Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New training program- taper first, then cram workouts in!!

I don't really recommend this training program but it's kinda what I have been doing to prepare for this race!! I have been working out pretty hard since we got back from Europe- I just haven't posted about it!!

So here's my workout recap:

Monday, May 31st- ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill. When we got back to Calgary the weather was terrible so I was banished to the basement to do a hilly run on the treadmill.

Wednesday, June 2nd- ran outside for 35 minutes. Big change from a couple days before. It was pretty hot out (22 C, which is sad that I consider that hot!) so I wasn’t really feeling it. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly so I felt like I was trudging along and started to doubt my ability to do a 10k in 10 days!!

Friday, June 4th- Bike/Run brick. First day of the year outside on our bikes- pathetic!! We spent more time trying to find a bike path around us than we did riding. I miss Fish Creek so much!! The NW sucks- they better hurry up and develop this area faster or else I am jumping ship back to the South. No pools, no bike/running paths, bad weather… it’s only redeeming quality is my house. Anyway, back to the workout- we rode along the bike path for about 35 minutes. It kept ending so finally we turned around and took the bikes back to the car. We put our running shoes on and went for a run. This particular area is really hilly so we ran downhill for about 15 minutes before turning around to run back up hill!! It was tough!! When we first started running I developed a wicked calf cramp in my right calf. I had to start walking to stretch it out. I vaguely remember getting a cramp like this before and sure enough after a couple feet of walking it went away enough for me to run again. We ran for a total of 30 minutes. My speed isn’t there but right now I just want to get through this triathlon- I can worry about speed later.

Saturday, June 5th- Swim. We planned on going for a long bike ride with some of our friends/training buddies (they have trained as much as us!) but the forecast for rain, hail and thundershowers convinced us to switch our ride to Sunday and hit the pool. OMG the swim might kill me! The news so far is the swim has been reduced to 750m from 1500m due to low water levels. I have never prayed so hard in my life for no rain- I really want the water levels to stay low so I don’t have to swim as far!!! I don’t think it is working. I swam 750m and it took me about 20 minutes. I forgot to start my timer so I don’t know for sure. I did another 500m (again didn’t time it) and I was done. I hit the hot tub and steam room afterwards. It was heavenly!! My poor arms were so sore the next couple of days which is why I truly hope I don’t have to swim a full 1500m. Serves me right for not training enough…

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