Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I promise I am working on my race report and will hopefully have it up later today.

2.  No bloody toe after last night's run!! Guess the band aid helped. I am still getting the blisters though. Maybe these shoes aren't working for me even though they are the same as my last pair (just a year newer). I thought I was safe sticking to what worked but I might be looking for a new pair sooner rather than later.

3.  So yesterday was our hottest day of the year- I think it hit 29.9 C. I am sure all you Easterners won't be happy to hear that since you are all melting in heat waves. Since I am not used to running in heat, my hill workout was even more less than enjoyable!!! Our instructor told us to go at our own pace and do what we can. I went slower than usual due to the heat and just being tired overall. I am not used to running 4 days in a row!! How many days in a row do you normally run before taking a break, either rest or to cross train?


Lap 1- 12:09min 1.51km 8:01 AP- on the way to the hill, easy  pace with Ashley & walked a bit for her to catch up
Lap 2- 00:02:52 0.39 07:18 - uphill
Lap 3- 00:02:26 0.40 06:08 -downhill
Lap 4- 00:03:02 0.40 07:35- uphill
Lap 5- 00:02:31 0.40 06:20- downhill
Lap 6- 00:03:21 0.40 08:26- uphill
Lap 7- 00:02:43 0.40 06:52- downhill
Lap 8- 00:03:22 0.39 08:38- uphill
Lap 9- 00:02:44 0.39 06:57- downhill
Lap 10- 00:03:19 0.39 08:27- uphill
Lap 11- 00:02:43 0.40 06:51- downhill
Lap 12- 00:03:09 0.40 07:52 - uphill
Lap 13- 00:02:22 0.37 06:21- downhill
Lap 14- 00:10:24 1.50 06:55- back to the store
Total Time- 57:14 min
Total Distance- 7.75km
Average Pace- 7:23 min/km

I walked at the beginning of each lap so I could take in some water and get my heart rate down. Normally I only walk for a few steps at the top of each uphill but this time I was walking even at the start of the uphills to drink water. The heat really is a killer. I don't know how you people run in this weather, plus humidity all the time!!  Yuck!!

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  1. I normally run one day in a row before resting or taking a break from running or cross training. There are rare times I've run 2 days in a row. I don't ink I've ever run 3 days in a row.


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