Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So I am trying to organize my blog so it isn't a bunch of babbling. I have seen "Three Things Thursday" on a number of blogs I follow so I thought I would borrow the idea!!

1) On Success: I found this post after the link was posted on another blog I follow so some of you may have seen it already. It really made me think about myself and how I have been training/not training lately. Consistency is my main problem and I use all sorts of excuses to avoid training. I totally agree with this blogger.

2) Eating before Running: I need at least 2 hours to digest dinner before going for a run. My 3k (22:55 min) run with the club last night wasn't fun with a heavy stomach. I am either going to have to have something light like a smoothie, or eat as soon as I get home from work. Time to whip out the crockpot!

3) Hills @ Edworthy tonight!! Scared?? YES!! But I know from last year how much they help me improve on the bike so it will be worth it!! I want to be speedy on the bike for Strathmore.

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