Thursday, July 26, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. We survived hubby being away for 4 days!!! Yay!! We were actually so busy that time just flew by and Audrey was pretty good. Of course the night she gets home she is uber difficult and someone was super tired from his trip... Not sure if it's teething, upset tummy, or what but she was a fusspot all day yesterday and today too!

2. Another busy weekend planned- BBQ on Friday, hair appointment on Saturday (can't wait!), another BBQ on Saturday night, and hosting my BFF's Bridal Shower on Sunday!! I'm super excited but have so much to do! I also have to find time to run 10K...

3. Not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but postpartum hair loss sucks!! I just pull my hair out in chunks and constantly find it everywhere- Audrey's hands, on her face, in her diaper, the floor and bed is just covered. It's quite disgusting actually! I really wish that I had continued to take my prenatal vitamins regularly after Audrey was born and maybe that would have helped reduce the hair loss? I know it's normal but it's so annoying and depressing. I love how thick my hair got when I was pregnant and now I feel like I am going bald. I'm pretty sure I have some bald spots. My ponytail is pitiful :( I should count my blessings that I do have hair... and a cute baby!

Audrey eyeing up my sushi

What is this thing attached to my arm?

Gotta get it in my mouth!!

Catch the water!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After a year long break... hills!

Hill training started last night. Hills are not my favourite but I am a big believer that they do make you stronger (both in cycling and running). So as much as I b!tch and complain about them, they are worth it come race day.

Of course as luck would have it, the first hill training session is when hubby was away in Las Vegas so I have to do my first hill training session in over a year with Audrey in tow. I wasn't looking forward to the run but I know that running with the Chariot makes me faster and stronger so it would be worth the extra effort.

The weather was favourable to running- only about 20C out, a bit overcast and the possibility of rain. I don't mind a bit of rain during a run as it keeps me cool.

Our amazing pacer Howard gave the hill training/heart rate monitor talk which was informative. Audrey stole the show though and kept talking/cooing over Howard.

The 1.5K run over to the hill was a nice warm up. I took it easy and ran with Ashley. We made it to the hill and started out repeats. The first one felt ok. I was huffing and puffing at the top but not unexpected. The second one I had to walk a bit during the second half. The downhills sure are fun with the Chariot since they sort of drag you down with gravity. I had to be careful to not lose control or hit the ground too hard. On the third repeat Richard took over Chariot duties so I could run one hill sans extra weight. It felt soooo easy, well as easy as running up a hill can be!

Unfortunately it's been a year since I used the lap function on my Garmin so for my 3rd repeat I hit stop instead of lap so I missed that whole hill!! My Garmin says my total run was 4.65K when really I did more like 5.5K. Oh well!

It was a great run. Audrey is so good in the Chariot. She was awake for most of the run but slept on the way back from the hill.

Hopefully I won't have to run too many hill sessions with the Chariot but I know it will happen at least a couple times due to hubby's work schedule. I just have to remind myself that it will only make me stronger!! Plus I look tough!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~Audrey: 5 Months~

4 months
3 months

Sleep- Well, we seem to be getting somewhere with her sleep issues. She will go down sleepy but awake usually without a fuss for both naps and bedtime. The issue at nap time is that she wakes up after only 30-40 minutes. Sorry girlie- that's not a long enough nap!! At night time, she is waking every 2-3 hours and the only thing that comforts her  back to sleep is eating. I torn between the two schools of thought that say a baby over 3-4 months old doesn't need food in the night but I'm not quite ready to sleep train. It's just easier to take the 10-15 minutes to feed her in my half awake state than to do a week of sleep training. Maybe in another month we will both be ready. I think the hardest part is knowing that she can sleep through the night (she did that once!) or even just wake once for a feeding. It could be way worse so I am counting my blessings!

Eating- My girl likes to eat! She pretty much needs to eat every 2-3 hours around the clock. I don't mind since it's an awesome bonding time and it's pretty easy now that we have it figured out. I just make sure she's had a snack before leaving the house or before going in the car if it's at all close to when she eats. Plus her feedings only last 5-15 minutes usually so it's not a huge production anymore.

