Thursday, May 31, 2012

~What we've been up to!~

We have been so busy I haven't had a spare moment to recap it all!

On Saturday, I had my hair done which also marked the longest time I have been away from Audrey to date! Three full hours and I missed her dearly! She did really well hanging out with Daddy and drank her bottle without a fuss. She played with Grandma and went down for a nap but of course woke up as soon as I got home! It was nice to have some child-free time but I felt like I was missing a body part the entire time!

New hair cut
I cut off about 2 inches and it seems soooo short now! Unfortunately the postpartum hair loss has kicked in so we thought it was best to take a few inches off now before I felt like I was losing all my hair!

On Sunday, Audrey and I made the trek downtown on the train- her first time outside of utero- to watch Daddy finish his half marathon. She was a little trooper and behaved quite well. I was a little worried how things would go since she generally doesn't like being in her Baby Hawk Mei Tai carrier for more than 45 minutes but there was no way I was bringing down the stroller to that finish line gongshow!

On the train

She actually did quite well and only freaked out after 2 hours when we walked by a loud speaker that screamed in her ear while she was trying to sleep.

We were able to see Daddy finish (in 2:02 untrained!! Unfair!!) but I couldn't get any pictures as Audrey decided that was the time to eat!

In my spectating outfit to stay warm!

The three of us- you can barely see Audrey's fingers!

Half marathon finisher!

We also went looking at running strollers on the weekend. Unfortunately I lost the Chariot vs. Bob battle since the Bob does not have an adjustable handle and my 6'4 hubby needs a higher handle. Funny enough when he was looking at Chariots at the store the other day, a man approached him saying he had a practically brand new Chariot that he was willing to sell. Hubby checked it out and bought it.

Audrey's new ride aka The Daddy Stroller

Our first clinic session started up on Tuesday and we hadn't bought the Chariot yet so Grandma looked after Audrey while we ran. We did 4K and it was hard but felt so good at the same time! We only took two breaks at lights but the rest of the time I ran which is great considering I have only been doing 5 and 1s. Thankfully I had a good running partner to keep me going as I surely would have walked if I had been on my own!

Last night was Audrey's first ride in the Chariot and she didn't make a peep as long as the stroller was moving!! Hubby said it was super easy to push but it took a bit to figure out arm pumping and just getting your stride right. Turns out I am going to have to push A for my first long run this Sunday since Hubby will be out of town. Luckily I had a few other runners offer to help so I won't be too far behind!

All I can say after 2 runs and a 4.5k walk, my legs are sooooo sore!! Ouch! It's so nice to be back on the trails!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Fri-day!!

I'm excited for this weekend for a few reasons:

1) I'm getting my hairs cut tomorrow!! Three hours of pampering for this Mama coming up!! I'm leaving A at home with Daddy and a bottle so fingers crossed I don't come home to major meltdowns!

2) Hopefully finding a running stroller of some sort- Half Marathon clinic starts on Tuesday and I won't be carrying Audrey while running 4K!

3) Spectating Hubby and a bunch of other friends including Leigh and Heather while they run the Calgary Half Marathon. Should be interesting since I plan on "wearing" Audrey in a baby carrier. If it's anything like last year it's going to be complete organized chaos so should be fun navigating that with a baby. This weekend also marks 1 year since I raced!! I ran the 10k last year.

4) Wearing my new Toms that arrived in the mail the other day! I want a bunch of other colours now but I must restrain myself!

5) Spending time with my hubby!! He works so much and we miss him during the day! 

6) Continuing with the 30 Day Shred. I found Level 1 on YouTube and since we have Apple TV I can stream it to our upstairs TV and workout while Audrey stares at me from her swing!! It's a short 20 minute workout so I plan to do it on the days that I don't run. So far I have done 1 day! It's a great workout and I really hope to see results in... 30 days!!

I'm just hoping the weather stays nice so we can enjoy some outdoor time!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Had a lovely visit today with Heather and Lil' Zoey! It was nice to chat with another mom about babies AND running! Good luck with your half this weekend!! Hopefully next time we get together the weather will cooperate and we can go for a walk or run!

2. I have my first 'Mom' cold. It sucks! Hopefully it goes away soon as I'm tired of the running nose, sore throat, no voice and headache. Can't very well stay in bed to sleep it off either.

