Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Splish, Splash...

Yesterday (Tuesday), I went to the Thornhill pool for lane swimming just before 9pm. I was busy watching the Glee season finale so I went a little later than normal. The lanes were surprisingly quiet and there was only one other person in my lane for most of my swim.

I swam 1500m and did not drown!! I felt pretty good, however slow. I did the first 500m in about 13:08 which is about normal for me. Not bad considering I haven’t been I completed the next 500m in about 14:00m so a little slower. The last 500m were my slowest (15:00) since I hit the wall weird and got this creepy cramp in my toe. I was flailing my legs all over the place to get rid of it and had to stop for a minute at one point to get rid of the feeling. It didn’t hurt, it just creeped me out!! So with that mini-break I ended up doing 1500m in 41:46 which is nothing to be amazed by but considering the lack of training I am happy I am less than 45 minutes!

Now I just need to find someone a little faster than me to draft behind in the race and I will be golden!! And maybe the wet suit will shave off a few minutes- wishful thinking!!

I also practiced my sighting since this is my first open water triathlon swim. I am going to practice for a bit in the lake on Saturday so I can get used to the cold water, wet suit and swimming blindly!!

I started packing tonight. We will be leaving Calgary around 3pm on Friday so I need to be all packed by tomorrow night so we can jet as soon as I am done work.

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