I won't be starting her on solids until she is 6 months old. It isn't really recommended until then because of allergies and their bodies not being ready for regular food yet. I think I am leaning towards Baby Led Weaning- partly because I think it's important for babies to see what food really looks like but also because I really don't want to be making a whole bunch of baby food. I will still try rice cereal and some purees but really most of her nutrients will still come from breast milk so I'm not going to stress about it. Plus there is the poop issues once they start solids...

Milestones- Audrey's on a roll- pun intended! My mom said that I used to roll around to get places instead of crawling and I can definitely see Audrey doing that now! She is starting to pull her legs up a bit to get on her knees so I think crawling will be happening sooner rather than later.

I'm going to have to get some foam mats for our living room because she keeps rolling off of her play mat onto the hardwood and that can't feel good on the head!!

She isn't sitting yet but she is sure working hard on those abs to get ready for sitting. She can sit in a tripod position for a few seconds before toppling over. I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

So far no teeth have come through but I do think she is teething. She chews on everything with such vigour and gets frustrated when she can't put something into her mouth because it's too big. I hope for my sake that she doesn't get any teeth for at least a few more months! Ouch!!

Playing-  Audrey's new favourite toy is a wet wash cloth! I think it feels great on her gums and it's a different texture. I find a lot of her toys, even teething specific toys are too big for her little mouth so she gets super frustrated. She only tolerates the Exersaucer for about 5-15 minutes max because none of the toys fit in her mouth which downright pisses her off!! It certainly isn't a "Circle of Neglect" at our house!

The play mat is going to be put away soon. She rolls around too much and gets stuck between the arms. She has started doing crunches by pulling herself up on the arms which is hilarious!

Audrey loves the Jolly Jumper but I think she gets bored in it since she will only tolerate it for 5-15 minutes like the Exersaucer. I think I might see if I can try her in a friend's Jumperoo which is like a combination of an Exersaucer and a Jolly Jumper.

Weight/Clothes- Audrey hasn't been weighed since her last Doctor's appointment a month ago. She was 13.5 pounds and 25 inches (50th percentile and 75th percentile) so I'm sure she's gained at least a pound. She is still wearing 3-6 month clothes mostly.

Personality-  Audrey loves meeting new people and seeing new things! Everyone comments on how well behaved she is and barely makes a peep. She just takes in her surroundings and lights up when new people talk to her or hold her. I joke that she gets bored of me since she fusses when we are at home all day. She needs lots of stimulation which is the opposite of me! I guess I prefer that to her making strange and having meltdowns whenever we go out.

She has started giggling, cooing and talking away. I just love hearing her little voice and as much as I don't want her to grow up I can't wait for when she starts talking. Sometimes when I put her down for a nap she will coo a bit and I just listen to her on the monitor.

Audrey's Current Favourite Things- her Piglet lovey. I introduced this to her about 6 weeks ago and she sleeps with it in her crib all the time. She loves wet washcloths, bath time, story time before nap and bedtime, her Sophie teether, her feet and her two fingers and of course, running with Mommy and Daddy!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Odds & Ends

A huge THANKS to Leigh for organizing and hosting the Calgary area blogger get together! It was so great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ladies. I now have a few more blogs to add to my  reading list! It was a blast ladies!

Blogging ladies (and babies)


Hubby left for Vegas yesterday morning which meant I had to push Audrey in the Chariot for yesterday's 10K run. I woke up at 6:30am when Audrey woke up for a feeding and I couldn't go back to sleep. I had to wake up Audrey at 7:50am so we could make it in time to meet the rest of our running group. I'm so against "waking a sleeping baby" but I knew I needed the group's support to get me through the distance with the extra weight. Thankfully Diane helped me out big time and pushed half the time (another reason why I love 10 &1s!) I totally owe her since I bailed on her last week when she was pushing her little (big!) guy on the hilliest route ever! You know when a route is nicknamed "Murderhorn" that it's bad!

Guess who has to push Audrey for the first day of hill training on Tuesday? I foresee a lot of walking up those hills! It sure is a great workout though and she is a little trooper. Barely makes a peep and falls asleep if we are gone long enough. This kid is going to be a runner if she likes it or not!!


