Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~Audrey: 6 Months~

5 months
4 months

Sleep- My nemesis!! Naps are going quite well but night time is a! She wakes up anywhere from 3-6 times a night. This mama is exhausted!! I'm not ready to sleep train so until then I am a walking zombie. I am experimenting with her sleepwear to see if maybe she keeps waking up because she is too cold or too hot. I'm grasping at straws! I really hope her night time sleep starts to improve soon.

Eating- Well I said that I didn't want to start Audrey on solids until she was 6 months old but she had other ideas. She started showing a huge interest in our food at 5 months. She would reach for our plates at dinner time and I can no longer snack while she nurses because she gets distracted! We started with squash (since that's what we happened to be eating that night) and she LOVED it! She started crying because we couldn't get the food into her mouth quick enough!

I started her on rice cereal which she liked but it made her a bit constipated so I haven't been giving it to her as much. For purees, so far she has tried and liked: squash, watermelon, peaches, and carrots. She has tried and isn't too sure about: avocado and peas. We have also been giving her mum mums when we are eating out so that she can eat something. I was leaning towards doing Baby Led Weaning but since we started her earlier I figured purees would be better. I give her some bigger chunks of food occasionally (watermelon, cucumber, green pepper). Right now we are doing solids either once or twice a day- morning and sometimes evening.

Milestones- This has been a big month for milestones! Firstly, Audrey got her first tooth on August 6th! I noticed it when we were driving home from Peace River. A week later so got her 2nd tooth! I think she is working on her 3rd tooth now.

Audrey is sitting unassisted about 80% of the time. She still topples over a bit. She is starting to pull up on her knees and she scoots backwards. I can tell that crawling will be happening sooner rather than later!

Audrey is shrieking like a banshee!! It's pretty funny but also a bit deafening! She loves to babble away and tell us "stories."

Playing- She loves to put everything and anything into her mouth. She gets frustrated when bigger toys won't fit. She is getting good at playing by herself though which means mommy can have a few minutes to clean up or make herself some food. Sophie the giraffe is still a big hit and so are any crinkly toys.

Weight/Clothes- Audrey now weighs 15lbs, 5 oz. and is 25.75 inches long. She is in the 25-50th percentile (so has slowed down a bit). She is wearing 3-6 months clothes mostly.

Personality- Everyone comments on what a happy and well behaved baby Audrey is. She is very curious and a social butterfly!

Audrey's Current Favourite Things- food and her lovey, Piglet.


  1. If you can survive, the sleep should improve. The question is when.. Zoey had a tough time but is coming out of it now. Hopefully once Audrey's third tooth comes she will settle down and be able to sleep a little better.

    If you wanted to experiment with other finger foods, you can try cucumbers (I gave Zoey thin sticks) and very steamed broccoli. Zoey still loved those!

  2. Hi I'm a new follower. Leigh told me about your blog :) I'm a momma to 3 year old twins and sleepless nights were my nemesis for the first 2.5 months.

    After we gave up on swaddling - we moved to sleepsacks and it really REALLY helped with the sleepless nights. No more waking up every time a blanket shifted. They just slept. So, if you haven't tried them yet - they are totally worth it.


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