Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I dressed up as a convicted felon for both the parties I attended this spooky scary weekend:


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a far cry from Martha Stewart. I leave the gourmet cooking up to hubby and he has tended more to the garden than I have this year!
We had lots of fun this weekend and even had a couple 'trick or treaters' tonight for the first time ever!!!

So did you dress up for Halloween this year?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I hadn't been on my bike since my triathlon in August but my new training schedule called for a bike session today.

Hubby set up my bike on the trainer and I slipped a Real Rides DVD into the player. Anyone looking for a great spin workout at home I highly recommend this series. The set we have is for the Ironman Canada course in Penticton, BC. By the time I eventually do a race I will know the course off my heart!!

I did the first disk in the series for 45 minutes. I couldn't get the cadence on my bike computer to work so I don't really know how fast my legs were spinning. I used CoCo for the first time inside (for heart rate and time) and I definitely think I need to get the cadence add-on to use this effectively (hint hint Santa!) on the bike.

My butt was a little sore! It's been a little too long since I have been on the bike so it will take a few sessions to get used to the saddle again.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Let me introduce you to...


I finally decided on a name for my Garmin!!
I figure my bike has a name, BlueBelle, so I should name this important piece of equipment!
She is sleek, elegant and sometimes a little tempermental so I think CoCo is a fitting name.

Have you named your Garmin?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. Halloween this weekend!! Spooky scary!! Still have no idea what I am going to dress up as. Why is it always so hard to come up with a good, comfortable costume each year? We still need to carve the big pumpkin hubby bought a couple weeks and make some treats for the party on Saturday! ! I am also going to a Halloween baby shower on Sunday...  
  2. Let me know if you want to be on my blog roll- my list is looking a little lean and not in a good way!!!
  3. Last night's run- another brisk one! I pretty much wore the same thing as the day before- anything less and I freeze! Good news is the cold makes me run faster!!! Woohoo!!!
Lap 1- 6:19
Lap 2- 6:12
Lap 3- 6:09
Lap 4- 5:59
Total Distance- 3.4K
Total Time- 21:07
Average Pace- 6:12min/km

I felt really good on this run. The same run the previous week hurt- I was breathing harder, my lungs hurt and it felt like it was lasting forever. Not this week! It helped that I was trying to keep up to Karen who was in front of me, and stay ahead of Paul who was on my heels.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clinic Night

Brrr it was another chilly & dark run last night (0 C). I actually don't mind running in the dark when I am in a big group. I am not sure I would enjoy it if I was out there by myself.

Our clinic talk was about shoes and running clothing. Most of us have been through a running room clinic before so the shoe portion was brief. I did learn that it is good to rotate your shoes though so I think I am going to use my gift certificate from my triathlon to purchase another pair of shoes. I have about 400km on my current shoes so I am about half way through them. I currently wear Asics Keyano 16 (mine are blue/gray). I like them but I am willing to try something else.

I bundled up for this run-

 running jacket (mine is blue)

long sleeve technical sweater (not exactly as shown)

                                                 headband, and gloves (sorry no pics!)

 I was freezing until about 1K in. There were lots of people who were wearing way less than me and they were fine. I am always cold though.

Lap 1- 6:54- ran with Betty (comfy pace)
Lap 2- 6:56- comfy pace
Lap 3- 6:40- ran with Paul, pushed a little more
Lap 4- 5:29- sprinted by myself and caught up to another group ahead
Total Distance- 3.79k (4K-ish)
Total Time- 24:50 min
Average Pace-6:33min/km - only because I ran the last 0.79km really fast!

Good run. It seemed like most people in the group started off slowly and didn't push until the last 2K. It felt great to sprint at the end and pass a bunch of people.

And when the run was over, I went home and had yummy homemade pasta!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Like Riding a Bike...

Swimming that is... Once you learn how to do it, you never forget!! Sure you might not be as elegant and your technique might be a little rusty but you probably won't drown!!

It has been 2.5 months since I have been in the pool. My triathlon in August was the last time! I don't mind swimming but of the three sports it is definitely the least social, and hardest to fit into my schedule.

