Thursday, August 16, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Doing some blog surgery. I've always hated my blog layout and background. I've tried in the past to make it better but I'm techie-incompetent and always reverted back to the boring pink. I like the new background but I need to figure out how to fix the header so you can actually see the title and blurb. I also want to change the font. Trying to find time to change things while entertaining a 5.5 month old is close to impossible! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

2. Audrey got her first tooth last week! I felt it while we were driving home from Peace River (an 8 hour drive!). Guess that explains her crazy fussiness the previous week. And it turns out she's cutting tooth #2!

Tooth #1

Tooth #1 and Tooth #2 popping up beside it

3. I have been so busy the last few weeks that I have missed about 2-3 long runs! Not good at all! I also missed 4 hills and when we did 5 hills I had such a busy day that I didn't eat enough so had no energy at all to run! Plus it was 30 degrees out so I ended up walk/running 3 hills. This week's 6 hills was much better. I was able to run all of them with some walk breaks at the top and bottom of each hill. Felt great! I also had a character-building long run on Sunday in Camrose. The schedule called for 14K but I knew that having missed the 12K and 10K the past two weeks there was no way I was doing 14K. I ended up doing 11.5K on another super hot day. I was under fuelled and running in unfamiliar territory so it was tough. Thankfully hubby was running along with me so I didn't end up on the side of the road crying my eyes out. Oh and I have to miss the 16K run this Sunday because I know there is no way I will be in any shape to run the morning after my friend's bachelorette party!! I plan to run solo later than  day- hoping to do 14-16K (schedule calls for 16K). This has been such a busy summer!!


  1. I love the new layout so pretty. I have been bugging J to switch mine up!! A tooth!! Wow. Hope no bites for mom!!

  2. Oh I totally want to redo mine too. Makes me wish I was a graphic designer...

  3. I want/need/am wishing to have mine redone too. One day! If you want some company for your run this weekend, I might be up for part of it :)


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