Wednesday, November 30, 2011

28 Weeks: Third Trimester

How big is Baby Girl N?

Eggplant...still. Her lungs are maturing and her skin is pretty wrinkly.

How did the 3rd trimester creep up on me? It seems like yesterday I found out... and they say time goes by even faster when the baby gets here!

Weight Gain? +1 pound this week, total 15 pounds. I am measuring perfectly which is great (and she is head down)!

Maternity Clothing? I have restrained myself this past week however it is time to seriously consider a new jacket...

Cravings? Christmas oranges!! My favourite fruit!! I could eat 10 of them a day.

Symptoms? A few more foot cramps. My latest blood work results show that my iron levels have "tanked" so I now have to take a liquid iron supplement. Guess that partially explains why my energy has been so low lately.

Sleep? Pretty good.

Workouts? Keepin' active- yoga, swimming and 3 walks

What I am excited for? The baby!

What I miss? After volunteering this weekend, I miss racing.

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? The little hiccups and daily acrobatics.

Baby Purchases? I took advantage of a Cyber Monday sale and bought a Moby Wrap

It will be perfect for the first few months when she is tiny and just wants to be held close. Hubby can also wear it too, which will come in handy on vacuuming day!

I finally broke down and bought a cute sleeper at Costco! I have been eyeing them for years!

Baby Projects? Bought some scrapbook paper to put in a couple frames for the wall collage. Hubby remembered that we had some old frames in the basement so he sanded and painted them white. Love when we can use stuff we already have!

I looked for some fabric to make the crib skirt and a pillow but I didn't find anything remotely close to what I had envisioned. Hopefully I will find something relatively soon as there isn't anything for sale in the stores that will work either.

Pregzilla Moments? One minute I think I have plenty of time left before the baby comes and the next I freak out because it's less than 3 months away!! Time is going by so slowly, yet so quickly at the same time!

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prenatal Yoga DVD Review

I was starting to get pretty bored with the same old (but good) prenatal yoga workout so I ordered another DVD off Amazon that was recommended to me- Element Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

This yoga workout is shorter- only 30 minutes long and is more intense than the other prenatal DVD I have been using. It is closer to what a "regular" yoga class would be like- lots of downward dog, warrior poses, triangle pose, etc.

While it is nice to have a change, I kind of wish I had this DVD at the beginning of my pregnancy as I would have appreciated the more intense workout when my belly wasn't in the way as much!

The nice thing about this DVD is that there is a workout for postnatal as well. I haven't checked it out yet but based on the prenatal workout I think I will like it.

HBBC Update

Monday's Points: 1.5 yoga, 1 mile walk, 1 f&v= 3.5
Total Points Nov 26-Dec 2: 4.5
Total Points: 25.5

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another HBBC Update

Why do I have such a hard time getting workouts in on the weekends? I have more spare time so you think it would be easy!

Needless to say, I just got fruits and vegetable points this weekend. The good news is that I just received a new prenatal yoga DVD in the mail so I will have something new and exciting to keep me motivated!

Total Points for Nov 19-25: 19
Total Points for Nov 26- Dec 2: 1
Total Points: 22

~What I did this Weekend~

Friday I came home to this awesome package in the mail from Shannon at Red Deer Foodie (check out her blog for delicious recipes!). Thank you so much Shannon- I love birds just as much as you do so this was the perfect gift for me!!

The gift had lots of sweets, bird Christmas decorations, tea towels, tags and hot chocolate! Love it all!!

On Saturday I had my usual sleep-in. Hubby had a boys only Christmas get-together in the afternoon so after I dropped him off, I went to the fabric store to find some fabric for the crib skirt and pillow that I am going to attempt to make. No dice- I couldn't find any material remotely close to what I had in mind. Hmmm this is going to be harder than I thought!

When hubby got home, we decorated the Christmas tree!! We have a tree full of mishmash decorations that we have collected over the years- even from our own childhoods! I love decorating it as it brings back so many great memories.

Before decorations

Cute bird from Shannon

Decorating the tree!

Hubby putting the final touch- Angel!!

Completed and ready for Santa!

