Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I tried my Garmin for the first time last night!! Still getting used to it but it was awesome to see my pace! Once I figure out the computer end of it I will upload the data. By accident I hit the lap button in the 1st 30m so the figures are a little off. I also didn't have the Auto Pause feature on so when I stopped at a light it reduced by average pace for my last km.

2. Wedding Weekend #1!! It is going to be tricky fitting in workouts this weekend with all of the wedding festivities going on. Luckily I am taking tomorrow (Friday) off so I can squeeze in a workout or two. Is it too optimistic to think I can do my 9k LSD at 8:30am Sunday? Either way it is going to hurt!

3. Tried a different water belt last night. Hubby had an extra fuel belt that he was given before so I tried it out on my 4k run. I still couldn't get it tight enough around my waist and this particular belt doesn't have much structure to it so it didn't sit in place while I ran. It kept twirling around my waist! I didn't get a stitch though and it felt better to have the weight distributed around my waist rather than in the middle of my lower back. I think I am sold on the Fuel Belt.

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