Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Is it Thursday already? This week has just flown by! This whole summer has flown by... It has barely warmed up enough for me to wear my summer clothes and in a few weeks I will be pulling the winter stuff out again. How depressing. I am still holding out for a super warm and beautiful September!

2. Blisters. They are back- or rather never fully went away. I ran out of blister bandaids and they didn't bother me on my Tuesday run. However last night I could feel them growing again (ew!). I was wearing my normal running socks. I guess I will keep the bandaids on until they completely dry up and hopefully they won't come back. Should I wear thicker socks?

3. Last night we had another hill workout. Same hill as last week- X 4. It was the perfect running temperature again. I didn't push hard enough on the hills though because I had lots of energy on the run back to the store!


Lap 1- 7:11 AP- 1.51k- to the hill- warm up, walked a few lights
Lap 2- 7:14 AP- 0.39k- uphill
Lap 3- 5:55 AP- 0.40k- downhill
Lap 4- 7:23 AP- 0.40k- uphill
Lap 5- 6:17 AP- 0.40k- downhill
Lap 6- 7:44 AP- 0.40k- uphill
Lap 7- 6:34 AP- 0.40k- downhill
Lap 8- 7:40 AP- 0.40k- uphill
Lap 9- 6:01 AP- 0.40k- downhill
Lap 10- 6:23 AP- 1.65k- back to the store, slight downhill.
Total Distance- 6.35k Total Time- 43:15 min Average Pace- 6:48 min/km

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