Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Blah Blah Blah!! ***

Yesterday after work I had another massage booked. I have been going to the same clinic the last few times, but I have had a different therapist each time. I think this particular RMT, Danielle is my favourite so far. She asked lots of questions about the accident, where I am sore and what kind of pressure I like. She did a great job of working the muscles enough to make a difference but not make the experience too painful. I also had my first pectoral massage- wow do they ever hurt today!! I made sure to ice again last night so as to not be too sore today and I am still sore!!

I did another spin workout last night- 45 minutes on the trainer watching another One Tree Hill episode. Sure makes the time go by faster!! After spinning I did some core work on the balance board and some stretching to loosen up my muscles. My hammies are pretty tight.

I am so excited that I only have 10 more work days until Christmas holidays!! I really need a holiday!!! We won't be going anywhere too far which is exactly what I want/need. I will be able to get lots of workouts in, plenty of visiting and work on a few projects at home. Bad news is that I have lots of work to do before those holidays start...

I also realized that when I did my online shopping I decided to have everything shipped to my office to ensure nothing gets stolen (as it might if it is just left on my front step). So far this is working well- just as long as everything comes before I go on holidays!

Oh it's going to be another busy weekend... hope to check a few more items off my Christmas Shopping list!

HBBC Update
12/2 Fruits/Veggies 7 servings = 1point
45 min Spin= 4.5 points
20 min Stretching/Core= 1 point
Total Points this week= 26.4 
I have surpassed my points from last week!!!

*** Just realized I had the same blog post title as Meg so I changed mine... such a blonde copycat I am!!

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  1. bahahaha! Love that we had the same titles. TOTALLY great minds think alike :)

    I'm jealous of your massage, but glad it was good!


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