Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the weekend go??

This was certainly a busy weekend for socializing and working out. I managed to get it all in, except sleep got the short end of the stick!! I am so tired now!!

Friday- Work out fail!! I intended on running first thing in the morning but time slipped away and so I decided to do it in the evening after a bunch of errands (thankfully I had the day off!). We ended up getting invited to our friends' house, and hubby had a meeting in the south at 6pm so I decided to skip the run in order to socialize. Lesson learned- it's better to workout in the AM on a day off since you never know what's going to come up later on.

Saturday- Wedding Day for our friends!!
Since the wedding didn't start until 2pm we had the entire morning to get some workouts in. We haven't been making our pool sessions (have you noticed?) so we went to the Thornhill pool at 8:00am. I didn't have the greatest swim since the medium lanes had breast strokers, walkers, flailers, etc. so I didn't want to attempt to swim with them. I opted for the fast lane that had 3 guys swimming at a pretty steady pace. I was slower than them so every 50m or so I would stop at the wall to let them pass. It was fine for the first 500m (mostly with paddles and pull buoy) but when I wanted to time myself for 500m to get an idea of my pace it started to get frustrating waiting at the wall to be passed. At one point I pushed off the wall as one of the guys was getting close to me and I smashed my foot on the edge of the pool. I now have a bruised toenail (to go with my bruised big toe nail from walking in Europe). I decided to call it a day after that. It wasn't a very productive swim :(

After my crap-tastic swim I went home and immediately went out for a run. At this point I had only run once this week and I was feeling very behind in my workouts. I did 3k in my neighborhood. I did some fartleks so my 2nd and 3rd laps were faster.

Lap 1- 6:49 min -was going uphill for some of this and I was still warming up
Lap 2- 5:57 min -added some fartleks- ran fast between light posts
Lap 3- 6:28 min -slowed right down during the recoveries

Total time 19:04. Average pace 6:25/km

I was extremely happy with myself and I love my Virtual Partner. I had my VP set at 6:50 so I bet her on the last 2 laps.

Sunday- The Day after the Wedding!
The wedding was fabulous and I decided to only have a couple drinks because I knew the 8:30am run on Sunday wouldn't go so well if I was hungover! I had a lot of fun visiting with friends and of course the bride looked beautiful!

So while I wasn't hungover, I was incredibly tired after only 6 hours of sleep. I would have stayed in bed if I could have but hubby wouldn't let me (thanks!). We had 9k on deck with our running group and I was interested to see how I would do.

Here is the map of our route. I wore my old water belt (pink one) since hubby needed his bottles for his fuel belt and I hadn't purchased the one that I wanted yet. Surprisingly it didn't bother me too much on this run, but I still ended up buying a new Fuel Belt afterwards.

We were doing 10 and 1s so that affected my pace a little bit. I ran with Shannon and Fabiola so they really helped keep me on pace. At the long steady hill up Harvest Hills Blvd I ended up behind them quite a bit but caught up to them at a stop light.

Lap 1- 7:18 min -trying to warm up and find my pace- we were also going uphill at first
Lap 2- 6:59 min -going downhill now
Lap 3- 6:51 min- feeling good
Lap 4- 7:08 min- getting a little fatigued (stop light)
Lap 5- 7:00 min- included 1 minute walk
Lap 6- 7:28 min- this is the hill that S & F lost me on- so tired
Lap 7- 6:45 min- must catch up and keep on pace!
Lap 8- 7:19 min- stop light/walk break slowed us down but felt great!
Lap 9- 7:13 min- almost done- we had a walk break- could have done away with it just to finish strong

Total time 1:05:07. Average pace 7:07

This run was awesome!! I only slowed down at the long hill around 6k, otherwise I felt strong and didn't struggle like my last 9k. I definitely attribute it to great running buddies and conversation that made the time go by faster. I was 2 minutes faster than last week, and I definitely took more walking breaks this week so that means I was running faster overall.

After a quick bite at Tim Horton's we went home and grabbed our bikes. We rode from Rocky Ridge Co-op to the top of the Cochrane (death) hill. Hubby and my legs were both shot, and we were short on time as it was so we decided to not go any farther and turned around.

I did use my Garmin for distance (I don't have the cadence sensor yet). We rode for a total of 28.17k in 1:05. Seems to be my favourite time!! I have never ridden this route before (driven it lots) so it was a fun adventure. The shoulder is pretty wide and clear for the most part. The hills into Cochrane still scare me though, and I want to have fresh legs before tackling them.

The rest of our Sunday consisted of a Gift Opening and dinner at the in-laws. It was a fun, jam-packed day. I need rest now!

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