So I mentioned in my vacation recap that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had their baby girl! She was almost 4 weeks early so her arrival was a bit unexpected! I am thrilled that she was born when she was since they live about 8 hours away from us but my sister-in-law went into labour the night before they were leaving Calgary to go back home!! We got to meet sweet Baby L when she was only a few days old which was so wonderful! It's so hard to believe that Audrey was that small only a few short months ago! Baby L was ready to come out- she was 3 ounces BIGGER than Audrey when she was born, and she was 5 days overdue!

Brand new!

One week old

Snuggles with Auntie

Unfortunately they couldn't stay in Calgary forever so we haven't seen Baby L since she was a week old. We plan on going up to visit soon so can't wait to get some newborn snuggles in! I'm so happy Audrey has a little cousin so close in age to grow up with! Hopefully they will be best friends!


In more baby news, Audrey's latest boyfriend was born a month ago and we had an impromptu visit when his parents happened to be in the same area we were in! We were down picking up my race package and checking out the route when hubby called our friends (while waiting in line for coffee). Turns out they were a couple blocks away from us so we headed over to visit with them.

Audrey and Dane had their first of soon-to-be-many dates!!

Newborn snuggles with Mr. Dane

Audrey and Dane's first date

Audrey checking out her date

Snoozing Dane

Mamas and Babies!

Dane's parents are also super active. He's going to be a Crossfit baby! Already being dragged out to the Box while his parents flip tires (or whatever other crazy workouts they do at Crossfit!!). Kim and I are going to run together with our Chariots when Dane's a tad bigger.


I'm busy preparing for one of my oldest (as in I've known her the longest...) best friend's bridal shower this weekend. Her colours are green and purple which I LOVE! Our dresses are in so K will be bringing them to the shower for us to get fitted (her amazing mother is a seamstress, and florist- she did the flowers at my wedding too!). I can't wait!! I've been busy checking things out on Pinterest to get some ideas. I sure wish Pinterest was around when I was wedding planning eons ago!!

So that's what I've been up to lately! Never a dull moment around here!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I am looking very forward to the blogger meet up at Leigh's house tonight! I hope Audrey is on her best behaviour...

2. Another 20 Minute Challenge done!! We did 3K which I did pretty fast (for me!)- 17:38min with an average pace of 5:44min/km. Just need to stick with it so I can get that sub 30 min 5K!! I so want to achieve that this year! Thanks Diane and Howard for keeping me going at that pace! Anyway, that didn't add up for 20 minutes (should have run slower?) so we just walked the last 3 minutes.

3. Hubby is leaving for Las Vegas this weekend for a work conference. We considered having Audrey and I go but decided that it would be too hot and half the things I wouldn't be able to do with a baby in tow anyway. Plus hubby is going to be networking in the evenings as well so it's not like we can spend the evenings together either. So we shall stay at home together alone. I sure hope I survive the 3 nights without Daddy's help!

And what's a post without a picture or two of Audrey!

Somebody found her toes!


~Vacation Recap~

This is a bit late but I've been busy!!

We set out on the Canada Day long weekend to go to Wasa, BC (between Cranbrook and Kimberley) for a 10 day vacation at our friend's cabin on the lake. Hubby and his Dad were only going to be there on the weekends, but my mother-in-law and I were going to stay the full 10 days straight.

The area received a record amount of snow this year so the water level was ridiculously high. Many places were completely flooded. Where we stayed, the beach was completely covered in water and the water was right up to their patio steps.

Here are some picture comparisons-

Wasa August 2006

Wasa July 2012
The steps up from the beach
July 2012

Not only was the water high, but it was cold too! So cold that the Olympic triathlon a few weeks earlier cut it's swim distance to 750m from 1500m!! Too bad they didn't do that the year I did it!! A friend of a friend was racing but didn't have sleeves on her wet suit and she had to turn back partway through the swim because it was just too cold! I jumped into the water after a hot run and I can attest that it was not swim-temperature!!

The cabin was full of people for the long weekend which was so much fun!! About 30 people were there for dinner on Saturday and we had a huge fireworks show to celebrate Canada Day. Unfortunately I watched most of the show from the balcony off our room since Audrey woke up as soon as the first firework went off but it was a great show! It was a little difficult trying to figure out where to light them from since there is no beach but our hosts rigged up a launch site (floating dock). There were some tense, yet funny moments when the fireworks started firing towards us on shore and our friend had to jump into the freezing water to get away from the wayward fireworks. Another crazy adventure at Wasa!