Anyway I was determined to fit swimming back into my routine because I know the longer the break, the rustier I will get. I am not that fast in the first place, I certainly don't want to start all over again!!

The pool with the best lane swim times (right now) happens to be closer to my work so I packed my bag last night (what a genius idea honey!!) and headed to the pool after work. I am pretty impressed with the facilities. There were way less nasties at the bottom of the pool and not.a.single.kid*!!!! Fast people were in the fast lanes, slow people in the slow lanes, walkers in the slow lanes! People had pool etiquette and weren't swimming into one another.

Not this!
I jumped (not literally!!) into a fast lane and swam like I never took a swim break. I wasn't setting any records I am sure but I wasn't floundering and the lifeguards didn't have to jump in to rescue me. That is success for me!

Obviously not  me...

I took it easy and swam about 750m in 45 minutes. I did a workout consisting of kick sets, paddles and pull buoy and regular ol' freestyle. I better come up with some workouts for myself or I will get bored mighty fast.

It was a good night for the pool as it has been snowing ever so lightly all day. There is a light dusting on the ground but the roads aren't nasty. PLEASE stay this way!!

 Again, another HUGE thanks to Kat at Forward Foot Strides for featuring my blog this week!! I feel so lucky, first winning her giveaway and now this! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!!

* I am not a kid hater, I just don't like it when they disrupt my laps. The kids tend to force the lane walkers over to the fast lanes and you all know how I feel about lane walkers in the fast lane!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter Weekend

So typical October weather has arrived. Brrr it is cold out!! It's only -1C, with ice fog. What am I going to do with it is -15?? Dress warmer I guess.

First off I wanted to say THANKS to Kat at Forward Foot Strides. I won her recent giveaway- Bondi Band and running stickers!! I am so excited to get them in the  mail!

This weekend was filled with many things:

- Baking: 
1) Awesome banana chocolate chip muffins.  Love these for breaky.
2)  Chocolate Chip Cookies- FAIL. These didn't turn out very well at all! They completely pancaked in the oven. I don't know where I went wrong other than having the oven rack too high up. Any ideas to help me next time? I am new to baking.

- Workout Schedule- as promised!! Since I am training for a half marathon in February, running is where most of my focus will be for the next 17 weeks. I will be swimming once a week and biking (spin trainer) 2x a week. Tomorrow will be my first time back in the pool since my tri in August. Opps... although not as long as my pool break last year. Hmmm if I knew how to post an excel spreadsheet I would show you all but alas I don't. Any tips????

- Halloween costume- still brainstorming on this one... hopefully by next Saturday I will have one!

- Saturday's run- did an easy 3k by myself. 21:08 minutes. AP 6:47min/km. Nothing record breaking. It was about 5 C outside.

- Today's run- 7k LSD with the running group. It was chilly, -1 C with ice fog!! I wore my Canmore Half Marathon hat.

I also had gloves, tights, t-shirt, long sleeve technical shirt and my running jacket on! I didn't get warm until about 1.5k in! Some people were wearing capris and just a long sleeve shirt! I definitely got warmer as the run went on but there is no way I could have worn less layers!
Total Distance: 7.40km
Total Time: 54:05 min
Average Pace: 7:18min/km

My first 10 minutes were really slow- 8:11?? Not sure if maybe my watch didn't auto stop at the light, I don't remember going that slow!!! Overall it was a decent run. I did get pretty tired towards the end (ironically that was my faster 10 minute interval!). We did 10 and 1s as always.

- Collage- I did put together a collage of our racing/training photos. I ordered it through Costco and will pick it up tomorrow. It was ready today, I just didn't get a chance to swing by there. I hope it turned out okay. Now to decide where to hang it...

That's all for now! Now to get ready for the week ahead...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. Back at it and lovin' it! I am so glad my HM clinic has started up again. I am such a creature of habit so I love having a good running schedule to follow, great people to run with  and a goal!
  2. Workout Schedule: Still slowly working at putting that bad boy together. Slacker...
  3. Last night's run: was amazing! Finally I am seeing results. I started off slow again but quickly realized that if I didn't get moving, I was going to get stuck in my happy place and not want to push. Man was it hard but sticking with 3-4 other runners kept me going.