3. The big debate at our house- BOB running stroller vs. Chariot. I'm voting for BOB but we won't decide until hubby actually tries both. He will be the one primarily pushing Audrey while running. Now if a free one would just show up at my door step we wouldn't have to make this decision!!

Audrey: 3 months

See the difference from Two Months
See the difference from One Month

Sleep- Still not consistent but getting there. We did have some good weeks of only 1 wake-up which is great for a breastfeeding baby but we are back to 2-3 wake ups a night.
Her naps are also all over the place. Most naps are in something moving- swing, car, stroller. Crib naps only last 1 sleep cycle ~20 minutes which isn't long enough for this girl!

Eating- Her nickname is "hungry hippo!" This girl likes to eat and frequently. It's not that big of a deal- as long as I remember to feed her before we hit the road as screaming- hungry baby in the car isn't fun!

Playing- she's starting to bat at toys with purpose. She's bored with her play mat right now but I think she will find it interesting again in another week or so- just needs some change for now. We just got her a Bumbo chair and she seems to enjoy that for short periods of time. Her neck is still not quite strong enough for it so she gets tired but she likes sitting in it and watching me do whatever (usually folding laundry!).

Tummy Time- Audrey dislikes being on her tummy! It's recommended so that 1) they don't get a malformed head and 2) to help strengthen their shoulders, chest and neck. I try to do tummy time on my chest as much as possible since she is a bit more tolerant of that but not much!

Milestones- Rolling isn't considered a milestone technically but as a Mom I think it's one!! Audrey rolled from back to front for the first time when she was 11 weeks old! Such an advanced child! She tried doing it lots that first week, succeeded a few times but now doesn't seem to be motivated to do it. Maybe she realized that it wasn't all that great since she hates being on her tummy!! Either way it was fun to watch and cheer her on but I don't mind that she doesn't do it that often.

Getting out- we are still busy doing things out of the house. We visit lots of friends, go to Baby classes, shop, walk lots and run errands. Audrey is a pretty good traveller although she still hates stop lights and isn't very patient! Just like her Mama!!

Weight/Clothes- At 11 weeks she was 11 pounds, 11oz (50th percentile) and 23 3/4 inches (75th percentile) long. She hasn't been weighed since then so not sure exactly how much she weighs now but she's definitely gaining! She's growing out of her 3 month clothes.

Cloth Diapers- I did a trial of 5 different diapers and ended up keeping 4 of the brands. I liked some more than others so purchased enough for 3 days. They are bulkier than I like but they keep the poopsplosions in and are 'oh so cute' with their pretty colours and prints!!

Personality- Audrey is definitely a drama queen!! You have exactly 10 seconds to figure out what's wrong before she goes into full-on melt down mode! She loves attention and will whine if you aren't playing or tickling her. It's ok- she's cute and I don't mind paying attention to her. She laughs and giggles which is the sweetest! She likes being tickled by hair on her face and giggles when her Daddy pretends to eat her feet! I can't get enough of it!

Oh how we love her!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Official!!

I've signed up for my first race post-baby!

I bit the bullet and signed up for the Stampede Road Race 5K on July 9th. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but it's about the experience right? Plus my sis signed up too- it's her first race ever! I'm so excited that we can share this experience together!!

Now to start training consistently! Not sure what my goal will be yet- I promised my sis that I would run with her, however I suspect she might be faster than me right now so we shall see! I would love to do a sub 30 minute 5K but I don't think that's realistic for this race so I'm not even going to put that out there!

I have about 8 weeks to train... just waiting for baby to fall asleep (which is proving to be difficult) so I can go for a run!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grandpa M Comes to Visit

My Dad came from Ontario to meet Audrey for the first time. He was just smitten with her and just wanted to hold or play with her the entire time! It was pretty sweet to see him with her!

One highlight of the trip was going to Banff for a day. My Dad always loves the mountains (he used to live out here) and we are always up for any excuse to head to the mountains.

Mountain Sheep on the side of the road

We decided to hike Johnston Canyon which surprisingly was my first time on that trail. It's a pretty popular spot- it's even paved but it's so pretty so I can see why so many people go there. Hubby got an extra workout by strapping Audrey to himself in the carrier- so glad we didn't bring the stroller on the hike! Some people did and they were carrying it at points!!

