Monday, September 17, 2012

~Weekend: A Long Run & Packing~

Saturday, hubby went fishing with his Dad so Ms. Audrey and I were on our own!! My mother-in-law offered to watch her for me so I booked my first post-baby massage! It was a bit hard to find a place on short notice but it was very relaxing! I really need to do go more often since my back is just a mess.

That evening we were supposed to go to a BBQ and I had a girls' night afterwards. Hubby didn't get home until later and I really didn't want to mess with Audrey's bed time since we have been working so hard on sleep training so we bailed on the BBQ. Then I was just too tired to make myself decent looking to go out so I skipped on the girls' night. Pretty lame but I knew that we had a big day on Sunday and I wanted us all to be well-rested!

Sunday was our big 18K run around the Glenmore Reservoir. My longest run so far this training session had been 12K so I was in desperate need of some mileage before my race in 2 weeks! This is a great route- very scenic, with lots of variation in terrain. Flat in some spots and hilly in others.

I ran with Wendy and Amanda at a comfortable pace. I wasn't pushing myself since this was a big jump in distance. I brought my iPod but didn't end up needing it. The route ended up being short (I thought it would be!) so we did about 16.5K which I was totally fine with! My legs definitely felt sore towards the end but not in pain so that's reassuring that I won't die come race day!

Once I made it back to our starting point I found out that Audrey was not a very good running partner that morning! She screamed for about half of the run!! Hubby kept stopping to feed her some mum mums (rice baby cracker) but he forgot the banana that was in the car. I probably should have fed her just before we left for the run. Oops!!

In the afternoon, we went over to my Mom's to help her pack her house since she sold it. What a job!! I had to clean out my old bedroom- turns out I am a bit of a pack rat!! I had report cards from junior high and high school...Papers from University...Boxes and boxes of stuff! I brought home a closet full of gowns- grad and formal dresses! Some I will keep and some I will donate. Goodwill received a lot of good clothes and shoes from moi!


This weekend, Audrey was working hard on moving around. She army crawls- pulling herself with her arms while dragging her legs. She has figured out how to get on her knees but not how to move them so she goes forward. She practices plank- getting on her toes!! It's so cute but also scary how quickly she is learning this.

On the knees!

"Oh fun ball!"

"Crap! I dropped it and it rolled away!"

"I can get it"


"I got it!" 

See Alison- I wear white after Labour Day too!! Cuz I'm cool like you!! :)


  1. Glad to hear your run went well ( and better than J's apparently!). I've never run around the reservoir and I really should. Where do you start from?

    Ah Audrey is getting so big! Can't believe she is crawling already!

  2. That run along the reservoir really is nice. Especially at this time of year when the leaves are turning and it smells like fall. Nice work on he 16.5!

    (Leigh - parking at Glenmore Landing is one option - the path is right behind McDonald's)

  3. Nice work on all the crawling and scooting Audrey. And yes, us girls where white any time we please! Gosh she is sooo cute.


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