    Run Stats:
    Lap 1-6:26 -it started slower than this but I pushed to catch up to a faster group
    Lap 2- 5:59- wow in the 5s???
    Lap 3- 6:10
    Lap 4- 5:54
    Total Distance- 3.40km
    Total Time- 21:00
    Average Pace- 6:10 minutes/km

    My sub 30 minute 5K PR dream is getting closer!!

Running/Fitness Goals

Goals, Goals, Goals!!! It is so important to have goals.

After reading Marcia's post about goals it got me thinking...
The last two years I have had some fitness goals- some I achieved, some I did not. For the most part I know why I didn't achieve those goals (lack of training comes to mind).

Goal #1- Complete a Sprint Triathlon
- I finished my first sprint in 2008 and done at least one a year since!

Goal #2- Complete an Olympic Triathlon
- I finished my first Oly in Wasa in June 2010. Awesome race, but very under trained. It's a PR either way though!!

Goal #3- Complete a Half Marathon
- I finished my first half marathon this past September. I love training for this distance. Joining the Running Room clinic was the best thing I ever did. There is no way I would have gotten through some of those longer runs without everyone's support. Now I am on to my next HM training session. Addicting!

Goal #4- Run a sub- 30 minute 5K
- Incomplete :( So far I am still working on this goal. I haven't really been training for this so I can't be too hard on myself. However, I do have the Resolution Run coming up on December 31st and I am going to try to get as close to my goal as possible! I know I can do it!

Goal #5- Complete a 70.3 Ironman
- Last year I was pretty close to being convinced to sign up for the Calgary 70.3 this past summer. It has a hefty price tag- $250 so there was no way I was going to sign up if I wasn't prepared to do the race. I decided to give myself until April to sign up (what's when the fee went up even more!) to see how my training was going. Well life kinda got in the way the first half of the year- surgery and mandatory course for work, so my training suffered greatly. I had knew I was going to be under trained for the Oly in June, so there was no way I would be ready for a Half Ironman in August!!
After volunteering at the race, I have decided that I will do a 70.3 someday. Not this year and probably not next year but it is still a goal that I would like to achieve.

Goal #6- Complete a Full Marathon
- This is more of a new goal. It is still awhile before I plan on actually doing one but it is something I would like to work towards in a couple years. I would really like to do a destination marathon- Disney World maybe?

Goal #7- Getting faster- at everything!
- This is a goal in progress. I found last night when I ran I started off in my happy place of running slowly. Sure it is comfortable and I can go for a while at that pace, but I can't get faster if I don't train faster.

While goals are great, you have to have an action plan. I will work on that next and update each one.
It is also important to review your goals periodically to see how you are doing. I will be reviewing my goals quarterly (at least) to check on my progress.

What are your fitness goals??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall/Winter Half Marathon Clinic

Well it took some convincing to get me to sign up for the fall/winter HM clinic. I know I can run the distance. Been there, done that!! But do I really want to commit to a training program with Calgary winter right around the corner?? It is already getting darker and with daylight savings time in 2 weeks, our weeknight runs will all be in the dark. This isn't even factoring in the snow, ice, freezing cold that Mother Nature bless us with.

So what made me sign up? I need a goal plan and simply. The last 2-3 weeks I haven't worked out as much because I wasn't working towards anything and wasn't accountable to anyone.

Also, we tend to get nice-ish (watch me jinx us all and get a foot of snow tonight) fall running weather. The nasty white stuff tends to not come until January. We might get a couple snowfalls but it doesn't stay around too long.

Plus if the weather is really nasty, I can forego the group run and do it on my treadmill. At least I will still be following a plan!

So last night was the 1st clinic session. I think there are more people signed up for this clinic than my last one. Guess people do run in the fall/winter!! I think there are about 25 people registered- let's see how long everyone sticks around for!
I am excited for this group because I think there are going to be a few other people more my pace. Last clinic most people were faster than me, and a couple slower but no one right around my pace. It should be fun getting to know other people.

