Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Don't Have to do Everything!

Blogger decided to put all the pictures first so rather than fight it, here you go!

Wearing her Easter dress again!


Mom, I don't like this carrier!

Yummy hand!
(Thank god for the loaner swing!)

Summery girl!

Life is good in the fixed swing!
Now for the post...

I have the syndrome that I feel like I have to do everything to make the most of my maternity leave! Every day seems to be jam packed with some sort of activity that I have planned for us. The first month or so we were super busy with visitors which was great. People mostly came to us so it wasn't stressful trying to drive all over the city.

Now I am planning activities that we usually have to drive to, often to the other end of town which is a pretty long distance in this city! Case in point last Friday. I had to skip the Wednesday stroller group to visit my family. Compounded with the fact that the weather had been so crappy for days that we only went for one walk all week. On Facebook I was invited to join another local Strollersize Group. A couple of my other running mama friends were going so I figured I would join them even though it was at the other end of town. I sort of flip flopped on whether or not I could go because we had a birthday party that evening close to where our Strollersize group was meeting so did I really want to be driving back and forth all day. Well the nice weather won me over so I packed up Audrey, as well as all our stuff in case we didn't make it back home before the birthday party and drove to Glenmore Landing. This is where I did my very first running clinic and I love the area. When we lived in the south part of the city we used to run around the Reservoir, bike around it and have done a few races around it also! It's gorgeous and a great place to meet. Unfortunately it's no longer close to me and a 35 minute drive is not quite the same when you have a little one to think about.

So we met up with the other moms and babies and did a 1.5 hour walk (~6k?). It was a nice change of scenery even though the bugs were horrendous. It was nice to visit with my friends and talk to a few other moms also. Once we were done I decided to just head home rather than try to kill a few hours- it's so much harder to do that with a baby now! I knew I was hungry but figured I would just wait until I got home since it's hard to find healthy, gluten-free fast food options out there! Well I forgot to consider that my kid might be hungry since she hadn't eaten in 3 hours! Dumb me starts driving home and the wailing begins as we hit Deerfoot Trail (major highway). She continues crying and I know the only thing that will make her stop is to feed her so I have to pull off the highway and find a parking lot to feed her in! Oops!! Sorry baby!! Once she ate she was happy and we hit the road!

Moral of the story? I could have just enjoyed the gorgeous weather close to home. There was no need to drive to the other end of the city to go for a walk- especially when we had plans in the evening. It's not like I am adult-interaction deprived and this was my only opportunity to get out of the house! Silly mama!!


In other news, I logged a couple more treadmill runs. It's so nice out today I think I might try to go outside while hubby attempts another bottle feed. That is not going so well. Luckily the new swing motor head arrived so all is well!! Let's hope this one lasts 1000x longer than the first one!

Audrey is not too impressed in this picture!


  1. She's such a cutie! I think it's good that you got out of the house for a bit, but I can see how you feel like you have to do lots of stuff to fill your maternity leave. As long as you are getting adult interaction and some time to yourself, take the time to enjoy this year with Audrey :)

  2. You must be doing well; still the same smile, kid and all.

  3. I love the expression on her face in that first picture! What a cutie.


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