During the day on Saturday, the guys went up to a mountain to pick up some slate for our walkway. It's free, minus the manual labour to pick it and bring it back to town, but it's probably $4,000 worth of rock so well worth it.

The haul...

Slate walkway in progress

Slate walkway in progress

I managed to get some great runs in while there. My mother-in-law watched Audrey so that I didn't have to push her. I had to make a few detours because of the flooding that covered a lot of the pathways and roadways but I managed to get in 4 runs ranging from 3K to 9K. Even though the weather wasn't great for working on my tan, it was perfect for running in!

The mosquitoes were horrendous and I got eaten alive. I must smell delicious as they swarmed around me, and ignored everyone else! The temperature hovered between 15- 20C and was quite overcast so perfect conditions for the mosquitoes to thrive in. We spent a lot of the time bundled up and inside to hide from the wind and bugs. We still had a good time playing Bocce, cards, board games and having a fire and almost always with a drink in hand!

Audrey enjoyed hanging out and meeting lots of new people. There were even a few that were close to her age!

Audrey and Joe playing basketball
with Coach Grandpa

Audrey and Isaac meet
Audrey and Bonnie

Mommy and Baby time!

Audrey and Grandma

Audrey loved this swing!!
She even napped in it!

Happy girl!

We ended up coming home a few days earlier than planned since my brother and sister-in-law had their baby early so we really wanted to go and meet her!! It was a nice vacation though, even if the weather wasn't cooperative!

Monday, July 16, 2012

~A 30th Birthday Bash!~

Friday (the 13th!) was my 30th birthday!

Hubby had asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do but me being indecisive he said he would take care of it.

About 10 days before my birthday, hubby's best friend let the cat out of the bag when he called to ask me when my party was! Hubby wasn't too impressed since the invitation clearly stated that it was a "Surprise" party. Even though I knew there was going to a party, I really had no idea who was coming or what was happening.

Hubby arrived home just after 5pm and my best friend, L and her hubby also arrived at the same time. I later learned that she co-conspired with my hubby to help plan the party! They just started setting up stuff while I looked after Audrey.

Soon people starting arriving- friends I hadn't seen in awhile, and friends that I saw just the other day. It was amazing!! Hubby even found Leigh's contact information and invited her!! He invited Alison too but she was away. I was amazed at how many people came to help celebrate my 30th!

Leigh and the old lady!

The weather for the most part cooperated so we were able to use the backyard which was awesome! One of my birthday gifts was a fire pit so hubby and a friend set that up and we had a fire later in the evening when the sun went down.

My best friend, L came up with a great idea to do a scrapbook for me. Everyone was asked to bring a picture and she set up a scrapbooking station for people to make a page for the book! Fabulous idea!! Now I have this great book full of memories of my 30th birthday party!! A few people still owe me a page... Leigh, Kristina, Mom.... :)

Scrapbooking station

Hubby made delicious beef-on-a-bun and everyone else brought a yummy dish. So much food! I was stuffed!

Hubby also made a decadent chocolate birthday cake. This cake is soooo good and it's worth the million of calories that are in each bite!

Best birthday cake ever!!

I was ridiculously spoiled! Leigh and Alison made me the cutest little gift that included suckers (30 to be exact!) and a spa gift certificate!! Thank you so much ladies! I can't wait to go pamper myself! Very thoughtful and generous of you!

Yes, it says '30 Sucks!!'
Nice pun ladies!

I also got a Kobo ereader from hubby and Audrey! Now I can catch up on all the books that have been recommended to me but I just haven't gotten around to getting!! I'm so excited! I just started reading "50 Shades of Grey" so hopefully it won't disappoint!!

I can't thank everyone enough who attended the party!! It was so nice to see so many of you even if it was a bit crazy at times! I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family that would take the time to share this milestone birthday with me. I feel so loved!

Here are a few more pictures. I managed to take a picture with almost everyone who came which makes me happy! I can put them into my birthday scrapbook now!

Audrey and my nephew

Sis, nieces and nephew

G&D and Baby Mary
My prenatal aqua size partner in crime!!

My ruthless running instructor Penny,
her partner and our running buddy Paul and
Audrey's fellow running stroller pal, Emily

My BF,  L and her hubby
"Birthday Party Planner Extraordinaire!"