There are several waterfalls and the canyon is just spectacular! We will definitely have to do this hike again!

Crooked tree at the beginning of the trail

One of many waterfalls along the trail

Daddy and Audrey in the Baby Hawk

Lower Falls

We wandered around main street and of course a visit to Banff isn't complete without a stop at Bow Falls.  They are very full at this time of the year.
Bow Falls with Grandpa M

Mommy and Audrey

Beautiful Bow Falls

Happy Audrey

 Banff Springs Hotel

For dinner we went tried some place new- Bistro Cafe de Paris. It has a gorgeous view of the mountains and the food is soooo good!! Love finding a new place to eat!

Enjoying a Charcuterie 

Enjoying dinner

We also had a great visit with my sister and her family! It was wonderful to have our family together again- it's been so long. We laughed lots, ate delicious food and tasted a few new beverages- ice wine (so good!) and Chartreuse which is an acquired taste! I enjoyed it but a few others found it way too overpowering!

As always, the visit was way too short and went by so fast. It's always hard to say goodbye, especially when you aren't too sure when the next visit will be but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Maybe we will go visit him next time!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And she's rolling...

I knew this day would come but it seems so soon!!

Audrey hates tummy time so I thought for sure we had a good few weeks before she reached the rolling milestone. I had noticed a couple days ago that she was kicking her legs up in the air and swinging them over but thought nothing of it.

Last week she started to move around on her mat a bit with all her kicking and leg throwing up. I'd put her horizontal under the toys and she would end up vertical.

The other day (Tuesday) hubby took Audrey downstairs in the morning so I could catch a few more zzzzs and I could hear him talking to her while I dozed. All the sudden I heard him squeal. He brought her upstairs and said "Guess what Audrey just did?" Of course I knew right away as I was actually dreading her rolling over since I now have to watch her every move!

She doesn't get all the way over every time but she sure gives it a try!! She moves around on her mat in circles trying to roll over! It's fun to watch and cheer her on. Sometimes she gets frustrated and starts to whimper. She also doesn't really like it when she gets over to her tummy which I think is funny!

Oh my, she's growing up...

I did get a video of her rolling but I don't know how to upload it and don't have time to figure it out so you will just have to take my word for it!

Playing on her mat

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

~My First Mother's Day~

Every morning I wake up and feel so blessed to live this amazing life, but on Sunday it was even more special than it normally is which I didn't know was possible!

On Saturday morning, after a rough night with Audrey (sleep regression), hubby told me he wanted to give me my gift. It was a Keurig coffee maker!! I had mentioned getting one months ago- up until Audrey was born I never drank coffee at home. Our coffee maker sat unused in our pantry for years. I had been using it recently and the other week when getting ready in the morning to meet my sister and mom, I was just headed out the door when I realized that I forgot to turn on the coffee maker!! I complained to my sis that I was running late because of it so she immediately texted hubby to give him the gift idea!

On Sunday morning hubby let me sleep in again while he started prepping for brunch and took care of Audrey who did not give me the gift of sleeping through the night :( When I woke up, they surprised me with a beautiful handmade card and "A" charm for my Pandora bracelet. The card made me cry many happy tears- I'm so lucky to have such a sweet and amazing husband!! Without him I wouldn't have our amazing daughter.

Mother's Day gift from Audrey

Hubby's brother, fiancée and mom came over for brunch. Hubby made gluten-free Crepes so that Audrey wouldn't break out in a rash. They were so delicious! We had both savoury and sweet ones which I devoured, along with Mimosas and homemade lemonade. Gee I sure have a talented and thoughtful hubby!!

Audrey, Grandma N and I

Audrey and Daddy

Audrey and Mommy!
(Recognize the headband Alison?? Sooo cute!) 

We went over to my sister's for a Mother's Day BBQ. Everyone was so enthralled with Audrey- couldn't put her down or stop kissing her or trying to make her smile and laugh! I just wanted to freeze time!

Cousin B and Audrey


The Moms

Nom nom nom!!

