Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Recap (Before the race)

We wanted to get on the road as early as possible so I left work at 2:15pm and met hubby in the NW at Crowfoot Station around 3pm.

We headed out of town quickly and I promptly feel asleep 30 minutes into the drive. I am a bad co-pilot/navigator!! I only slept for 40 minutes or so and we were past Banff. The traffic was fast moving and we didn’t experience any delays until Radium. There was a rock slide on the road so they only had one direction of traffic moving. I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near there when those boulders fell!
Boulders on the road

We decided to stop in Radium for dinner at Back Country Jack’s. It was a small country diner with good food.
We arrived in Wasa just before 8pm. Turns out we were the first people at the cabin other than our hosts.
K & D got to Wasa about 30 minutes or so before us and checked into their motel just up the street from the cabin. They joined us at the cabin to hang out.

View of Wasa Lake from the cabin

Awhile later our host’s co-worker and friend arrived. Turns out they are a couple ladies that we trained with at UCTC this winter!! Small world! It was great to catch up on what’s been going on with training at UCTC and all the gossip! Both ladies are runners first, and new to Triathlon this year. They were lots of fun!
The last couple to arrive came in around 10pm. They are long time friends of our hosts and we have met them a few times before. Turns out the wife trains with Jill, the assistant coach at UCTC. This triathlon world is getting even smaller!! She was involved with Iron Girl which sounds like a great program. Everyone in “our group” was doing the Olympic except for 2 people.

Saturday morning we woke up and had a delicious eggs Benedict breakfast prepared by our hosts. The one couple did a practice swim in the open water early in the morning as they wanted to test the water when it would be closer to the temperature of the race. The rest of us waited until about 11am to go into the lake. It was pretty cold at first but I was able to warm up quickly. The first time I put my head in the water was a pretty terrifying experience. I started to hyperventilate and my stroke was all over the place because I just wanted to breathe! I had to close my eyes in the water because I saw a fish and that freaked me out and made me panic more!! We didn’t swim long- just enough to get used to the water and sighting. I zigzagged a lot and started to question my sanity… why was I doing this again??

Practicing for the open water swim

After the brief swim we sat around the cabin and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was about 25 degrees outside and I was determined to work on my tan! A few people road their bikes to check out the course and transition. Hubby played around with his gears as he was having issues with them again. I just relaxed! Around 2:45pm we left to go to the Race Package pickup and pre-race meeting in Cranbrook. It didn’t take any time at all to pick up our packages and we had a drink on the patio while we were waiting for the race meeting to start.
What a gong show the race meeting turned out to be! This is the first race I have been in where the race meeting wasn't just before the race started. People were crammed into a banquet room at the hotel with no air conditioning. The meeting started about 15 minutes late and the race director appeared to be very disorganized. The majority of the information he gave out is either available on the website and/or in our race package. People started asking stupid questions ("Will the wetsuit strippers help with my 2-piece wetsuit?", "How long is the swim?" etc.)  and it was a waste of time. The meeting lasted an hour so by the time we got back to the cabin it was 7pm. What a waste of a beautiful afternoon!!

Our amazing hosts had a carbo load dinner ready for us when we arrived back. We had 2 kinds of pasta, salad and garlic bread. I know this isn't the proper way to carb load before a race but it was really good!! My parents joined us for a bit and visited with everyone. We went and checked out the transition area together with my parents since they will be bringing their motor home down with them and wanted to scope out where they could park the massive rig.

Carbo load dinner at the cabin

After our little drive, we put together all our stuff for the race and packed up since we weren't going back to the cabin after the race. Everyone went to bed before 10pm since we were going to be up so early the next day. Most of us were pretty nervous about the race!

Race report to come tomorrow!!!


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