Sunday morning I got up bright and early to meet Alison and Leigh as we were volunteering at a race. It was a pretty small race, Catch the Elves, but it was fun to see all the people that dressed up (there were elves that the runners had to "catch!") We even ran into Deb who was in the area for a training run!

We worked the food station which involved setting up the food, guarding the food pre-race and then keeping things organized once the racers finished!! It was super fun and I loved hanging out with these girls!

After the race I went home and continued decorating the house (I just realized I forgot a bunch of stuff!).

Milo's cute stocking!

Adorable Starbucks stuffies

There was a massive wind warning for the city so I stayed inside for the rest of the day! Shingles were flying off houses, windows were breaking, and massive trees were being blown over! Our Christmas lights did not get put up!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

No cramps but a kick in the head

Yesterday was a much better day after all the silliness that occurred on Wednesday! My feet are still sore from all that walking! I think I am in need of some major foot massages this weekend--- hopefully my hubby reads this ASAP!

I had another prenatal aquasize class last night. Now that I have been doing this for a couple months, it's nice to see other ladies progress so much (in their pregnancies, not in their aquasize technique!!). One lady mentioned that I have "popped" since last week. I haven't noticed much of a difference.

I decided to forego the "balancing on the noodle" set as it always seems to trigger foot and calf cramps. At this point, sleep is getting interrupted enough as it is that I don't need painful cramps to shoot me out of bed in the middle of the night. Seems to have worked as I didn't have any cramps last night.

However I did get kicked in the face... by the cat. He likes to sleep on my pillow and was intent on hogging the whole thing last night. I can't complain though- he is so cute!

His favourite sleeping spot

He won't even move for
me to make the bed!
He is going to be right bent out of shape when he has to give up his sleeping spot for the baby (not that I will put the baby there, but I would rather him not be in the room with the sleeping baby).

HBBC Update

Total Points this week Nov 19-25: 17
Total Points: 19

Thursday, November 24, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

Picture version

My night stand
So I have a few books and magazines to read! Most of the magazines are running related and half of the books are pregnancy related. The stack keeps getting bigger and bigger!! I finally cancelled all but one magazine subscription because I just can't keep up! 

I can't read in the car, or on the train so my reading time is limited. I have to force myself to put books down at night so I can get a decent amount of sleep.

Truck hits Plus 15
In Calgary we have these amazing covered walkways (known as Plus 15s) that connect buildings in the downtown core. It's great for those blistering cold and windy days. In the winter I use them all the time to get to and from the train station just so I can avoid walking outside as much as possible.

A couple weeks ago, a big truck drove under one and scrapped the entire underside of it. It's hard to tell in the picture but there is debris all over the road and I think a couple of those parked cars were damaged by the wood and metal that fell down.



This is my Tim Horton's cup from yesterday. I had to go there after work because I realized after taking the train back to my car that I didn't have the car keys! My car has the  Intelligent Key keyless entry and ignition system which means that as long as the key is in the car, it will start. You don't have to put the key in the ignition. Normally my keys stay in my purse and I rarely take them out- except when I go for a group run/walk since obviously I am not bringing my purse for that! Well it turns out I did forget to put the key back in my purse and for the first time ever, hubby had grabbed the spare key (without my knowledge) which is why the car worked the next morning. So all along I though I had the key but really it was because hubby had a key! 

Obviously I wasn't too impressed to be stranded at the train station so I walked to the nearest Tim Horton's and waited for hubby to pick me up from there. What a day!

(I don't know why I can't get rid of the text background)

HBBC Update

Without getting into all the details, I walked a lot yesterday, mostly in non-walking shoes (aka high heeled boots) but I am counting those miles anyway!!  I also went for a short walk with Penny in the crazy wind last night. It's true- exercise does lift your spirits!

Total Points this week Nov 19-25: 12 (3 miles walking, 7 servings of fruit & veggies)
Total Points: 14

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Americans!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HBBC Update

Quick update to say that I walked 2 miles yesterday and ate 9 servings of fruit and vegetables!!

Three more points for this girl!