It was a fabulous Mother's Day and I am so happy I was able to spend it with the favourite Mothers in my life! I can honestly say that now I am a mother I appreciate my Mother a million times more! Wow it's a tough job but oh so rewarding.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Successful Things!

Woohoo!! I have completed my first outdoor run since Audrey came along! It was an incredibly slow 3K... I don't even want to post my time it was that bad but it felt pretty good which means I can push it more next time!

I did 4 and 1s which is completely doable so I am going to move up to 5 and 1s next time. It's way easier to run outside than on the treadmill for sure. It was a hot night tonight- at least 18C. I took my handheld water bottle and just my Garmin- no music.

I completely enjoyed myself! I will admit I did think about Audrey and hubby at home- hoping that they were okay as he was attempting to give A a bottle. When I left she was taking it which is great news!

When I got back Audrey was crying. She took about 2 oz of the bottle and then was just fussy. She has been like that for the past few days- I think she's going through a growth spurt.

So two successful things today- outdoor run and baby taking the bottle!!


My Dad is coming in to town tomorrow- it will be his first time meeting Audrey and the first time I have seen him in person for almost 3 years!! Can't wait to visit with him! We have going to have a busy 5 days and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate for lots of outside time!

Trying out the Bumbo!
Neck is still a little weak but she
enjoyed it for a few minutes!

Swing is still her favourite thing!!
She's getting so big we had to take the
insert out of it :(

Thursday, May 10, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Audrey and I are making the big trek downtown today to visit my office. Everyone is very excited to meet her and I can't wait to show her off! Hopefully she is on her best behaviour!

2. I have decided to not sign up for the Mom & Baby Pilates class. We are too busy and I think taking the class will add stress to our lives rather than add to it.  Also it starts at 9:15am which is a little earlier than I like!! Plus as the weather gets nicer we want to spend more time outside.

We play at home!!

Watching her flashing zebra/bear/cat intently

3. Thanks to Alison and Cruz for going for a walk with Audrey and I earlier this week! It was nice to visit and stay closer to home! We will have to do it again soon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Don't Have to do Everything!

Blogger decided to put all the pictures first so rather than fight it, here you go!

Wearing her Easter dress again!


Mom, I don't like this carrier!

Yummy hand!
(Thank god for the loaner swing!)

Summery girl!

Life is good in the fixed swing!
Now for the post...

I have the syndrome that I feel like I have to do everything to make the most of my maternity leave! Every day seems to be jam packed with some sort of activity that I have planned for us. The first month or so we were super busy with visitors which was great. People mostly came to us so it wasn't stressful trying to drive all over the city.

Now I am planning activities that we usually have to drive to, often to the other end of town which is a pretty long distance in this city! Case in point last Friday. I had to skip the Wednesday stroller group to visit my family. Compounded with the fact that the weather had been so crappy for days that we only went for one walk all week. On Facebook I was invited to join another local Strollersize Group. A couple of my other running mama friends were going so I figured I would join them even though it was at the other end of town. I sort of flip flopped on whether or not I could go because we had a birthday party that evening close to where our Strollersize group was meeting so did I really want to be driving back and forth all day. Well the nice weather won me over so I packed up Audrey, as well as all our stuff in case we didn't make it back home before the birthday party and drove to Glenmore Landing. This is where I did my very first running clinic and I love the area. When we lived in the south part of the city we used to run around the Reservoir, bike around it and have done a few races around it also! It's gorgeous and a great place to meet. Unfortunately it's no longer close to me and a 35 minute drive is not quite the same when you have a little one to think about.

So we met up with the other moms and babies and did a 1.5 hour walk (~6k?). It was a nice change of scenery even though the bugs were horrendous. It was nice to visit with my friends and talk to a few other moms also. Once we were done I decided to just head home rather than try to kill a few hours- it's so much harder to do that with a baby now! I knew I was hungry but figured I would just wait until I got home since it's hard to find healthy, gluten-free fast food options out there! Well I forgot to consider that my kid might be hungry since she hadn't eaten in 3 hours! Dumb me starts driving home and the wailing begins as we hit Deerfoot Trail (major highway). She continues crying and I know the only thing that will make her stop is to feed her so I have to pull off the highway and find a parking lot to feed her in! Oops!! Sorry baby!! Once she ate she was happy and we hit the road!

