Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After a year long break... hills!

Hill training started last night. Hills are not my favourite but I am a big believer that they do make you stronger (both in cycling and running). So as much as I b!tch and complain about them, they are worth it come race day.

Of course as luck would have it, the first hill training session is when hubby was away in Las Vegas so I have to do my first hill training session in over a year with Audrey in tow. I wasn't looking forward to the run but I know that running with the Chariot makes me faster and stronger so it would be worth the extra effort.

The weather was favourable to running- only about 20C out, a bit overcast and the possibility of rain. I don't mind a bit of rain during a run as it keeps me cool.

Our amazing pacer Howard gave the hill training/heart rate monitor talk which was informative. Audrey stole the show though and kept talking/cooing over Howard.

The 1.5K run over to the hill was a nice warm up. I took it easy and ran with Ashley. We made it to the hill and started out repeats. The first one felt ok. I was huffing and puffing at the top but not unexpected. The second one I had to walk a bit during the second half. The downhills sure are fun with the Chariot since they sort of drag you down with gravity. I had to be careful to not lose control or hit the ground too hard. On the third repeat Richard took over Chariot duties so I could run one hill sans extra weight. It felt soooo easy, well as easy as running up a hill can be!

Unfortunately it's been a year since I used the lap function on my Garmin so for my 3rd repeat I hit stop instead of lap so I missed that whole hill!! My Garmin says my total run was 4.65K when really I did more like 5.5K. Oh well!

It was a great run. Audrey is so good in the Chariot. She was awake for most of the run but slept on the way back from the hill.

Hopefully I won't have to run too many hill sessions with the Chariot but I know it will happen at least a couple times due to hubby's work schedule. I just have to remind myself that it will only make me stronger!! Plus I look tough!!


  1. I am so not a fan of hills at all. It's a good thing that I can't avoid them in my neighbourhood or else I wouldn't run them! Haha

  2. I did hills tonight too and I still love/hate them. Kudos to you for doing them with a stroller! Strong woman!


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