Total Points this week Nov 19-25: 8
Total Points: 10

27 Weeks: Final week of 2nd trimester

How big is Baby Girl N?

Her lungs are developing and she is practicing inhaling and exhaling. She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals and opening and closing her eyes. She is very active now (yup, I noticed that!).

Weight Gain? Down 1 pound from last week, so total +14 pounds. More veggies, less sweets.

Maternity Clothing? I bought the cutest long sweater from H&M that is not maternity. It is so warm and perfect for the chilly temps we have been experiencing lately.

Cravings? Fruit and veggies (that's what I am telling myself!)

Symptoms?  Braxton hicks, sore feet if I walk/stand too much, tired and dry eyes. I also had some bad leg cramps during swimming and at night. I keep having to jump out of bed (which is a feat in itself) to stretch my calf to work out the cramp. Ouch!

Sleep? I have no problems getting lots of sleep on the weekends but during the week it's a challenge. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and just feel uncomfortable. It's only going to get worse before it gets better I keep being told.

Workouts? It was a light week for workouts- 1 walk, 1 swim and 1 strength training session.

What I am excited for? Christmas!!

What I miss? Sleeping soundly.

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Feeling baby hiccup for the first time!! It felt like a light kick over and over again in the exact same spot! It was the neatest feeling.

Baby Purchases? I bought an ipod player for the nursery. Just need to download a bunch of soothing songs and sounds to help her sleep. I also found a couple things on Kijiji- bassinet stand (we will use the bassinet that came with our stroller for the early days) and some baby girl clothes.

Bassinet and stand

Baby Projects? Stand still but for now I will share a picture of the chandelier that hubby put up. I love it!!

Wish list? More energy and time in the day.

Pregzilla Moments? Hubby thinks the road rage is worse. I think it's the same as always.

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Points for Me!!

My first HBBC workout was last night!

It was a super intensive, twisty, sweaty and technical yoga session... okay, I lied, it was just my regular prenatal yoga DVD. We had dinner plans so as soon as I got home I went downstairs to get a workout in. My heart was only half into it but by the 2nd half I figured I might as well put some effort into the workout! Plus I had an audience (the cat).
I think I am getting bored of this DVD and need to switch it up. Time to find a new prenatal yoga DVD!!

I also managed quite easily to get my 7+ servings of fruits and veggies in. I had fruit for breakfast, and snack and veggies for lunch, snack and dinner! Prepping veggies ahead of time definitely helps!


HBBC Update

Total Points this week Nov 19-25: 5
Total Points : 7

Monday, November 21, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

What a deep freeze it was! On Friday we went to our friends' house for dinner. Our god daughter is growing so much!! I can't believe she is almost 6 months!

Saturday I did stuff around the house all day to avoid going outside! It was so cold out there, close to -20C. Hubby's cousin, her husband and their 2 year old came for a quick visit. Jordan is such a cutie but they aren't lying about the terrible twos! I am really wondering what I got myself into! They say girls aren't as hyper... It also helped us know what we need to do to childproof our house when the time comes.
That evening I went to a bridal shower and hubby went to a bachelor party. It was a late night for both of us.

On Saturday, I texted my running instructor and she said they wouldn't be going for a walk the next morning with the practice club as they were dealing with a dying furnace. Since the last thing I wanted to do was go for a walk in -20C by myself, I stayed snuggled in bed on Sunday morning.

It started off as a very lazy day doing stuff around the house. I picked our Christmas baking recipes and made the grocery list. I suddenly got a burst of energy and decided to run out and do some Christmas shopping at 3:00pm. It wasn't hugely successful-  I hate it so much when I have a list of things to buy and I can't find any of them! Since hubby was under the weather, I went grocery shopping. Again I couldn't find a few things I needed for Christmas baking. It's a conspiracy!

The rest of the night I baked some muffins (Almond and Poppy Seed- not bad) and relaxed. I wanted to do a yoga workout but my feet were killing me so I thought it was best to put them up than try to balance on one foot!


HBBC Update

This amazing challenge officially started on Saturday and I have a whopping 2 points to add- all for eating 7 servings of fruits & veggies. This was not a weekend of workouts. Last night I cut up a bunch of fruit & vegetables so it should be easy to get the healthy eating points.

