Thursday, June 10, 2010

Packed and Ready to Go!!

I am all packed! There are still the last minute items that can't go in the bag until just before the trip, but all my race stuff is together and ready to go in the car. Hubby will be picking me up after work and we will head out to Wasa!!

I picked up our wetsuits today- we rent them from Tri-It. I never did get fitted so I tried it on tonight. I know it is supposed to be this way, but I looked like a stuffed sausage!! So not attractive!! I sure hope this thing makes me fast because it sure doesn't make me look hot!!!

So usually people talk about their goals for their races... usually people train for their races...
Since the last 6 months have been a gong show (where the heck did the last 6 months go??) and my training hasn't been my #1 priority, my minimum goal right now is to FINISH!! I am sure I can- the distance is definitely do-able, the course is good for beginners (or non-trained people like me). I looked at the race results from last year and I am optimistic.

I would like to finish under 4 hours which I think is achievable. I think the swim will take me about 40-45 minutes, bike will take 1:45-1:50 and the run 1:15. I would prefer to be closer to 3.5 hours but I don't think that is possible right now. I think my best bet to make up time is on the bike. I have padded the run a bit, but I have never run 10k off the bike before so I could be slower if I need to walk more.

I am still hoping that Wasa is not getting the rain we have been getting in Calgary so the water levels don't rise. I am not counting on it though- I can do 1500m, I just don't want to!!

So other than the race, I am looking forward to spending some time with friends and family. My parents are coming down in their motor home to watch us race. They are super excited!! Although my dad keeps calling it a marathon...

This will be my last update until Monday (or maybe Sunday if you are lucky!). Hope I have good news to report!!

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  1. Hey, I didn't know I was going to see you there! Good luck! This is going to be fun.


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