Run Stats:

Lap 1- 6:50
Lap 2- 6:37
Lap 3- 6:16
Lap 4- 6:20
Lap 5- 6:06
Total Distance- 4.09k
Total Time-26:36
Average Pace- 6:30km/hr

I think the group of 5-6 people that are around my pace will be good for me. I pushed harder to stay with them even when I felt tired.

I am super excited now! Nice to have a running schedule (still working on the bike/swim schedule...)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Changes...

So I have decided to start a blog roll. I have found a lot of blogs through other people's blog rolls so I figured I would share some of the blogs that I follow regularly. If you are interested in being featured on my BLOG ROLL leave a comment and I will add you!

Part of the reason I haven't put together a training schedule is the fact that the pool closest to my house doesn't have the greatest lane swim schedule this time of the year. I work pretty early in the morning so swimming until 10pm is not a good option for me. It's like setting myself up to fail if I schedule myself that late during the week.

I did some browsing and Keith had recommended the pool that he frequents. I think the best solution for me would be to go right after work and get the workout over and done with. I am pretty excited as I haven't been in the pool for awhile. Now I just need to make sure that I don't go at the same time as Keith since he is a shark and will give me the evil eye/elbow if I swim in his lane. He is speedy and I am not!

I already have my running schedule for my clinic (starts tonight!) so that part is easy. I just need to add my biking sessions into my new workout schedule and I will be set!

Kat at Forward Foot Strides has yet another giveaway!! Check it out and enter if you are interested. I love me some running stickers!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

~Petit Break~

Last week I only ran once. I took a much needed break.

In my running absence I have:

~ spent time with family
~ gone shopping
~ caught up on some TV shows (Sister Wives- can.not.tear.myself.away)
~ cleaned my house
~ swapped out the summer clothes for winter clothes
~ baked- cookies and muffins
~ slept in
~ read some blogs
~ saw Cirque du Soleil's Kooza- highly recommend it!!
~ cuddled with my kitty

Good news is that my running clinic starts up again tomorrow so my break will be over soon!

Thanks for the comments on my 100th post!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

100th Post!

Wow! I made it to 100 posts!!
Here are 100 Things About Me to commemorate my 100th post!!