Points this week Nov 19-25: 2
Points Total: 4

Friday, November 18, 2011

Freezing Friday but it's Ok!

Ahhh it's Friday again! We woke up to a light dusting of snow and -20C. Winter is officially here. While I won't say I like winter, I will admit that the snow and cooler temps have me excited for Christmas! Only 6ish more weeks to go! Means I better start baking, decorating, shopping and listening to Christmas music!!

Here are some random thoughts going through my head:

- HBBC starts tomorrow! Bring on the veggies, low impact/intensity workouts and spreadsheet! Love!
-  This week I had the pleasure of meeting a couple bloggers, and catching up with a couple others I have met before. Thanks for a great visit Kristen, Heather, Baby Zoey, Leana and Leigh!
- Prenatal swimming has started up again- and so have the leg cramps! Ouch!
- I can't wait to snuggle with my god-daughter tonight! She has the cutest smiles and the chubbiest cheeks!
- Need to start on my Christmas cards and decorating the house! Sounds like a good way to stay warm this weekend!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

26 Weeks: Nursery Progress

How big is Baby Girl N?

Her features and senses are growing. She is also taking breaths of amniotic fluid.

Weight Gain? I forgot to weight myself so I will have to update later.

Maternity Clothing? I found a dress for a Christmas party and wedding that we are attending! It wasn't as hard as I thought- however it will be interesting to see how the dress fits when I am 9 months versus 7 months at the Christmas party!

Cravings? Seem to be in check. Really trying to increase my vegetable intake, so it's good that HBBC is right around the corner!

Symptoms? Braxton Hicks seem to be easing up. My belly button is getting flatter. Bending over and stairs are getting harder because the belly is getting in the way.

Sleep? Good now that I purchased the most amazing pillow ever! It is a pregnancy pillow, nursing pillow and baby pillow (supervised) all in one!

Workouts? Four walks and one yoga session. Active, but not intense.

What I am excited for? Christmas time! Baking, decorating, festive music, spending time with friends and family and holidays!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Feeling all the crazy kicks! They never get old!

Baby Purchases? We bought (most) of our nursery furniture and hubby eagerly set it all up! The nursery is slowly coming together and my list of to-do/to-buy is shrinking which makes this planner happy! Also a local baby store was closing one of it's locations so I bought a car seat cover (much needed in our winters!), a bassinet sheet and a few other items. I love sales!

Baby Projects? Still working on putting together the nursery. I don't plan on having all the decorating 100% done before she is born as I think it would be nice to add things over time and I don't want to clutter up the room. I am on the hunt for nice picture frames as I want to do a photo and art collage on one wall.

Wish list? A vacation somewhere warm, preferably with a beach or pool! Guess I have to settle for my prenatal aquasize class!

Pregzilla Moments? When hubby put the crib together with the warning sticker on the outside. It looks bad doesn't it? The rail will have to be rotated around so the sticker is on the inside- early reading material for babe.

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Race Photos...

Last month, hubby and I had a mini- photo shoot. Initially I booked the photographer to take "couple" shots but since it took awhile to actually book the session, it became more of a maternity shoot. I am pleasantly surprised with the results (since I am my own biggest critic)!

We had lots of fun posing, laughing and just walking through Fish Creek Park. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and the weather was perfect!

Here are a few of the pictures---

And a few more...

I love them all! Now to decide which ones to frame!

Wow- these were only taken 3 weeks ago (23 weeks) and already my belly has grown a ton!

Monday, November 14, 2011

~What I did this Weekend~

Oh what a busy long weekend it was! Very productive I must say.

Thursday night I had a hair appointment and afterwards hubby and I went out for dinner. We also had to clean the house top to bottom as we were having company on Friday night and we were both going to be busy all day long Friday. It was quite the workout and my body was feeling it after 2.5 hours straight cleaning. Guess I should take it easy now!

