Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A long(ish) ride and a long(ish) run

Couple more workout recaps-

Sunday, June 6th- Ride from Westhills to Bragg Creek.

We met up with our friends around 11am just past Westhills along Highway 8. The weather looked way better so we made sure we put lots of sunscreen on, had lots of nutrition and water and headed out. I love this ride. It is the perfect amount of time and the scenery is great. It is a favourite among other Calgary cyclists so we saw plenty of other people enjoying the day on their bikes. It was a little windy.

Hubby was having some problems with his gears so he had to stop a couple times to fix them (the cycle shop always messes up his gears when he brings it in the maintenance- I don’t think they check them when they are done the tune-up). Kim and I went ahead (we are slower) and we rode most of the way to the traffic circle by ourselves. We took turns drafting which was helpful. It took Kim and I about an hour and 25 minutes to get to Bragg Creek. The guys were quite a bit faster and made it in about an hour (of riding time).

We stopped at the cyclist rest stop aka Cinnamon Spoon to re-fuel and bathroom break. We were back on the road after about 25 minutes. The ride back to the traffic circle at highway 8 and highway 22 is a slight downhill so it takes no time at all to complete that portion. Once you turn onto highway 8 there is a long gradual hill. I drafted Kim and once we reached the top I rode ahead to give her some relief. It is amazing how much easier it is to draft someone. Too bad we can’t do that on race day… the rules obviously don’t favour undertrained people. The guys took off as soon as we left Bragg Creek so we didn’t see them the entire ride back. After another long, steepish hill we reach the cars. Finished!!

My bike computer wasn’t working for the first 20 minutes of the ride so I didn’t get an accurate distance/time but we left at 11:25am, stopped for about 25 minutes, and got back to the cars at 2:25pm. So 2.5 hours total riding time for Kim and I. The guys were obviously faster but they only made it back to the car 8 minutes ahead of us girlies. Based on MapMyRide, we rode for 63.43km. I felt great after the ride so I am confident that I can do the 40k leg of the Triathlon no problem. It’s the other 2 events I am worried about…

Monday, June 7- Long(ish) Run

The forecast this week is rain- every day. WTF???? I decided that I am sick of running in my community and needed a change of scenery. Since I work really close to Princes’ Island Park (link) I brought my running clothes to work and hoped the thunderstorm would hold off until I was done my run. I can’t run at lunch because 1) I don’t get a “lunch hour” at my work- its an industry thing and it means I get to go home early and 2) even if I could run at lunch, I am so sweaty, and red-faced after that I would need to shower, re-apply my makeup and do my hair again. C’est la vie!!

I started my run around 3:50pm and ran from Eau Claire to just past Crowchild Trail along the pathway (see map). Right at Crowchild it started to rain and I could see the big black clouds off to the west. I originally planned to go down another 5 – 10 minutes before turning around but the last thing I wanted was to stuck in a down pour so I turned around. I went over the bridge at 14th street for a change of scenery only to find that there is pathway construction along Memorial so it was a little dodgy. I ended up doing 9km in 1:02. I definitely could have gone for longer (which I will have to next weekend…) so I am feeling good about this. Not super speedy or anything but I ran the whole thing without any walk break and my legs felt fine. If I can keep up that pace for the tri I will be happy.

After my run I went to the Running Room in Eau Claire since that’s where I ended up. I had to buy new sport sunglasses since I brought mine to Europe and I think they fell out/were stolen from my suitcase. When I picked up my bag in Atlanta, I noticed one of the front pockets was slightly open. I took a quick peak and didn’t notice anything missing at the time but once I unpacked I couldn’t find my sunglasses and that’s where they were. Thankfully they weren’t very expensive and I found the exact same pair so I am happy (other than having to spend the money again). I also bought a different roller since the foam roller is a little hard to maneuver to get the knot in my calf. The knot from Friday reared its ugly head after my ride on Sunday. It didn’t hurt during the ride but after the area was definitely tender. I tried to roll it out on the big foam roller but it didn’t work very well. Hopefully this smaller one will do the trick.

Here's the link for my run route on MapMyRun. Seriously I need to get a Garmin...

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