Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~Love my Hubby's Garden~

Hubby has the biggest green thumb and he loves to garden. All summer he spends his evenings and weekends outside tending to it and even starts some of the plants inside in January.

Fresh veggies!
(This was in July)

Carrots and peas

The potato condo

Finished slate walkway with side garden boxes

From the other direction

I definitely enjoy the fruits of his labour!! Lettuce, sweet peas, tomatoes, swiss chard, a few potatoes, a couple strawberries, and zucchini! This year the zucchini plant exploded so we have lots of this yummy stuff.

I have been scouring Pinterest for recipe ideas and I have not been disappointed! We even made baby food for Audrey, although it was a bit runny.

I found this great banana and zucchini muffin recipe. I always have lots of baking bananas in the freezer so I figured this would be a great combination. They are delicious!

Banana and zucchini muffins
I also made this zucchini brownie recipe.

Zucchini brownies
It is in between cake and brownie in texture. Very moist and 'oh so good!!'

Good thing I'm running lots to burn off all the calories from these brownies!!


  1. Yum!! I can't wait to have a little garden. I have no green thumb but I am going to try!! :) Great job J!!!

  2. That's awesome that J has such a green thumb! That is one thing I don't possess. Brian's grandpa who is 94 still has a garden and they just gave us a bunch of good!


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