Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday


1. I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful country (however insane the weather can be!). Hubby and I spent the entire day in Strathmore, about 45 minutes east of Calgary, where my sister and her family live. Since Strathmore is where my next triathlon is we decided to ride the bike course. We have done it a couple times already since I have done this race twice before. It is a 10k out and back. The first 10k is a slight downhill. We were flying!! My average speed was about 40-45km/hr. We made it to the turn around in about 20 minutes or less. However, the way back was brutal!! We had a massive headwind and I don't think I went faster than 21km/hr the last 10km. So what took us 20 minutes going down, took 32 minutes coming back!! I need to work on my climbing since if there is a headwind race day my time will be depressing! After the bike, we did a quick 20 minute brick. My legs felt like lead for the first kilometre and then they felt much better for the remainder of the run. I could have gone for longer but I had to make a pit-stop!

2. Running clinic has been going well this week. Tuesday we did 4km tempo run. Not sure of time because I started my watch a couple minutes late and then forgot to hit stop until an hour later!! It was pretty hot out- 29C and I ran with my water belt for the first time in a couple years (found it!). I cinched it right up around my waist and it didn't seem to bounce as much. I will start using it more for runs longer than 5km. Wednesday we did 3km tempo and I seemed to be a little faster. I think it was actually a little longer than 3km, and I did it in 23 minutes. I ran with Fabiola again and I kept up with her the entire time!

3. Tuesday we went for a swim after the run. It worked out quite perfectly. Unfortunately I was in a lane with some walking-flailers so they were quite annoying. Thankfully they didn't stay around too long. I worked a lot with the pull buoy and paddles trying to improve my technique. I need to remember some drills!! I swam for 45 minutes and estimate I did 1200m.

2 days until Race for Pace 10km!!

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  1. Looks like you've been busy! Have a great race this weekend and thanks for stopping by!!!


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