1. The '12 minute run' in high school used to kill me.
2. The first time hubby took me running a few years ago I almost divorced him (kidding, but close!)
3. I had a couple friends in high school that did Triathlon/Tetrathlon- I never in a million years thought I would do triathlon or run a half marathon.
4. I love high heels but lately I have been wearing more flats to "save" my feet for running.
5. I love reading blogs! Everyone inspires me so much.
6. My face gets very red when I run- I hate it but at least my butt looks good (haha!!)
7. Nice workout clothes make me want to run. Some of my running attire costs more than my work clothes!
8. My boss is super supportive of my training. He always asks what my workout is each day. It is great to know that he cares.
9. I run because I can. Lots of people close to me can't.
10. I might have to run a marathon one of these days because my mom keeps telling people I run marathons!! She gets confused...
11. I get EXTREMELY nervous before races. Once I start the race I am fine. The waiting kills me!
12. I wish I had the opportunity to participate in more sports when I was younger.
13. I grew up on a horse farm.
14. I have completed 11 races so far and hope to do many, many more.
15. I spent almost every summer of my childhood at my grandparent's cottage in the Muskokas (Ontario). I would swim almost every day but never learned front crawl until I decided to do triathlon.
16. I hate the taste of salt water. There is a pool by my old house that I used to swim at that had salt water. I gagged every time I swam there. Yuck!
17. I hate how I look in my tri suit but it is super comfortable to race in.
18. My bike's name is BlueBelle. I bought her off Ebay. I could have been royally screwed over but it worked out perfectly!
19. I only went to my University gym a couple times in the 5 years I went there. I didn't start going to the U gym regularly until I joined UCTC last year. Figures...
20. I was terrified to use clip-less pedals. I have fallen so many times using them... I am better now after 2 seasons.
21. The farthest place from home I have run is Barcelona, Spain. It was warm!!
22. I still need to name my Garmin- I am open to suggestions!
23. All my running shoes have been Asics so far.
24. I hate how shorts ride up between my legs when I run which is why I always wear tight shorts.
25. I wish I was faster (who doesn't?).
26. A deer ran in front of me during my run last night- like 10 feet away! Across the street there were 6 other deer waiting for him.
27. I prefer to ride my bike on the highway than on bike paths- less hairpin turns and short, but steep hills.
28. I like listening to pop music while running- Britney Spears frequents my play list. Don't judge.
29. I rarely weigh myself. I prefer to gauge my progress by how my clothes fit rather than a number on the scale.
30. I have watched my mom, aunt and sister struggle with weight issues over the years. I don't want to be like that.
31. I run to eat- bad!!!
32. I am terrified of getting a black toe nail and it falling off. I like pretty toenail polish and wearing sandals!
33. I love how my legs look now that I run!
34. I always smile and wave at other runners- wave back!!
35. My hubby makes running look easy- I make running look hard!!
36. I subscribe to Runner's World and Canadian Running. Way better than Cosmo or Glamour magazines!!
37. Most of my friends think I am crazy for running/Triing. Some days I agree with them.
38. I LOVE my running group. They are the most supportive & social group I have trained with so far.
39. I always wear a hat when I run. Head bands pop off my head & I need to keep the sweat/fly aways at bay.
40. I love pictures on people's blogs. I often wonder how people carry cameras with them when they run.
41. I would love to do a destination half marathon someday. Need to save some $$ first.
42. My cat doesn't like the treadmill- he needs it though. Any tips to help my fat cat lose weight?
43. I keep all my race bibs in a folder. I write the race name, date, distance and time on the back.
44. All my race shirts are ugly. They are either too short or cotton so I can't run in them. I wish they would give us medals instead of fugly shirts that sit in my drawer.
45. I really enjoyed volunteering at the Calgary 70.3 in August. I hope to volunteer at more races.
46. I always need water when I finish a race- I get a little b!tchy if there isn't any at the finish line!
47. I dislike stretching but I know it is good for me.
48. I find running on the treadmill harder than running outside- not so much mentally, but I feel like I am going faster but according to the treadmill data I am going really slow. I hope it is wrong...
49. My parents used to leave us kids in bed and go for a jog in the morning. Is this even legal now? Would I go to jail if I did this with my future children?
50. We have a jogging stroller, but no kids. Just in case...
51. Wow this is long- I might have to start telling all my deep, dark secrets!
52. I love Crave Cupcakes. Crave-O-Licious is my fav!
53. I love Tour de France. It makes working in July a little more bearable!
54. Lance Armstrong- not sure how I feel about him. I did enjoy his autobiography though.
