so I like the social aspect of running with other people.

Since our half marathon is September 12th it was a little difficult to find a clinic that worked perfectly with our goal race date. Most clinics had already started or were starting too late (end of July) for us to get much benefit. We ended up joining a clinic at the Country Hills location that is close(ish) to our house.

Last night was the 3rd session but they are only at 7km for LSD so we had no problem joining in. This clinic is significantly smaller than my Learn to Run clinic from a few years ago!! I think there were 50 people in that clinic, and 5 pace bunnies. I think there are maybe 20 people in this group? The goal race for this clinic is the BMO Okanagan Half Marathon on the Thanksgiving Weekend in October so we will be a little ahead of schedule but not a big deal at all.

The pre-run session was by a chiropractor on the bio mechanics of running. He had a pretty interesting presentation and while I have heard a lot of what he said from Dr. Dan it was nice to have a refresher totally dedicated to running. The last couple of times I have been running I have noticed a tweak in my right shoulder blade area so I better get that worked on. I am also going to start seeing the Corporate Massage lady again when she comes in every 2 weeks. I haven't gone to her in awhile because I have either been busy, away or burned when she was here. I need to keep myself healthy!!

Last night we ran a tempo 4km. I found a couple girls that seem to be around my pace (or a little faster) to chat with. I think I am going to really enjoy this group!! Our instructor seems pretty nice also. I am not sure of time because I forgot to turn my watch on until a few minutes into the run. I also heard that the route we did is more like 4.8km so I don't have any real stats to share. Hubby of course was super speedy and I didn't see him after the first turn!!

So my training schedule is going to have to change a bit to accommodate the 3 group runs a week. I think we will end up swimming after our Tuesday run since the pool opens for lane swimming at 8pm so that will work perfectly until we get to the longer distances.

I found this neat site called Swim Plan that creates swimming programs for you based on your distance, time, and experience. Best of all it is free!! The last few times I have been swimming I just swam freestyle for 1500m or so. I haven't been doing any drills since I just needed to survive the triathlon and not worry about technique. Now I need to start focusing back on my technique so that I can get faster and more efficient.
I will be trying out a program for the first time tonight so I hope it goes well!

I also found a Fuel Belt!! I tried it on before the clinic last night and I am just waiting for my 20% off coupon that I get from joining the clinic before purchasing it. Hopefully it will be warm enough to use this weekend!!

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