Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing catch up and a NEW toy!!

The weekend was pretty busy with my best friend's shower and stagette but I managed to get a couple workouts in.

Saturday morning I did my 9k LSD that I normally would have done with my running group on Sunday. Instead I would be nursing a hangover in Banff so I had to get it in earlier.
Hubby and I decided to run through our neighborhood and into the next community that has more pathways.
I was hoping to maintain a 7:00/km but it didn't quite work that way. I was carrying my water belt, which looks like this:

I cinched it up really tight around my waist and within 1km it was bothering me. I could feel a stitch starting from the pressure of the belt. I didn't even fill the water bottle completely. I think it might be time to invest in a different belt (like the one I posted here).

Along the run, hubby was almost bitten by a dog. As he ran by the dog lunged out at his calf and would have bitten him had his owner not pulled back on the leash. The owner obviously wasn't paying enough attention to the dog and then rewarded him after by giving him a treat! Hubby wasn't too impressed and let the guy know! We also encountered some snakes while running through a gravel pathway with low brush. I wouldn't have noticed them if hubby hadn't pointed them out. I screamed and ran faster to get out of there!!
Total time 1:07 for 9km.
A little slower than I wanted but I blame the uncomfortable water belt!

On Sunday, after returning from the epic stagette in Banff we met up with Kim for a bike ride. I was so exhausted and wanted to sleep but I dragged myself out to Westhills to do the Bragg Creek loop. Once I was on my bike I felt great. My legs were fresh, I was spinning quickly and drafting. Turns out everyone else was tired so we only went as far as the traffic circle (~18k) and turned around!The other two had harder workouts the last two days. I'm not the one racing Calgary 70.3 in 3 weeks so I didn't care either way!
Total time was ~1:30 and about 39km.

On other exciting news, I received the Garmin Forerunner 405 for my birthday!!

I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet. I charged it last night and did the initial set up. It has the amazing Virtual Partner feature which hubby raves about and is exactly what I need to keep me on pace. I like this Garmin because it looks more like a watch than the traditional Garmins. I am going to read up on it and use it during my run tonight. I also need to think of a name for my new toy...

We have had some wicked rain and hailstorms the last couple of days. For the first time in history, the chuckwagon races and Grand Stand show were "rained out" last night. I had planned to go to our running clinic after my work Stampede party but I had no interest running in the rain and strong winds. I could have done 4k on the treadmill; instead I watched the Tour de France and had Crave cupcakes! Yum!! My new favourite cyclist is Andy Schleck

Tonight we will be running 4k with our running group. Let's hope the rain stays away!

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  1. I have a big water bottle setup like that one, and can't use it because it bounces around too much. I've seen the fuel belt system, but I'm not sure what I think of it. Have fun with the garmin!


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