55. I completed my first Olympic Triathlon this year- very under-trained. Next one will be better!
56. Not a fan of open water swims- wish I had somewhere to practice nearby.
57. I had 2 bruised toenails this summer, neither from running. One from walking too much in Europe and the other from slamming my foot on the pool ledge. Talent I tell you...
58. My favourite running socks say Ironman on them, but I haven't done Ironman yet. Shhhh...
59. I hate it when my shirt rides up when I run. So uncomfortable
60. I hope I am not boring you all...
61. My first race was a 5k, which was right after my Learn to Run clinic in 2008. I did it in 38:xx minutes. I am a bit faster now, but not too much!!
62. I have a pink iPod that I hold in my hand while running, unless I am wearing my fuel belt in which I squeeze it between one of the bottles and the belt. I like having it handy.
63. I have a pink Nike toque that has built in speakers for my music and a pocket inside for my iPod. It's awesome!!
64. I like to drink chocolate soy milk after a run. Yum!!
65. So far I have had 2 dogs chase after me while running and a million bark at me.
66. It annoys me when people walking on the sidewalk towards me don't move over. Rudeness.
67. My bike seat has my birth year on it- I think it's a sign!
68. I have a hard time figuring out nutrition before working out- either I eat too much or too little.
69. My neighbors always invite us over for a BBQ or dinner the night before a race. At least they don't  make fun of me for not drinking!
70. My other neighbor is a cop- it makes me feel a little safer.
71. I really need to decide on my racing goals/schedule for next year- don't want to get too round this winter.
72. The last 2 years I have stopped working out after my summer races were done- don't let me do this again! So far things are looking up.
73. I love meeting people at races- everyone has a story as to how they got there.
74. One of my biggest fears when racing is that I will be the slowest/come in last- so far I haven't been.
75. I like 10 and 1s. I didn't like them when I did the Learn to Run clinic but they really help me get through the long distances now. I know I can run...
76. Some friends of mine have told me that they never imagined I would do triathlon/long distance running- I don't know if I should be insulted or proud!!
77. I wish exercise didn't cost so much money. I would try lots of things if $$ didn't get in the way.
78. I have 3 pairs of compression socks, one of which needs to be returned because they are too small (gift). I like them, but not as much as my hubby likes his. He wears them all the time!!! Kinda dorky! But he is fast so it's allowed!
79. I like nose breathing- except for the drippy nose.
80. I would like to take an adult stroke improvement swimming class this winter- I think it would really help me become more efficient and faster!
81. When I did the Vulcan Tinman in 2009, it rain, snowed and hailed when I was on the bike. It was June.
82. I have raced in rain, snow and hail. I can workout in anything (but do I want to?)
83. So far Karma has been on my side and I have never gotten a flat while racing/riding my bike. However I have found my bike with a flat tire a couple times after a race or before a ride. Thank you Karma!
84. Someone tried to steal my bike last year in the bike locker at our condo. I would have died!
85. Someone did steal hubby and my seat bags with our spare tubes, levers, tools, etc. We had to stop at the bike store on our way to a race to buy new ones.
86. I like entering Giveaways. Hopefully I will win one of these days.
87. I did my first Virtual Race this month!! That was cool!!
88. Some days I don't feel like running. Then I read a bunch of blogs and get enough motivation to run anyway.
89. I decided to blog because I wanted a record of my progress, and an audience to keep me accountable.
90. I signed up for the next Half Marathon clinic today! Let another training session begin!
91. I am signing up for the Resolution Run on New Years Eve. Maybe I can work on that 5km sub 30 PR.
92. I am going to make a collage of racing/training photos from the past couple of years. Pics to come when done.
93. I really want to run a Disney half/full marathon! For the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February you get a tiara at the finish line! Sign me up!
94. When I first started working out, I never went on the treadmill and always used the Elliptical. Now I hate the Elliptical and prefer running! I used to think runners were crazy!
95. I sometimes think I should get a part time job at Lululemon or Running Room since I spend so much money there anyway.
96. I would like to be an instructor for a Learn to Run clinic someday- I will always remember my LTR instructor.
97. My favourite colours are blue and pink. Most of my tri gear is blue.
98. I really dislike people who walk in the fast lane at the pool.
99. I hate hill repeats (bike and run) but I can see the benefit of them.
100. This took 3 days to complete! Thankfully most of my posts are not this long! If you made it this far, congrats!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I think I am getting sick!! I don't wanna be sick! My head hurts, my back hurts, my throat feels weird and my ears feel plugged. Not good!

