Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Wickedness!!

Thankfully it was another beautiful weekend in Calgary!! The last week has been pretty awesome, with some thunderstorms in the evening that only last 30 minutes or so. Finally summer has arrived!!

On Saturday, we met up with a couple of hubby's friends from the past and did part of the Calgary 70.3 loop. We met at Ghost Reservoir. Just as we were leaving the parking lot on our bikes, a motorcyclist dumped his bike right in front of me. His foot was stuck so the 4 of us cyclists had to lift the bike up (heavy!) so he could get out. Good thing we were there or else he would have been there for awhile. Thankfully nothing was broken, but his steeltoed boot had a big dent in it from where his foot was stuck. That is why I hate riding my bike on gravel!!

So the portion of the bike course (full course below) we did was from Ghost Lake, Grand Valley Rd, Horse Creek Road and back to Ghost lake on 1A. We did a total of 65k, although the actual course doesn't go back to Ghost Lake as you can see. It was a hilly and scenic route. The guys road ahead and the Nicoles (yes, the other girl's name is Nicole) rode together. There were a couple nasty hills but Edworthy has prepared me for some tough climbs.

Grand Valley Road isn't the greatest road to ride on- pretty rough and windy since there are lots of bluffs. However once we turned onto Horse Creek Road it was absolutely beautiful and the road was freshly paved. There were rolling hills so the climbs didn't seem as bad and the wind wasn't blowing us sideways. We were able to go pretty fast on those downhills which is such a thrill! The views were amazing and we saw lots of horses and cows.

In total our ride took 2.75 hours, for 65km. The guys were obviously way faster. I was working on getting my cadence up since lately I have been doing only 65-75 RPM.

Saturday evening we were invited to our neighbour's house for a bonfire. It is so nice to have some good weather so we can actually spend time outside! They have a beautiful backyard and lots of people came. We stayed out pretty late enjoying the evening.

Sunday morning was tough to wake up! Our running group starts at 8:30am and while we planned to get up at 7:45am to have a light breakfast, we didn't get up until 8:05! We madly rushed around trying to get dressed and made it to the Running Room in the nick of time. We had 7km on the schedule. I started running with a different lady, Fabiola and we chatted for the first few kilometers. Around 4k I started to slow down and my lack of breakfast and hydration was catching up to me. It was another beautiful morning, 21 C out already. I brought my one little water flask but that wasn't nearly enough. I had some Gu Chomps just before we started which helped keep me upright but isn't enough on an empty stomach. I struggled a little to keep up since I was in the middle (not fast enough for the FAST people, but faster than the slow people). Since the route is new to me and very easy to get lost, one of the pace bunnies, Howard, stayed with me. He is super tall and I could tell he was having a hard time going my pace!!! Once I knew we were getting close to the end I found some energy and ran faster (helped that it was downhill!).

One thing that we did on the run that I normally don't do is 10 and 1s. With the exception of when I was doing my Learn to Run clinic, I always try to run straight through, only taking walk breaks if I absolutely have to (cramps or feel like I am going to fall over). What the instructor/pace bunnies were telling us is for long distances it is best to do 10 and 1s to keep your form together. We did do this for the 7k and I definitely welcomed the 1 minute breaks!! I usually don't like walking because I lose momentum but if I can run faster and keep my form than it is worth it.

My stats for the run 7km/50:53minutes/7:16km/hr pace. Getting faster!! I remembered to turn my watch on and off for this run so I actually have accurate data!

Today is a rest day and I will be going to bed early!! My sister and I went to Lilith Fair yesterday so I am very tired from lack of sleep. I didn't get to sleep in at all this weekend!

5 days till my next race!

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