Hubby and I

Audrey was her regular social butterfly self- she was just passed around from person to person and she loved it! That day I made sure she had some decent naps since I knew it was going to be a late night. She went down around 9:30pm and just conked out- no protest whatsoever! The party continued until about midnight which was plenty late enough for this old lady!!

Best birthday ever!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I'm so terribly behind on reading blogs. It's impossible on my crappy blackberry and I rarely get computer time these days since Audrey has decided sleep isn't that important. Le exhausted!

2. I am loving this summer weather we have been blessed with! It's great for everything, except running! I would much rather run in -20C than in +30C! You can only wear so little clothes before it becomes inappropriate! I also have an allergic reaction to the sun on my arms and back (not a burn) so my skin is so itchy and bumpy.

3. Today is the last day of my 20s! It's an odd feeling for sure! I feel like I have done so much and accomplished many things in my 20s that I'm not sad to leave them behind. It will be weird to wake up tomorrow and be 30!!! Sounds sooo old!

Just hanging out with all my toys!

She loves anything that crinkles!

My hand is delish!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~Stampede Road Race 5K Race Report~

Sunday was my first race post- baby. It was also my sister's first race ever. We decided to do the Stampede Road 5K Race. Unfortunately they didn't hand out medals for the 5K but we did get a great technical shirt (which my sister wore)!

I was quite happy with my training going into the race. Running with Audrey in the Chariot really helped my runs without her! I was able to push myself because it felt so much easier without the extra weight.

The race started at 8am and it was going to be a hot day! It was a bit hard finding parking since the half marathon started at 7am so lots of people we already at the race site. We parked a few blocks away and hit the port-a-potties before lining up. That took what seemed like forever--- are there ever enough port-a-potties at the beginning of a race? There certainly wasn't at this race!

Sisters and daughters!

Running to the start

We didn't have much time to stand around and wait which was good. No time to get nervous! Suddenly it was time to go!!

And we are off!!

We drove the course the previous day so I knew what to expect. My sister wasn't too impressed with the big hill 1K in- she lives in a flat area so did zero hill training! It wasn't bad though. She told me to set the pace and she would follow. She ran with music so we didn't talk at all. I was breathing pretty hard anyway so there is no way I would have been able to hold a conversation.

It was awesome to see Leigh a couple times at the beginning of the course! I told her I was wearing a purple shirt without realizing that the race shirt was also purple so a lot of people were wearing purple! Luckily she was easy to spot so I yelled out to her! Thanks for coming and cheering me on Leigh!

Taken by Leigh


I felt really good up until 3.5K. Then the side stitch set in. I also found that the shoulder that I was carrying my water bottle on was bothering me. I really didn't need to bring it since I drank out of it 0 times while racing!! It's a comfort thing and it has been drilled into me by my instructor Penny to always carry water. 

We did slow down a bit in the last km because of my side stitch. I know my sister was itching to go faster but we had agreed before the race to stick with one another whether one of us had to walk or slow down. She thought she would be the slower one but it was me that held us back in the last bit of the race. I'm so glad she was there to push me on because I surely would have walked!

We finished up on a track which was kinda neat. I don't know if I have ever run on an outdoor track before... 

We picked it up the last 100m and sprinted to the finish. I thought for sure I was going to lose my breakfast!! We finished in 31:44 (chip time) so 55 seconds faster than my goal time and a PR!! I was sooooo happy especially because I thought we weren't going to make it with my side stitch. I had been watching our pace during the race but not the time so while I had an idea of how we were doing I didn't know for sure how close we were to 32 minutes. 

Almost there!
I didn't know the people in blue were on our heels!

Stopping the watch...

Sheer relief!!

I look like I'm going to vomit...
My sister looks happy!

It was such a great experience to share with my sister! She now has the racing bug and wants to know when our next race is! 

Racing sisters!!

Part of our cheering team!!

Audrey's first time on grass!

#1 Cheerleader!

Auntie and Grandma playing with Audrey


From looking at the pictures hubby took (he took a bunch in burst mode) I can tell my form is really off which is probably why my shoulder was bothering me. I am twisting in the shoulders. I think this is the wake up call to strengthen my core before I start having more pain.