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Race Report- Resolution Run December 31, 2010

Before the race

I had to work on New Year's Eve so after work I went home, had a quick nap and got ready to go back downtown for the Race. I ate my lunch around 1pm and had a small snack around 4:30pm so I wasn't hungry before the start.
It was still a little chilly outside, ~ -15C but I didn't want to overdress. Since I had never worn/run in the bright orange Resolution Run jacket I decided to not wear it for the race- better to stick with something I know! I wore my blue running jacket, 2 long sleeve technical shirts, long johns, running tights, smart wool socks, neck warmer, hat, gloves and my headlamp. I was chilled just standing outside (as you can see in this photo!) but perfect for the race.
Before the race
I didn't feel nervous at all beforehand since I knew I wouldn't have a problem finishing the race and while I had a goal in mind I didn't really think this was the race it would happen (sub 30 minutes).

We ended up meeting with a couple other runners from our Running group and chatted with them before the start. Unfortunately I didn't meet up with Jen as we were running a bit late (haha no pun intended!) and we didn't get a chance to wander around before lining up. Maybe next time!!

Everyone was huddled inside the mall before start so it wasn't super clear when the race was starting. Someone started talking on a megaphone and people started moving towards the doors so I just followed! I ended up crossing the start line about a minute after the race started.


The beginning of the race was pretty chaotic. People were walking, the roadway was slushy and there were cars on the race course as the 1/2KM was on the road (this was funny actually!). It took awhile to get into a rhythm because half the time I was dodging people. Unfortunately I lost way too much time in the 1st KM that I wasn't able to make up.

1K- 7:31 min

Finally around 1.5K people started to spread out and it was easier to pass people. I passed sooo many people- it felt really good! Unfortunately there were a couple places where passing wasn't possible so again the 2nd KM wasn't very close to my goal pace.

2K- 6:45 min

I was starting to feel really warmed up on the 3rd KM. I unzipped my jacket a bit and when the pathway allowed, I passed more people. I couldn't believe how fast the race was going by!

3K- 6:38 min

Finally on the 4th KM I was able to reach my goal pace! I was able to run without dodging people. I did start to feel pretty tired though.

4K- 6:15 min

When we crossed back over the river I knew the end was close. I was really starting to feel bagged and when I looked at my watch it said 30:00. I knew my sub 30 minute goal was over (well I knew that after the 1st km!) but I thought I might be able to get under 32 minutes for a 5K race PR which was a more realistic goal.

I gunned it to the finish line and was so happy when I stopped my watch at 31:44!!! 5K PR, or so I thought! Turns out the course was short- only 4.77km according to my watch.

5K- 5:55 min (0.77K)

What a rip-off!! I was pretty disappointed as I thought I had a 5K PR but if it isn't a 5K it isn't a real PR!! My time "would" have been 33:15 min had it been a true 5K and that isn't a PR (however it would have been a race PR). Either way I am pretty happy as I ran a decent race even though it was short. I ran as hard as I could (when I could) and I definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Still have to work on that speed to get under 30 minutes though. Maybe that will be a 2011 goal?

Hubby and I at the finish line
Post- Race
Hubby was at the finish line when I finished. He did quite well but wasn't able to meet his goal either due to all the congestion at the beginning. We caught up with a couple running buddies and got in line for hot chocolate and cinnamon buns. While we were waiting we saw Deb!! It was pretty neat to meet her as I feel I already know her in a way from blogging! We chatted about the race, the too-short course and all things running/triathlon. We even got to meet her cheering section! We had a great time and I can't wait to meet up at the next race! We didn't think to take a picture though...

After we said goodbye to everyone we headed back home to change for our friends' NYE party. We had a great time ringing in the New Year with some old friends. Still can't believe it is 2011!!!

My NYE drink of choice!
Happy New Year!!

HBBC Update
12/31- Fruits & Veggies, 3M run= 4 points
Total Points this week= 26.5

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  1. Bummer about no PR, but congrats on a good race. It's hard to know where to seed yourself in the milling mob at a race start. And what is it with short or long courses? In this day of GPS they ought to be within a few metres of the stated distance.


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