Monday, December 31, 2012

~A Christmas 2012 Recap~

Christmas has come and gone for another year.
It was a special one seeing as it was Audrey's first Christmas. Of course she really had no clue what was going on but I think she had a good time!

Ever since hubby and I were dating, we have always alternated Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with our families. This year, we spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his.

Christmas Eve

We drove out to my sister's house, about a 45 minute drive, in the afternoon. We had a nice, relaxing evening filled with drinks, yummy appetizers, too much chocolate,  and a lot of laughter.

Audrey loves dogs!

She couldn't stop grinning!

Laughing with her cousins

Making music

My smiley girl!

Eating some chicken wings

Fascinated by the gift tag

Loves paper

Auntie helping her unwrap her new puppy

More presents to unwrap!

"My Auntie Rocks!"

More unwrapping

The wrapping paper was more fun than the gift inside!

Tasty book
I love Christmas traditions so we decided to start some new ones for our little family and carry on some from when we were little.

I love the Christmas PJ tradition where everyone gets new Pjs on Christmas Eve to wear Christmas morning. We didn't do this growing up so this is something we have started in our own family.

Opening our new PJs

Again-- she's more interested in the wrapping paper.

Yay- new PJs!

Another tradition that we are carrying on from Hubby's childhood is reading "Twas the Night before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. We received the book for Christmas last year for Audrey's impending arrival.

Audrey and her cousins listening to the story

Audrey was quite excited and ripped the first page! She had to sit on her cousin's lap after that!

We also always try to make a point to take group pictures at Christmas.

My amazing lil' family

The boys (minus one cousin)

The girls (minus one cousin-in-law)

Grandma and her Granddaughters (missing one)

Olivia loves her baby cousin

Christmas Day

Audrey didn't have the greatest sleep so she was up early at 7am. She also woke up with a runny nose-- not a nice present! I think that was the earliest I have woken up on Christmas Day in a lonnnng time!

Stockings filled to the brim

Plates-- Audrey had to try them out

Little People toys

"My First Christmas"

Digging to the bottom...

Her own set of measuring spoons!!
Favourite toy in Phoenix


Peel and all

After a delicious eggs benedict breakfast made by Hubby, we went upstairs to see what Santa left under the tree.


Christmas morning

She has this unwrapping thing down

A toy!

Getting some help from Mom

Santa brought me books!!

Milo photobombing. He loves Christmas!

Bows and tags are her fav!
Milo hanging out on wrapping paper

Clothes?? Sweet!

Posing with Daddy

This bow is way cooler than all those clothes

Audrey's big present from Grandma W

Yay! My very own phone and activity table!
Activity cube from Auntie

 Audrey was obviously spoiled rotten!

Santa, my friends and family also showered me with gifts! Wow- I'm so speechless at all the thoughtful things! I got scarves (my favourite!), socks (so practical but soooo needed!), pandora charms (star and purple murano glass), slipper boots, so many nail polish colours, tea, chocolate, makeup, skin care products, a Kate Spade purse in my favourite colour, books, a candy thermometer and so much more.

Spoiled rotten!

After we opened gifts it was nap time for Audrey and for me to get ready. When she woke up, we had a nice Skype call with my Dad and Grandpa in Ontario. Miss them so much! Wish we could see them more often. They adore Audrey!!

In the afternoon, we went over to Hubby's parents' house to continue the Christmas celebrations. Lots more gift opening, indulging in decadent foods and laughter.

Dressed up for Christmas Day
Little red nose and cheeks :(

Trying to reach all her gifts

Eating books might be her favourite thing

Unfortunately, Audrey's cold got worse as the day went on so she wasn't very happy with all the nose wiping. Despite how she felt, she just wanted to party so refused her afternoon nap which only meant she felt worse!! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures which really upsets me since for the first time in 25+ years? hubby's grandparents were there to celebrate (they normally snowbird in Arizona).

You are supposed to eat these blocks right?

Playing with Karina and Uncle Walter

Enough of this!

Learning to share
Helping Grandma & Grandpa open gifts

Karina (our Goddaughter) opening gifts

Playing with Grandpa

Grandpa & Grandma trying to show Audrey
what you are really supposed to do with the blocks

Audrey and cousin L
Of course, Audrey's sickness didn't affect her appetite. She gobbled up the turkey, potatoes, turnips and stuffing. This girl has a hollow leg like her father!

Due to the lack of afternoon nap, we left fairly early so Audrey could go to bed. No crazy late nights drinking and playing games like in past years. Times are changing!!

This year we missed an important Auntie and Uncle who are off travelling the world on a grand adventure. Since Audrey couldn't say it in person, she sent them a cute email to say Merry Christmas! It only took about 50 tries to get these! She just wanted to eat the sign!

We miss you both lots and hope you are having the time of your lives!!

And that's our amazing first Christmas with Audrey!!