Friday, July 9, 2010

Yeehaw!! It's Stampede Time!!!

Today is the first day of the Calgary Stampede!! For 10 days, the whole city will be decked out in cowboy hats, jeans, and cowboy boots. You can find a corporate party and pancake breakfast every day of the week. Half of downtown Calgary takes the 10 days off to PAR-TAY!!!!

Not me!!! After living in this city for almost all my life (I left for a couple years in my tweens, but came back often to visit family) I am over it. I LOVE the fun spirit that the entire city gets into, but unless I am working cows, on a horse, you won't find me in wranglers, cowboy boots or a real cowboy hat. I usually go to one corporate party, have a few drinks and then go home. Guess that's the disadvantage of living in the 'burbs. It just takes too much effort to go out every night!!

This is my kinda cowboy hat!!

I am also a Stampede baby. So every year my birthday has revolved around Stampede. It was fun when I was little, and if I was a big partier it would be awesome. I am more of a low-key kinda girl. Crowds aren't my thing, puke-y rides don't do it for me, and the Stampede generally leaves your wallet feeling a lot empty!!

Our city is known for this event and I think it is a great tourist attraction. The rodeo is fun and the chuckwagon racing is pretty exciting!!

This year while everyone is Stampeding it up, I will be getting my workouts in.

Since I have been slacking on the blogging, here is a recap of my last few workouts:

Tuesday: 3k run with Running Clinic. Ran around a pond by the local Running Room twice. Managed to keep a pretty steady pace (6:30min/km) and completed it in 19:32. We had a chiropractor come to the clinic after our run to talk about Stretching. It was very informative and we learned a few new stretches. 22 C outside so perfect weather. We had a freak thunderstorm about 1.5 hours before the clinic started and it dried up in time for our run. Ran part way with Lesley and then I pulled away in the last km.

Wednesday: 4k run with Running Clinic. It was a little warmer- around 28 C. We did a 2k out and back route that started uphill, gradually downhill and then reverse for the way back. I really pushed in the last km, taking advantage of the downhills. I sprinted to the "finish" where the rest of the group was waiting and it felt great!! That's the first time I have sprinted without feeling like death! It actually felt quite easy and Hubby said my form looked really good. Total time 27:18 (6:50min/km pace).

Thursday: Hill repeats at Edworthy!! Did a 22 minute warm up on the bike paths and then off to start the repeats. Below are the times it took to reach the top of the hill for each repeat. I am not speedy... yet.

#1- 7:30 minutes- this isn't too hard
#2- 7:02 minutes- progress
#3- 7:10 minutes- WTH is this so hard! Oh yah I am in a harder gear, unintentionally!

After the 3rd repeat I spun for about 10 minutes in the community at the top of the hill to give my legs a break. I want to move to this area!!

#4- 7:11 minutes- I am done. Legs feel like jell-o

Total biking time was 1:12.

After the last repeat, I put my bike back on the car, changed into my running shoes and took off for a short run. The pathways along the river are so nice and it makes the run way better. I am not too sure how far I went, probably around 3km. I ran for a total of 20 minutes. I started to get my legs back around 10 minutes into the run but they were feeling tired from the hill repeats.

Hubby decided to ride home since he needs to put more mileage on his bike with his upcoming 70.3. Only 3 weeks away!!

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