That night I suffered from either food poisoning or something nasty as I was up half the night puking. It wasn't morning sickness or pregnancy related. Thankfully by Friday morning I was feeling almost 100% better so I continued with my plans to meet my sister for a day of Christmas shopping. We sure picked the wrong day! Everyone and their stroller was at the mall! I actually wish I had brought mine just to carry my bags! My feet and legs were so sore after 5 hours of walking.

It was a relatively productive shopping day, followed by a nice dinner with hubby's grandparents. Lucky ducks were on their way south for the winter.

Saturday I had plans with a good friend I haven't seen in ages to go... shopping! I sure am a glutton for punishment! I bought a few more gifts and managed to be in the mall for only 3 hours this time! Hubby had a scotch tasting that night and I was meeting up with the other wives/girlfriends. We went for dinner and a movie- Martha Marcy May Marlene. It was... interesting. If you want to watch a movie that you makes you go "WTF?" from beginning to end, this is it.

After a late night, I still managed to get up for the group run/walk (they run, I walk) on Sunday. It was super chilly with the wind but I managed to bundle up. Just when I had dressing for running in the cold figured out, I now have to switch to dressing for walking in the cold! Here's hoping my winter parka continues to fit. We walked 5.56K in just under an hour.

You will never guess what we did for the rest of the day... shopping! This time it was all baby related. Hubby spent the rest of the evening setting up all the furniture. A crib makes it even more real now!

So that was my busy weekend- walking, shopping and socializing!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Long weekend coming up!! I slightly overbooked myself though. Hopefully with all the shopping trips I have planned I will make a dent in my Christmas list! I am looking forward to visiting with some friends I haven't seen in a long time.

Lest we forget
Thank you!

2. Hair appointment today! I really like my pregnancy hair- shiny, growing quickly (which is a plus and a minus), thicker. Not looking forward to the post-partum hair loss though. I also like the fact that all these low intensity workouts can be done without affecting my hair and makeup- meaning I can sneak in a workout in between work and going out in the evening where as with a run I have to shower and re-apply my face and re-do my hair to make myself presentable. So a 30 minute run ends up taking 1.5 hours! I am so envious of guys (and those girls) that can go for a run/high intensity workout and return looking like they didn't lift a finger.

Don't worry- I haven't given up on running. I like how it makes me look and feel!

3. Pizza and ice cream- that's what I had for dinner last night! Yum! See honey, I can cook!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

25 Weeks: Movement galore!

How big is Baby Girl N?

Apparently she knows what is up and down now and is growing more fat and hair!!

Weight Gain? Up 3 pounds!!! Total is now 13 pounds. Oh well- no point in stressing.

Maternity Clothing? Nothing new. I have been browsing online for a Christmas party dress... I also think my winter jacket won't be fitting me too much longer. I really hoped I could get away with not buying a new one but I just spend too much time outside to not be able to do up my jacket in -20C.

Cravings? Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Why can't I crave salad?

Symptoms? Round ligament pain, and lots of Braxton Hicks (not painful but annoying)

Sleep? Going downhill and quickly! I can nap like crazy but at night I toss and turn. I can't seem to get comfortable. It's a vicious circle.

Workouts? I had another good week- 6 workouts! Two strength training sessions, 2 walks, a swim and prenatal yoga.

What I am excited for? A three-day weekend! A day hanging out with my sis!

What I miss? My belly button ring! Last week I took it out as it was starting to get uncomfortable and the bottom ball that is normally in my belly button was sticking out. It doesn't look as bad as I thought it would and it feels so much better now!

Memorable Pregnancy Moments? Watching the crazy acrobatics going on inside me. This child seriously doesn't sit still.I will be honest- some of the movement is kinda creepy but overall it's the best feeling ever!

Baby Purchases? The change pad cover came in the mail! Also I bought a Lululemon bag that had good reviews as a diaper bag. I haven't decided if I will keep it or not, but it's an option! I LOVE the colour!

Wrapped up change pad cover

Triumphant Tote

Baby Projects? We haven't done anything since putting the decals up in the nursery. We have plenty of time (I think?)

Pregzilla Moments? I stressed majorly about the belly button ring removal but I am over it now.

Weekly Belly Pic