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Wasa Lake Olympic Triathlon Race Report- June 13, 2010

After a pretty decent sleep, the alarm woke us up at 5:30am. I pressed snooze a couple times and finally got out of bed just before 6:00am. There are benefits to being 5 minutes from the race! I had a light breakfast of yogurt and melon before getting ready. Hubby had this great idea that he would go down to transition with our bikes and grab us spots around 6:30am and then come back and get me. He left at 6:50am and I packed up the rest of our stuff, stripped our bed and sat around waiting for him!! I started to get nervous that he forgot about me but at 7:30am he came back. Looking back that probably wasn't the best idea since it rushed him a lot and he ended up starting late.
Transition area around 7am

Luckily the Olympic ladies started after the Olympic men so I had plenty of time to set up in transition, get my timing chip and get body marked. The disposable chip was a pain but it didn't bother me because I put Body Glide under the crappy strap.
Tweety in the transition area- that towel goes everywhere with me!
 I did have sunscreen in transition, I just didn't apply it enough!

Just before the guys started we took a couple pictures around transition and the lake.

Kim and I
Dr. Dan, Kim and I

Dr. Dan, Kim and hubby
Hubby and I

At 8:15am the Sprint started and we watched for a minute or two all the yellow caps bobbing in the water. I was surprised to see so many heads "up" and not "in" the water like they would be for freestyle. Kim and I decided to head back to our spots in transition to get our goggles, swimcaps and put the rest of our wetsuits on (they were only half on). When we got back we went down to the beach where all the Olympic women were waiting as the Olympic men had already started. One of the ladies staying in the cabin with us told me that hubby just got in the water now because he was in the washroom when the men started 2.5 minutes ago! Typically J style!!

Kim and I went into the water to get ourselves used to the temperature. It was warmer than yesterday but when I put my face in the water I was panicky! We watched the guys swim and I saw Keith go in for his 2nd 750m and he was looking pretty strong in the first half of the pack. I was relieved when I saw hubby because he didn't appear to be too far behind Keith so he caught up. Dr. Dan was a little behind hubby but he didn't look so good. Turns out he was drinking the lake!!!

The Oly ladies started at 9:00am and I stayed to the back so I didn't get run over by hundreds of flailing bodies!! My strategy worked because I was barely touched! I was super calm when I started and I didn't have any breathing problems at all! I went off course tons and I am sure I swam 500m more than I was supposed to but I didn't care. I checked my watch before the second loop and I was at 25 minutes. Yikes! I picked it up for the second loop and finished in 47 minutes. I did more sighting so that I stayed on course. I didn't have any kayakers yelling at me to get back on course so that was good.
When I finally got out of the water I was so happy to have finished the swim! I looked back and I wasn't the last one out of the water!! Yay!! I stumbled up the beach and headed for the wetsuit strippers. They weren't very busy by the time I got there! My parents were there and they cheered me on which was nice to hear!! I walked through most of transition because I didn't want to get on my bike all shaky. I quickly sprayed the sunscreen, put the rest of my bike stuff on and headed out.

I checked my watch and I think it was about 6.5 minutes from the time I got out of the water to when I got on my bike (I don't have a fancy Garmin, just a stop watch). Not my fastest transition but I wasn't trying to be fast. When I got on my bike I could already see the "elite" Oly men coming back on their bikes. I saw hubby and Keith just as I turned onto the highway so they were both going pretty fast. I almost felt like I was riding by myself because there was one girl a bit ahead of me and that's it!! About 15km into the bike there was a girl changing her tire who asked if I had a spare C02 cartridge which I had!! Hubby picked up a couple spares for us the night before at the race Expo. I knew karma wouldn't let me get a flat if I gave this girl my spare cartridge- I am so thankful it wasn't me!

