Thursday, August 2, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

Wow- haven't posted in a whole week! Time keeps getting away from me. I have so much to write about but so little time. 

1. Who ever said that "motherhood is the hardest but best job in the world" got it right. Just when I think we have made progress in an area, Audrey turns around and switches things up. Sleep is not happening around here, making us both cranky and exhausted. Just when I think I can't handle another minute she gives me a big huge smile, giggle and hug!!

2. Running- also not happening much. I missed the long run on Sunday since I was busy getting ready for my friend's bridal shower. I hoped to make up the run but I never did. On Tuesday, we were almost halfway to the Running Room but Audrey wouldn't stop screaming her head off in the car so we turned around. On Wednesday, Audrey was still napping when it was time to go meet our running group and since sleep has been non-existent lately I sure as hell wasn't going to wake her. Instead we ran in our neighbourhood when she woke up. Only did 3K instead of the 4 hills that were on schedule for the day but it's better than nothing.

3. My friend's bridal shower was a success. It was a gorgeous day so we spent most of it outside. Thanks to Alison for lending me her scrapbooking circle things to make the banner since my free-hand attempts were not working out so well!

It was fun but glad it's over! It's hard planning a party with a baby that never sleeps or lets you put her down!

A few of the Pom poms I made

Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and Bride

Thanks Alison!!

Delicious cake made by one of the bridesmaids

Bride and Audrey

Bride and her Bow Hat

Bride and Niece/ Flower Girl
Oh I finally tried my bridesmaids dress on---- it doesn't fit!! It's too big! Thankfully the bride's mom is a seamstress so she's going to take it in for me. I love the colour! I'm getting super excited for the BIG DAY now!!


  1. Looks like a beautiful shower!!! Good job!

  2. Banner turned out great!! Good work! Love the pompoms!! Hope sleep gets better!!

  3. The shower looks like it turned out fantastic! :) Hopefully Audrey figures things out soon and realizes that sleep is fun! :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time!


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