Tuesday, January 17, 2012

High Maintenance Gal

I am stealing this post idea from Amber who recently wrote about her daily low-maintenance beauty routine.

I will be the first to admit that I am pretty high maintenance. I like make-up and having my hair done nicely, even just for a low-key day. Part of it comes from the fact that I always do my hair and makeup so when I don't, people assume that I am sick. I guess I have set the expectation that I always look "put together" so when I don't, people really notice.

I am also interested to see how my routine changes with the added responsibility of a baby. People tell me I will barely have time to shower and lucky if I can run a brush through my hair some days. I am determined to not have that happen to me- at least not on a regular basis.

I have a lot of beauty products- some I used religiously every single day, others I use only on special occasions or if needed. For the most part this post is about my regular daily routine.

1. Moisturizer. Living in Calgary, you need this badly, especially in the winter. It is so dry here. If I don't put moisturizer on 2x a day, my face flakes off- literally.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

2. Basic makeup products that I use on a daily basis- I have about 5x the amount of makeup so I do rotate different colours but to keep it simple this is what I was using the other day when I took this picture.

From right to left (since this is the way I put the products on).

Right Bottom- Prime Time eyelid liner (helps prevent eyeshadow from creasing)
Right Middle & Top- Eyeshadows- I have many, many more colours that I alternate through regularly.
Centre Right- Eyebrow pencil, eye liner crayon and mascara
Centre Bottom- Skin Colour corrector- I only use the green colour in this wheel. It helps cover up my red undertones so I look less like a tomato!
Centre Top- Liquid foundation. Evens out my skin tone and covers any imperfections.
Centre Left- Highlighter- I use this under my eyes to mask any dark circles that I get from lack of sleep. I use one from Lancome. Love it!
Left Bottom- Bronzer- gives me that summer glow even in the winter! I feel so pale without a bit of bronzer every day
Bottom Top- Blush to add a bit of colour back into my checks (after I covered up my natural rosiness that I don't like!)

This makeup routine generally takes me about 10-15 minutes to do.

3. Hair Routine. There are two hair routines that I follow. First is if I shower at night (which I do during the week- saves me time in the AM) and second is if I shower in the morning which happens more often on the weekends.

Shower at night- My hair is dry but all over the place since I probably let it air dry over night while I slept. The easiest thing for me to do is pop my hair into hot rollers as soon as I get up so they can set while I do my makeup.

Love my hot rollers!
The nice thing about doing hot rollers is that it takes less than 5 minutes of "labour" to put them in and after I have done my makeup/gotten dressed ~25 minutes, my hair is set and I just have to take the curlers out and spritz with hair spray. Takes very little effort on my part and it looks pretty good for the entire day.

Extra hold hair spray


Shower in the morning- since I have to blow dry my hair anyway, using hot rollers doesn't save me anytime. Plus it's nice to have some variation in hair style!

Hairdryer, round brush, flat iron
While blow drying/straightening my hair doesn't take that much time, it is far more labour intensive for me. I actually have to do some work! I have to section off my hair, round brush it and then go over it with the flat iron to smooth it out. It probably takes closer to 20 minutes to do which isn't that long in the grand scheme but it also tends not to stay as nice as long. Pieces fly away, bend the wrong way, get kinked, etc.

Hair products

I use a few more products on the straight days because I need to protect my hair from the heat of the blow dyer and flat iron (Bumble and Bumble Styling lotion), hairspray to keep everything in place and Redken Outshine lotion to smooth, and reduce frizz/static.


Using the hot rollers is definitely the lazy way around doing my hair, but it looks dressier and as though I put more effort into it!

On a regular work day it takes me 30-40 minutes to get ready. Showering at night really helps save time!!

Are you high maintenance and not ashamed to admit it?? Did you "beauty routine" change once you had children?


  1. I am pretty low maintenance in the mornings....I prefer sleep over doing lots of make up! I do always put on make up even if it's not a lot in the morning. I also shower at night and flat iron my hair then and then just touch it up in the morning. I love mornings where I have my hair in the pony tail, so it takes me less then 10 minutes to get ready!

  2. Well you already know how low maintenance I am. I will say though that I was really "letting myself go" before Christmas. I was rarely showering in the mornings and 9 times out of 10 I was just throwing my hair in a messy bun, poufing my bangs back with a bobby pin and throwing on mascara. This is fine for some days but when you do it EVERY DAY you start to feel kind of blah. Since getting my hair cut at the end of December I've been showering in the morning and blowdrying my hair out and actually styling it, as well as doing my makeup a bit better (all the stuff I talked about in my earlier post) takes me 20-25 mins tops for shower + style hair + make-up but it makes me feel WAY better throughout the day. I just feel more put together and that in turn makes me feel better about myself.

    I think I was just tired before Christmas and in desperate need of a vacation. Ha!

    Anyways, that was a long rambling comment but was something I started thinking about while reading your post. Also, I've NEVER put hot rollers in my own hair! I'm not sure I'd even know how to do it!

  3. I noticed that you ALWAYS look nice. Makes me feel like maybe I should get a little more high-maintenance! As for with baby, my best advice is to get up before baby wakes up in the morning and have your shower and get ready then. Having baby on a schedule works really well for this. MY other piece of advice is that if you need to shower while baby is awake, just bring her into the bathroom with you or give her some time to play in her crib. I know too many moms who won't do anything that isn't 100% focused on baby while baby is awake! I am a firm believer that life still continues with baby - they're not going to die, or become an underachiever or feel neglected if you're not giving them attention 100% of the time! Ha ha. Oops, now I rambled too. Keep up the good work - you look great!

  4. Having a baby didn't change how often I showered. I would put Henry in his bouncy chair and he would sit in the bathroom while I showered and got ready. Being clean is important. In the early days for your healing, and because (for me at least) I was always covered in breast milk and spit up.

    I don't get all ready as often, just because I think make up is bad for your skin all the time. I used to have regular acne and since I stopped putting concealer on every single day, my skin is amazing! Now I don't need makeup. Just some eye makeup sometimes. WIN.

    I usually wear my hair up because Henry pulls it. So instead of drying it, I throw it in a bun. I think it looks nice! I hope I'm not the only one :)

  5. Unless I have somewhere to be in the morning, I get ready in stages. First thing in the morning, after Zoey is fed, I put her on her play mat and hop in the shower. After that it depends on her mood. Sometimes I have time to do a quick make-up right after the shower, but sometimes when I get out she is ready to not be playing alone, so I throw on clothes and play with her. I'll do my hair and make-up when she takes her first nap.

    That being said, the first week I don't think I even brushed my teeth. So don't get upset if after the first week or two you're a total mess and not at all "yourself". It takes a bit of time to realize you can leave your baby alone for a few minutes and she won't fall apart. My first shower when I was alone with Zoey was about 2 minutes and she screamed the whole time. BUT, she survived! It only got easier for both of us from there.

    Now, I tend to shower at night mostly and then "do" my hair in the morning. I also have drastically reduced the amount of make-up I wear.

  6. If it's important to you, you'll be able to keep it up. It's really hard to predict what kind of baby you'll have or how high maintenance they'll be. Worst case, you shower when hubby is home in the evenings.

    I'd also suggest getting a sling, wrap, or carrier of some type. If you end up with a croupy baby or one that needs to be held all the bloody time, it is a lifesaver to be able to put them in a wrap and be handsfree.


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