I think I need to pull out the manual for my bike computer because I can't seem to remember how to use it!! I couldn't get it working until I was out on the highway so it didn't record at least 5-10 minutes. Somehow when I did get it working I switched it from kilometers to miles and I couldn't figure out why I was going so slow! I spent the entire bike mentally converting how many kilometers I had gone and how fast I was going!! I know I could have pushed wayyyy harder on the bike since it was flat and my legs weren't burning. For nutrition I had Gu Chomps in my bento box and they worked perfectly!! I drank lots of fluids and had to pee soooo badly for the last half of the bike.

Finally made it back to transition and my parents were hiding in the trees behind the barriers with sweaters over their heads cheering me on!! I laughed a bit because they were quite the sight trying to hide from the sun!!
I ran my bike through transition and saw Kim at her spot in transition so she was a bit a head of me. Hubby saw me come in and cheered me on! I didn't check my transition time but it was pretty quick, especially compared to my swim/bike transition!!
I grabbed another pack of Gu Chomps and hubby said to not worry about bringing my handheld waterbottle since the run course had lots of water stations. I took off and tried to mentally prepare myself for this 10km. It was getting pretty hot out and it was about 11:30am at this point. Heat of the day! I thought for sure Kim was way ahead of me, but about 5 minutes into the run she came up behind me. She had stopped at the bathroom in transition.
I was so happy to have her along for the run!! She is a little faster than me so I knew she would push me. I also had to go to the bathroom so I stopped at the first potta potty I could find. It sure is a pain to get in and out of the tri suit!! Kim stretched while I was in the PP. We just ran for fun- there was no racing!! We walked through water stations, stopped to put on sunscreen (missed my back), laughed a lot!! Kim was struggling with a side stitch/cramp so she walked a bit while I ran ahead. The run course was great because it was mostly wooded pathways so there was some shade from the sun. When we reached 5km I felt great and knew that I would have no problem finishing. I wasn't pushing very hard because I didn't want to fall into a bad place mentally. I was having a GREAT time, loving the whole experience and I knew pushing myself in the run was not going to be worth it. When we reached the 8km mark which brings you back by transition I was so excited to see Dan, hubby, Keith and all the other racers/spectators. Everyone was cheering, high fiving us etc. We were acting a little silly (as you can tell by the picture below). This shot makes us look tired/defeated but we were actually hooting and hollering, waving our arms in the air!!

The last 1k was a little tough but mostly because it was a residential street in the blazing sun! We ended up passing a couple people walking which felt good. We picked it up the last few hundred meters and sprinted to the finish!! Yay!!!!! DONE!!
I had a grumpy moment that there wasn't any water right at the finish line but hubby grabbed me some and I felt much better!

My parents and I at the finish line

My official times were:

Swim: 49:20
Bike: 1:39:40
Run: 1:20:30
Total: 3:49:29

The good news is my time won't be hard to beat next time!!! I haven't written off Oly Tris yet but I will definitely train harder for the next race! I didn't have any despair moments but I know I can go faster.

We stayed around a bit after I finished. I didn't have much of an appetite so I picked at my food while we waited for the Awards/Prizes to be handed out. Of course they started late so we just decided to pack up and go.

After saying farewell to my parents we headed to Fairmont and stopped at the hot springs. It felt so good!! It stung a little on the sunburn. It is so beautiful there with the mountain backdrop.

Unfortunately there was a delay in Radium so we had to wait an extra half an hour. At this point we were getting hungry again, especially since I didn't eat much after the race. We decided to stop in Banff at Melissa's Misteak for dinner. We had mussels to start and I had a delicious pizza! So satisfying!!

We finally made it back home around 9pm and unloaded everything before crashing. Long day!

Race shirt (technical with reflective strips on the arms) and my race number

I would definitely do the Wasa Triathlon again! It was well organized, the volunteers were fantastic and the course was great. Unfortunately we won't be able to make it next year since my cousin is getting married that weekend. Maybe 2012?

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! That's so important. Lots of people lose sight of this and end up not doing as well as they want, so their brain is unhappy, and they push too hard so their body is unhappy. When I saw you at 8K I knew you'd finish no problem.

    Even if you train only moderately, I think you'll be surprised how much time you take off your next Oly.


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