Moral of the story? I could have just enjoyed the gorgeous weather close to home. There was no need to drive to the other end of the city to go for a walk- especially when we had plans in the evening. It's not like I am adult-interaction deprived and this was my only opportunity to get out of the house! Silly mama!!


In other news, I logged a couple more treadmill runs. It's so nice out today I think I might try to go outside while hubby attempts another bottle feed. That is not going so well. Luckily the new swing motor head arrived so all is well!! Let's hope this one lasts 1000x longer than the first one!

Audrey is not too impressed in this picture!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. We planned to go to the Zoo today with another mom and baby but the forecast kept us away! Seriously Calgary can we have a couple days sans rain? I need to get out for some walks! Please and thanks! Dark clouds rolling in as I post this... Oh and have I mentioned that this is the 2nd time we have attempted to go to the Zoo in the last month? Last time a big snowstorm blew in. Hopefully that won't happen today!

2. I did another treadmill run the other night. I'm doing 4 and 1s and I'm dying! My body feels fine but my endurance is gone! Gotta keep at it as I have to be running 4K without stopping much in less than a month! That's motivation! I had to re-learn how to use my Garmin again!! Poor CoCo- so neglected! Knock wood but it seems the battery draining problem I had before has been resolved but maybe that's because I have the GPS turned off for treadmill runs? She better behave because it's not in the budget to get a new Garmin any time soon!

3. I had a lovely day with my Mom, sis and step-dad yesterday (and Audrey of course). I am lucky to have such a great family even though they have their moments of insanity! They make me realize the truly important things in life. I love how much they adore little Audrey and how helpful they are. It's so sweet how they fight over her and are so protective!!

And since a post isn't complete without pictures of Audrey:

I love this sequence of shots- she loves her hand!

She lights up and smiles when we
turn the music and lights on!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crisis Averted & Running News!

Hellish day yesterday when I realized that the swing was no longer swinging!! Seriously that thing is a lifesaver in our house- Audrey will quietly hang out in there and she will often nap for up to 2 hours in it which allows me to do stuff around the house (like waste time on the internet).

Ironically, a friend had asked for a swing recommendation last week since her 3 month old swing died. Yup, I totally jinxed myself by saying how great mine was and didn't have any problems with it. Should have known to just keep my big mouth shut!

I called Fisher Price and they said they would send a new motor head. Great- I agree that I don't need a whole new swing and it would be such a waste to throw it out. The downside? It will take 14 business days to arrive!! FML! So for 3 weeks you expect me survive the days without my sanity-saver?? They said they can't expedite to Canada... Luckily another friend who understands what it's like to lose your sanity-saver (she has a special pacifier mishap) offered her 2nd swing to use for the time being. I lasted 4 hours before running to her house at 10pm to pick it up.

Happy baby!!

Sleepy baby!

Sleepy baby!! See a trend??

I also picked up the cloth diapers that we are trying out before purchasing (don't worry- they are all brand new!)  yesterday. So many cute colours and they don't all look as bulky as the first brand I tried.

FuzziBunz- one type we are trying


So I signed up for the half marathon clinic that starts up on May 29th!! Can't wait! I haven't decided on a goal race but stay tuned! The clinic goal race is the BMO Okanagan Half marathon which is in Kelowna, an 8 hour drive away on Thanksgiving Weekend. Do I really want to drive that far? So I really want to spend that holiday away from our families especially since it's Audrey's first Thanksgiving? I am leaning towards Melissa's 22K and really the only thing holding me back is the lack of medal. Lame I know but I need something to hang on my wall!! I can't think of any other local-ish fall races that give out medals. It's kind of pathetic!

Since I have signed up for the clinic, I really need to get my butt in gear and start running. I told hubby I am going to tonight so I must now!

I also have convinced my sister to sign up for her first 5k run with me!! She mentioned it to me when I was pregnant so when I was looking at races this summer I thought it would be great for us to train together- in spirit! She lives almost an hour away from me so we won't be running together much but I think it will be nice to do her first race together. She always cheered me on at my triathlons so it's time to return the favour!

We are planning on doing the Stampede Road Race 5k on July 8th. Leigh, you should sign up too!!!

This race also looks cool but I won't be signing up for it this year!!!

Mud Hero