Must drink lots of water and load up on vitamin C.

This is what I get for slacking in the exercise department. Still haven't put together a workout schedule on paper but the plan is floating around in my sick head.

Good thing hubby made lots of turkey soup this weekend. Looks like I am going to need it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Heart Running!

Just a quick note to say-

I went for a nice easy 3k run and it is BEAUTIFUL outside! Everyone in the neighborhood is outside working on their yards (like my hubby!) After a three day break it was nice to get outside.

Now to begin the Thanksgiving preparations- I have to whip this house into shape!

Friday, October 8, 2010

~Things I love Friday~

~ My cute cat Milo

~ My Auto Trash Bag from Etsy seller Allyson Hill at The Mod Mobile

~ A good hair cut (and hairdresser!)
Crappy camera phone

~ Cat naps

 Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Can.not.wait for the long weekend!!! Yay Turkey day!!! We are hosting dinner this year and I am looking forward to having all our crazy peeps in one place!

2. Getting my hair done tonight! I haven't had it cut since June (wanted to grow it out intentionally) so it needs a good trim. Just need to decide if I want a couple inches off or just a trim??

3.  Cr@p! I realized late last night that I should not have taken the night off from running as I am busy tonight and tomorrow night. Darn!! That means I will have 3 rest days back to back, and will have to run 3 days back to back to make up for it!! Silly me! I am also going to be working on a training schedule for myself this weekend so stay tuned for that!

What I did last night instead of running.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Virtual Race Report: Race to Finish Lupus- 10K

Like I mentioned here and here, Marcia at Running off at the Mouth is hosting a virtual Race to Finish Lupus. All you have to do is donate minimum $2, and decide to do 10 of something and complete it by 10/10/10 (and let her know about it).

Since I finished my half marathon goal race almost 4 weeks ago I haven't had much motivation to run. I have run a few times every week (I am addicted after all!) but no desire to push myself and 3K has been the most popular distance. I knew I needed a race of some sort to keep me going.

Enter Race to Finish Lupus. I love racing but I dislike the fees. Plus I could run this "race" on my own time, no early morning wake-up calls and I wouldn't have to drive downtown on the weekend (most local races seem to be downtown along the same route). Here is a great cause where my entire "race fee/donation" goes to helping others afflicted by this disease. Sure there isn't any swag  bag, timing chips, medal or crappy shirt (that sits unused in my drawer anyway) but it's enough to keep me motivated.

I have only raced one other 10K (minus my Oly tri 10K) so here was my chance at a PR. My running group had 10K scheduled tonight at race pace (the goal HM race for most people is this weekend) so this seemed like a great time to do this "race." It was also our final clinic :(

I did 10 and 1s so I don't have a per kilometre pace so here are the overall stats:

Total Distance- 10k
Total Time- 1:09:19
Average Pace- 6:56min/km

PR by 4:21 minutes!! Yahoo!!!

Guess all that training has paid off!!

Now what to do next? I am being pressured to join the next Half Marathon clinic (starts October 19th) and I think I am giving in. I have enjoyed running with this group so much!!

* Sadly the only purple I could find for my "race outfit" was my toenail polish! I will spare you those photos!! It was just too chilly to wear a tank top and I don't have any purple tech t-shirts.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday I did a short 3km run in my neighborhood. It was a GORGEOUS day and I overdressed again. It seems we are now getting our summer! Better late than never I guess.

Sunday I skipped my running group run again (bad!) because I really wanted to sleep in. I ran in the afternoon around the pond in my neighborhood. I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and held a pretty decent 5k pace (for moi).

Lap 1- 6:29
Lap 2- 6:38
Lap 3- 6:33
Lap 4- 6:28
Lap 5- 6:33
Total Distance- 5k
Total Time- 32:45
Average Pace- 6:32

I know I can get faster... I just need to push myself. I found that running around the pond really helped me stay focused and not worry about where my next turn would be.

I still haven't signed up for any official races yet, but I have signed up for a virtual race. I mentioned here that Marcia at Running off at the Mouth was hosting a virtual race for the Lupus Foundation. I will be running 10k by 10/10/10. I am running 10k on Tuesday with my running group so I think that will be my "race day". I also have to figure out how to incorporate purple into my "race" outfit.
It isn't too late to help Marcia raise money so if you can spare $2 minimum it would be greatly appreciated!

Kat at Forward Foot Strides has a giveaway! If you are interested in a SPIbelt check out her blog and enter to win!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

~Things I love Friday~

* Since she is so full of good ideas and I love her blog, I am borrowing this from mon petit amour

 ~ I love this pink running shirt from Lululemon!! It's the same one that I own, just in a fun colour!!

~ Only a few more hours left until the WEEKEND!! Can't wait! This has been a trying week...

~ The colours of the leaves are amazing! I really want to buy a nicer camera (any suggestions?) so I can take great photos. Nothing too big, too expensive or that needs a PhD to operate.

~ Less traffic and easier parking on Fridays!

~ Happy 1st Anniversary to our new house!! Guess it isn't really new anymore... I can't believe a whole year has gone by already!